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Nathan Leone (born 1982-05-06) is the lead singer of the pop punk band Madina Lake.


  • At the end of the day what I'm most proud of in our record is that every part and movement and sound of ever song moves me.
  • The kids have been unbelievable, we love you forever. Don't forget it and don't forget about us.
  • As far as inspiration lyrically, umm...that's what I try to do, I try to delve into my own psyche, and how it reflects across the world. I have a lot of feelings of, I think like most people, of uh guilt and depression and anxiety and happiness, umm, all extreme emotions. That I think personally all bands from, or are spawned from I should say, love, which is the most important emotion there is. The most important power and feeling there is. You have to have something that you can count on, something that'll make you understand that eventually everything will be okay, and eventually you will fulfill yourself. Umm, but it is a process and an adventure. I think that the adventure is meant to be appreciated and, and adored. I think you have to adore even the worst moments of your life.
    • Madina Lake-Webisode 1
  • I wanna know all of your names. So at the count of three I want you all to scream your names! 1-2-3! (fans yell names) Good, now we know each other intimately. You know what that means? (fan yells Orgy!) Orgy? (laughs) No!
    • Projekt Revolution Tour 2007 in Mansfield Massachusetts August 24th

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