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Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a BBC comedy quiz show based around the music industry. The show was hosted by Mark Lamarr, but is now hosted by Simon Amstell. Phill Jupitus and Bill Bailey are regular panelists, Bailey having taken over from Sean Hughes. Bailey left after series 21, and has been replaced with a different guest captain each week.

Series 13


[Telling a story about the S Club Juniors]
Simon:So uh, one of the girls, I don't know which one. It would probably be wrong to name them, maybe it's wrong to say it at all. Should I stop? No, OK. Um, she had her first, you know, "becoming a woman" experience in our studio.
Mark: And you filmed it!
Simon: No, we didn't film it! No. It happened in one of the dressing rooms. We've since redecorated, it was fine...So anyway, they came back and we were all very sensitive about it. We introduced them as our favourite band in the world...period.

Mark: Nice to see you taking notes there, Bill
Bill: I just like to be, uh, apposite of the facts.
Mark: No you don't, you like to say cheese and weasels then go "urrh".
Bill: Or Cheesels as I like to call them. A weaselly snack with a cheese finish.

Romeo: I thought you was down with Westwood, man.
Mark: I'm not down with Westwood!
Romeo: No? I thought you was down with that, the bitches and the hoes and wh- [Romeo starts laughing]
Mark: Oh I understand the phrase bitches and hoes. Disrespectful terms for ladies.
Bill: I thought you said ditches and hose. Like a landscape gardening thing. "I'll be down with my ditches, and my hose. Later on I'll be building a water feature!"

Series 15


Mark: When Carlos Santana first met his future wife Deborah, he said "She smelled like something I wanted to wake up next to for the rest of my life". It's beautiful, isn't it? Finding a woman who smells like a bacon sandwich and a can of Irn Bru? [Pretending to cry] You're a lucky man, Carlos!

Mark: "Anything you can do, I can do better...?"
Larry Hibbitt: I can do anything better than you.
Mark: No you can't.
Larry Hibbitt: ...all right...
Mark: See?

Series 16


Mark: "She may be the beauty or the beast..."? Bill, I think you'll know this one.
Isaac Hanson: Well, he's definitely the beast, right? We've established that.
Bill: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Beardy!
Mark: You can't really call someone Beardy if you've got a beard, Bill.
Bill: Why Mark, this is not a beard. It's a small South American mammal...that I've trained to crouch very still.


Kenzie: Am I being awkward?
Mark Lamarr: No, no, it's fine. By the way, it's pronounced "retarded".


Bradley Walsh: I've got no idea, give us a clue, for God's sake.
Mark: Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult, what more clue can I give you without giving it away?
Bradley Walsh: You're talking too quickly!! How can I understand that?!
Mark: Well, I'm sorry if I was of no help...

Series 17


[Talking about Elton John's lookalike]
David Grant: Is he about the same height as Elton John?
Mark Lamarr: No, he's 87 times the size. They have to film him from miles away!


Mark Lamarr: Wet Wet Wet eventually got so sick of "Love Is All Around" that they wrote to their record company, demanding the song be taken off the market. And since I found that fact out, I've spent six months trying to forge James Blunt's signature: "Dear James Blunt's record company. It's me, James Blunt. My records are rubbish. Please stop putting them out. Thanks. Bluntie. PS: You can stab me in the eye as well if you want."

[Talking about Sharon Osbourne having liposuction]
Mark: She has it sucked out of her and pumped into her daughter and I think that's cruel.

Series 18


Guest Host - Simon Amstell
With regulars Bill Bailey and Phill Jupitus
With guests Nick Knowles, Kenzie, Russell Howard and Aaron Gilbert.

Simon: Hello there and welcome to Never Mind The Buzzcocks. I'm Simon Amstell. And if you think I'm a poor booking, let's meet tonight's guests!

[Being asked how he made Britney Spears cry]
Simon: I just suggested that she might have gone a bit nuts recently...and she took that personally...

[Bill's team is coming up with nonsense answers to the question]
Simon: I can see now why Mark gets angry all the time.

Simon: I quite like you, Nick. My mum actually says she quite fancies you.
Nick: Is that right?
Simon: She says '"He's got a lovely big face".

Simon: Britney Spears' CD's are used by German farmers to keep wild boars from eating their crops. Meanwhile, Tina Turner's Greatest Hits are used at Gloucestershire airport to scare birds from the runway. They originally tried Ronan Keating's album, but the birds kept hurling themselves into jet engines.

Simon: Why don't you tell the nice BBC viewers what your song "Flip Reverse It" was all about?
Kenzie: Um...women...
Russell: Women?! It was about anal in a truck!

Kenzie: I've got a girl friend at the moment, whats she going to think about this?
Phill: I dunno...can she sit?

Kenzie: We're going by our human names to be taken more seriously.
Simon: Your human names?! Well, I think that's worked, Kenzie.

[About Blazin' Squad]
Kenzie: Four are starting Blazin' Squad up again, one's going solo...and two have gone out and got jobs.

