National Treasure: Book of Secrets

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National Treasure: Book of Secrets is the 2007 sequel to the 2004 film National Treasure. It was directed by Jon Turteltaub and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

Riley Poole

  • Ben, if it was you trying to convince me, you’d have less evidence and I'd already believe you.
  • Did none of you read my book?
  • There's my tax dollars at work coming to arrest me.
  • Look! It's a little golden man, like a tiny torso. Wow...
  • Tea time, chaps!
  • Uh-oh, God save the Queen!
  • [after discussing that they are going to kidnap the President] Wouldn't it be easier just to make an appointment? (this is used in the trailer, but not in the final film)
  • You went in Buckingham Palace and all you came out with was an old piece of wood?
  • [looking over the edge of the tilting platform] I see death and despair. Mostly death, maybe despair for the last few seconds and then an instant death.
  • Even if you're married to the president, you can't get a few minutes alone.


Ben: You're the one who's making a scene right now.
Abigail: I am NOT making a scene right now!
Riley: [over headset] Yeah, we wanna make a scene.
Ben: Well then FINE! You got what you want! Let's have it out right NOW!
Riley: [over headset] Ah, so subtle.
Ben: Well let me guess! It's the wrong time! It's the wrong place! I'm wrong AGAIN! Wrong about US! Wrong about Thomas Gates! Wrong about you wanting the Queen Anne chair!
Abigail: You're wrong to ASSUME I'd like the chair!
Ben: You see? Listen to this. This is more interesting than that. She thinks that even when I'm right, I'm wrong! Isn't that right! Abigail, just because I answer a question quickly, doesn't make it wrong!
Abigail: Not if the RIGHT answer is something we need to figure out together, as a couple! That's what couples do!
1st Security Guard: Sir, you and your missus, take it outside.
Ben: Oh, now look what you've done. You've brought the little BOBBIES down on us! You take the missus outside. I'm staying right here.
Abigail: Ben!
Ben: [slides down banister] Wheeeee!
2nd Security Guard: [stops Ben abruptly] Good afternoon, sir.
Ben: [mocking English accent] 'Ello!
2nd Security Guard: Been drinking, have we?
Ben: Just a nip! Just popped down to the pub for a pint, bit of all-RIGHT! Going to arrest a man for that? Gonna detain a blighter for enjoying his whis-KEY?!
2nd Security Guard: That's enough, sir.
Ben: Bangers and mash.
2nd Security Guard: What?
Ben: Bubble and squeak. Smoked eel pie.
2nd Security Guard: Sir, you--
2nd Security Guard: That's it! Dismount the banister!
Ben: [is taken away by security] I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts. Here they are all standing in a row. Small ones, big ones, SOME AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD!
Riley: That was... BRILLIANT.

Ben: (asking Riley)How fast can we get to London from here?
Riley: I don't know, (refers to the French policeman standing there)why don't you ask your new best friend.
French Policeman: (indicating his partner) He's calling you a cab.
Ben: Merci beaucoup.

Ben: These twins stand resolute. Let's see... resolute twins. Resolute, and then twins. Siamese twins, Siam, trade routes between France and Thailand... that's ridiculous. HMS Resolute, a British ship that got lost in the Arctic in the 1800s, it was salvaged by American whalers then Congress sent it back to England where the ship finally retired. Queen Victoria had two desks made from its timbers. Voila... resolute twins.

French Policeman: Nice helicopter. Is that it yours?
Riley: Sure is.
French Policeman: Okay, so you can get the ticket.
Riley: [laughs sarcastically] Great.

Ben: [as he, Riley and Abigail approach a Mercedes-Benz C320] Let's go, he's after the next clue!
Riley: Okay, I'll drive. [as they get in the car, Riley ends up in the passenger seat, without knowing the car's seats are switched]
Ben: [as he is in the driver's seat] We're in England.

Ben: Hack in to the London Police database and get a copy of the picture from that traffic cam.
Riley: Okey-dokey!
Ben: Can't do it?
Riley: I can do it, I just don't like you to assume I can do it.
Abigail: Well thank you, Riley.

Riley: How do you expect to get the President alone?
Ben: I'm gonna kidnap him. I'm going to kidnap the President of the United States.
Abigail: [laughs] The Secret Service will never leave you alone.
Patrick: I'm your father! How do you expect me to react to this?! I can't let you ruin your life!
Riley: It's unthinkable. All you had to do was read my book-- you should have read my book!
Patrick: Exactly how do you plan on doing this?
Ben: I was thinking Mt. Vernon.
Abigail: What?!
Riley: I'm in.

