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Nothing is beneath you if it is in the direction of your life.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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"Would you like some refreshments? Some breath mints? 'Cause I plan on tonguing you while molesting your intestines."

"So ashes to ashes, dust to dust I'll admit, I'll shit, and I'll spit on your grave in disgust"

"Numerous punctures, its humourous how a human crumbles when juxed Thats how the universe functions"

"My perspective is respect this or expect To be left With a neck full of stitched up imperfections 'Cause you bitched up, in retrospective your collective Woulda switched up if you knew what a bunch of sick fucks We are when we get hectic too late, drama, we all up in it Go all out, push it to the limit"

"My black magic creates tragic fates like back fractures upon magistrates that disagreed with what Necro advocates"

"A black Bar Mitzvah, rabinical satanists A clinically sick cynical clique with banana clips and bandanas"

"Kill yourself, on some euthanasia shit Rockin Timb's with razors on the tip Today's the day to flip on a decapitation tip I'm fascinated with, leavin you lacerated split on point like an assassination hit your knot Some one to have patience with, I'm better off lettin off two clips at you face set it off to decide who's better off deaded off"

"What constitutes you bein a prostitute You lickin' doodie shoots, for lots of loot till you gotta puke Drinkin' up shots of fluid, even if you don't wanna do it You'll be a true whore once you get through the manure A whole piece down your esophagus, what an accomplishment Everyone should awknowledge it you're a pig that can swallow shit"

"We get in real fights, but I might hit you wit steel pipes Leave you wit flesh bites, that heal right, if I feel spite You dick suckin whore, bitch you ain't Chuck Norris Bullets travel through skulls like fuckin explorers"

"Stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stabbing and stab you to death"