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Neil Peart (born Sept 12, 1952) Canadian writer, lyricist, and drummer for the band Rush.

Rush Lyrics

  • You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice,
    But if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.

    - Freewill

  • The men who hold high places
    Must be the ones who start
    To mold a new reality
    Closer to the heart.

    - Closer To The Heart

  • No his mind is not for rent
    To any god or government
    Always hopeful, yet discontent
    But He knows changes aren't permanent
    But change is.

    - Tom Sawyer

  • Live for yourself, there's no one else more worth living for
    Begging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more

    - Anthem

  • Wave after wave
    Will flow with the tide
    And bury the world as it does
    Tide after tide
    Will flow and recede
    Leaving life to go on
    As it was...

    - Natural Science

  • You don't get something for nothing
    You can't have freedom for free.
    You won't get wise
    With the sleep still in your eyes
    No matter what your dream might be.

    - Something for Nothing

  • No hero in your tragedy,
    No daring in your escape,
    No salutes for your surrender,
    Nothing noble in your fate,
    Christ, what have you done?

    - The Pass

  • All the same we take our chances,
    Laughed at by time, tricked by circumstances,
    Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose,
    The more that things change, the more they stay the same.

    - Circumstances

  • I'm not looking back, but i want to look around me now.
    - Time Stand Still

  • Today is different, and tomorrow the same.
    It's hard to take the world the way that it came.
    Too many rapids keep us sweeping along.
    Too many captains keep steering us wrong.
    It's hard to take the heat.
    It's hard to lay blame.
    To fight the fire, while we're feeding the flames.

    - Second Nature

  • Faith is cold as ice.
    Why are little ones born only to suffer
    for the want of immunity, or a bowl of rice?
    Well, who would hold a price on the heads of the innocent children
    if there's some immortal power to control the dice?

    - Roll The Bones

  • You move me, you move me.
    with your buildings and your eyes
    Autumn woods and Winter skies.
    You move me, you move me.
    Open sea and city lights, busy streets and dizzy heights.
    You call me, you call me.

    - The Analog Kid

  • The middle aged madonna
    calls her neighbor on the phone.
    Day by day, the seasons pass
    and leave her life alone.
    But she'll go walking out that door
    on some bright afternoon
    to go and paint big cities
    from a lonely attic room.

    - Middletown Dreams

  • Miracles will have their claimers
    More will bow to Rome
    He and she are in the house
    But there's only me at home.

    - Anagram

  • I feel the sense of possibilities
    I feel the wrench of hard realities
    The focus is sharp in the city

    -The Camera Eye

  • Growing up it all seems so one-sided
    Opinions all provided
    The future pre-decided
    Detached and subdivided
    In the mass production zone
    Nowhere is the dreamer or the misfit so alone

    - Subdivisions

  • Cast in this unlikely role
    Ill-equipped to act
    With insufficient tact
    One must put up barriers
    To keep oneself intact

    - Limelight

  • The world weighs on my shoulders
    But what am I to do?
    You sometimes drive me crazy
    But I worry about you
    I know it makes no difference
    To what you’re going through
    But I see the tip of the iceberg
    And I worry about you...

    - Distant Early Warning

  • Some are born to move the world, to live their fantasies
    But most of us just dream about the things we'd like to be
    Sadder still to watch it die, then never to have known it
    For you, the blind who once could see
    The bell tolls for thee...

    - Losing It

  • I hear the sound of gunfire at the prison gate, Are the liberators here?
    Do I hope or do I fear?
    For my father and my brother, it’s too late but I must help my mother stand up straight.
    Are we the last ones left alive?
    Are we the only human beings to survive?

    - Red Sector A

  • Wheels can take you around.
    Wheels can cut you down.
    We can go from boom to bust.
    From dreams to a bowl of dust.
    We can fall from rockets' red glare, down to "Brother can you spare..."
    Another war.
    Another wasteland.
    And another lost generation.

    - Between The Wheels

  • They say there are strangers who threaten us
    In our immigrants and infidels
    They say there is strangeness too dangerous
    In our theaters and bookstore shelves
    That those who know what's best for us
    Must rise and save us from ourselves.

    - Witch Hunt (Part III of 'Fear')

  • Imagine a man when it all began
    The pilot of 'Enola Gay'
    Flying out of the shockwave on that August day
    All the powers that be, and the course of history
    Would be changed forevermore

    - Manhattan Project

  • We each pay a fabulous price
    For our visions of paradise
    But a spirit with a vision is a dream
    With a mission

    - Mission

  • Quick to judge. Quick to anger.
    Slow to understand.
    Ignorance and prejudice and fear walk hand in hand.

    - Witch Hunt (Part III of 'Fear')

  • An ounce of perception, a pound of obscure.
    - Vital Signs

  • Life is just a candle, and a dream must give it flame...
    - The Fountain of Lamneth

  • Danger plus survival equals fun.
    - From A Work in Progress

  • All the busy little creatures
    chasing out their destinies.
    Living in their pools
    they soon forget about the sea...

    - Natural Science

  • "A few guys with guns can spoil everything."
    - The Masked Rider

  • "Everything in moderation, with occasional excess."
    - Ghost Rider

  • "To you, is it movement, or is it action?
    Is it contact or just reaction?
    And you, revolution, just resistance?
    Is it living, or just existence?
    Yeah, you!
    It takes a little more persistence to get up and go the distance."
    - The Enemy Within (Part I of 'Fear')

  • "Adventures suck when you're having them."
    - Roadshow

  • "How can anybody be enlightened?
    Truth is after all so poorly lit"
    -Turn The Page

  • "No one gets to their heaven without a fight."
    -Armor and Sword

  • When we are young
    Wandering the face of the Earth
    Wondering what our dreams might be worth
    Learning that we're only immortal
    For a limited time.

    - Dreamline