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Dance like no one is watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like no one is listening, Live like it's heaven on earth.
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Nathaniel Lee (c. 1653May 6, 1692), was an English dramatist.


  • Man, false man, smiling, destructive man!
    • Theodosius, or the Force of Love (acted 1680), Act iii., Sc. 2.

The Rival Queens, or the Death of Alexander the Great (1677)

  • Then he will talk—good gods! how he will talk!
    • Act i., Sc. 3. "It would talk,— Lord! how it talked!", Beaumont and Fletcher, Scornful Lady, Act v., Sc. 1.
  • Vows with so much passion, swears with so much grace,
    That ’t is a kind of heaven to be deluded by him.
    • Act i., Sc. 3.
  • When Greeks joined Greeks, then was the tug of war.
    • Act iv., Sc. 2.
  • ’T is beauty calls, and glory shows the way.
    • Act iv., Sc. 2. In stage editions, it is "Leads the way" with various interpolations, among them—
      See the conquering hero comes!
      Sound the trumpet, beat the drums!—
      which was first used by Handel in "Joshua," and afterwards transferred to "Judas Maccabæus." The text of both oratorios was written by Dr. Thomas Morell, a clergyman.

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