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In the early days all I hoped was to make a living out of what I did best. But, since there's no real market for masturbation I had to fall back on my bass playing abilities.
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Nations is often used synonymously with ethnic group (sometimes "ethnos"), but although ethnicity is now one of the most important aspects of cultural or social identity for the members of most nations, people with the same ethnic origin may live in different nation-states and be treated as members of separate nations for that reason.

  • "Nations, like men, have their infancy."
  • "A nation is a society united by a delusion about its ancestory and by a common hatred of its neighbors."
  • "The great nations have always acted like gangsters, and the small nations like prostitutes."
  • "No man has a right to fix the boundary of the march of a nation; no man has a right to say to his country - thus far shalt thou go and no further."
  • "No nation is fit to sit in judgement upon any other nation."
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