Riley: Hey, what's on page 47? Are you talking about the book?
President: [smiles] What book?

Jacqueline: Hey, you're that guy. The treasure hunter guy, right?
Riley: No, actually, the guy you're thinking of is somewhere over there.
Jacqueline: No, you're him. Riley Poole. I recognize you from your book. Will you sign it?
Riley: [drops the bag he's carrying] Absolutely.

Ben: Calm down. I sent a picture of the plank to your cell phone.
Patrick: You can do that?

Riley: Start the car!
Abigail: [starts car]
Riley: Put it in gear!
Abigail: [puts it in gear, then notices the policeman staring at them] Uh-oh.
Policeman: What are you doing there?
Riley: We're going to jail...

Riley: How are we gonna find Ben?
Abigail: I don't know!
Policeman: HALT! Who are you?
Abigail: We weren't here! We were told to evacuate!
Riley: Er, um, I don't know what's going on in there. One second I'm reading, a nice book, then the next minute we're being rushed outta... here.

[Ben looking through the President's Book]
Riley: Area 51! Right there!
Ben: Shhh!
Riley: The Kennedy Assassination!
Ben: Shhh! We don't have time!
Riley: That's true.

Patrick: So the only question is... which Statue of Liberty?
Riley: Exactly! Just to be clear, is there more than one?

Abigail: What is it?
Ben: Appears to be a counterweight to hold the door open.
Riley: What's that sound?
Abigail: Fascinating.
Riley: [touches counterweight] Ah, oh, ah!
[counterweight falls apart, closing and locking the door]
Riley: Sorry.

Ben: Because you're the President of the United States sir. Whether by innate character, or the oath you took to defend the Constitution, or the weight of history that falls upon you, I believe you to be the honorable man, sir.
President: Gates. People don't believe in that stuff anymore.
Ben: They want to.

Abigail: Riley, come out here.
Riley: What? [laughs] Heeeey! What are you doing here? I mean it's your house but, hey! I sent you a copy of my book, did you get a chance to--
Abigail: No, I haven't read it yet.
Riley: [looks at Abigail's date] I know you! You're the White House curator! I'm Riley, we met at...
Connor: Oh yeah, you're Ben's assistant.
Riley: What?

Abigail: See that?
Ben: Now that's quite something, right there.
Riley: Yeah, it says "smudge."

Ben: I'm not sure what this is.
Patrick: So what do we do now?
Riley: Did none of you read my book? The eagle clutching a scroll.
Ben: You know what it means?
Riley: Yeah, but it's not something that I can tell you. It's something I have to show you... in my book.
[Ben opens the package containing Riley's book]
Riley: You didn't even open it?
Ben: I was moving.
Riley: Chapter 13.
Ben: "The President's Secret Book"?
Riley: It happens to be a collection of documents for Presidents, by Presidents, and for presidents' eyes only. I'm not just talking about the JFK assasination here, guys. The 18 and a half missing minutes of the Watergate tapes. Did the Apollo really land on the moon? And the coup de gras that is Area 51.
Abigail: C'mon Riley, that's a myth.
Riley: Is it, Abigail? IS IT?
Abigail: This is totally--
Riley: Crazy?
Abigail: Yep.
Riley: Well the last time I checked, we pretty much make our livings from crazy.
Ben: He's got a point.

Mitch: We both know what has to happen.
Ben: One of us keeps the door open... and stays behind.
Riley: I vote Mitch!

Ben: It's the key code. The debt that all men pay is DEATH.
Riley: Okay. L-A-B-O-U-L... lab-oo? Lah-bull? It's gibberish.
Ben: Laboulaye.
Patrick: Laboulaye.
Riley: Laboulaye! What is that!

Girl in Bookstore: Are you Ben Gates?
Riley: [acting cool] Yes. Yes I am.
Girl in bookstore: Do you own a red Ferrari?
Riley: Yes I do.
Woman in bookstore: Well it's being towed.

Ben Gates: Where's the Ferrari?
Riley: IRS impounded it.
Ben Gates: The IRS?
Riley: Funny story. My accountant set up a corporation [winks] on an island that didn't exist and assured me that's how rich people do it. Then I got audited and slapped with a huge fine... Plus interest! Wanna know what taxes are on five million dollars? Six million dollars.

Riley: So, what's new with you?
Ben Gates: Well, my girlfriend kicked me out, I'm living with my dad, and my family killed president Lincoln.
Riley: All right.