[In the Intros round, after hearing an intro]
Nick: Ah, I see it now.
Simon: You see it now? Shall I give you a point for seeing it now?
Nick: Would help. 'Cause they just got a point. So we could equalize by my recognizing it afterwards. [To Bill] This could work very well for us.
Simon: Hang on, hang on. I've lost control of the whole thing. I feel like I'm the supply teacher and you''re just not respecting me as you should.
Nick: Play the track and I'll see if I can guess which one of them is going to take the lead and which one's going to do the-
Simon: How about you be quiet, and stop throwing chalk, Knowles! Hmmm? It's your own time you're wasting!

Nick: I just thought I might get one of these. You know what I mean? You sit at home and watch the program and think, "I could do that". And you sort of shout at the screen. I feel like a tit.

Nick: Forget I spoke.
Simon: Okay. Always do.

[Being teased by Simon]
Nick: Er.. bovvered? Face?
Bill: Wide.

Russell: I imagine when Kenzie started singing then, the ears of the other members of the Squad just pricked up. Like funky meercats..."Kenzie's in trouble, put that mouse down!"

Kenzie: [After refusing to sing his song "Flip reverse it"] I can't sing... I rap.
Simon: You rap?
Kenzie: Uh, no...

Russell: When did you meet Meatloaf?
Kenzie: We were doing Party in the Park in 2002 with the Squad and he, um...walked past us.
Simon: Wow. I would have saved that story for Parky, personally.

Simon: We also heard 'Straight Up' by Paula Abdul. During the last series of American Idol, there were...there were...
Kenzie: "Scurrilous".
Simon: "Scurrilous", thank you very much.
Kenzie: Just trying to help.
Simon: Ooh, I can read!
Phill: One of 'em had to.

Simon: This has been Never Mind the Buzzcocks, I've been Simon Amstell. And before I go back to youth television..."Bollocks"!


Guest Host Ricky Wilson
With regulars Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Colin Murray, Bez, Ryan Jarman, and Philip Oliver

Ricky Wilson:And tonight I am contractually obliged to say "I predict a laugh riot!"…I feel so dirty!

Ryan Jarman: If there's any legal implications involved in this, then, like, I invented Live 8, you see. This is not actually a lie. We were in the recording studio recording our album.I found Bob Geldof's mobile phone number while we were in the recording studio so I sent him a text message just saying "Three words, mate - Live Aid 2". Lo and behold six months later Live 8 comes out. It's just nice to know that you've made a little bit of difference, that's all. It really is.

Bill Bailey: [to Ricky] Last time I saw you was at Heathrow Airport, wasn't it? And you were shitfaced. You came up to me and said "[slurring]" I'm Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs!
Ricky Wilson: [drunkenly] I love you!
Bill Bailey: [drunkenly] Love you, Bill!
Ricky Wilson: I thought you were Hulk Hogan.

Ricky Wilson: Thanks Stevie [Wonder], if you're watching... (Ricky grimaces as he realises what he said)

Series 19


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Alesha Dixon, Phil Nichol, Ricky Ross, and Anthea Turner

Simon: Hello there and welcome to the exciting new series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks. New set, new titles, new host. I guess what I'm trying to say is...welcome to the last series of Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Simon: Lorraine from Deacon Blue has a recurring nightmare where the band are playing to a baying crowd without the correct instruments. I have a recurring nightmare that I'm stuck in the middle of a baying crowd watching Deacon Blue.
[Ricky Ross from Deacon blue smiles]
Simon: Only joking, I've never heard of you.

[To Anthea]
Simon: With this new show, "Perfect Housewife", did they say to you, "Look, we'd love you to have your own show, you just need a skill". And you went away for five years and you said "I'm really good at tidying! I can fold! Towels! I can put a toothbrush in a cup!".

[To Ricky Ross]
Simon: Ricky, has anything like that ever happened to you in your career like that? Have you ever...thrown a lollipop at a famous star?

Simon: Waxed, buffed, full leather interior, slight smell of sick, some rear end damage. It's Girls Aloud!

Simon: [About Ricky Ross] Are you sure he's been in a band?
Phill: How would you know, you're twelve!
Simon: I don't really know anything pre McFly.

Phill: Who's your favourite McFly?
Simon: What day is today?
Phill: It's a Thursday.
Simon: Thursday's a Danny day!

Simon: I think Patrick Kielty-
Anthea: Is fantastic.
Simon: I think more of a cunt.
Anthea: What! Excuse can't say that word.
Bill: What? Kielty?
Anthea: Because you don't have one.
Simon: So I can't say it?
Anthea: No.
Simon: But I haven't got an umbrella...

Phill: Let's all say things we haven't got. Personal hygiene!
Bill: A grip on reality!
Phil Nichol: A career!
Anthea: Okay! A penis!
Simon: You've got a penis.

[Later on, Simon says cunt again]
Simon: You can't say the word in front of Anthea 'cause I haven't got an umbrella.

[Trying to guess the name of a song with Phill miming at him]
Phil Nichol: ...Love doesn't pull, love doesn't tuggle, love doesn't hold, love doesn't feel, love's got big boobs, love has a moustache, love's, love, love speaks sign language, love's got...holding, tightening, ah, ah, nosing, holding, nose, pointing, pointing at nose, oh...praying! Love is the Pope, love is the Pope, love is the nosy Pope, the Pope's got a lovely nose! I don't know...

Alesha: Do you know what I think, I thinks number two 'cause he's dropping the style nice.
Simon: What are you...what's with all this speak?
Alesha: [Laughs hysterically] I don't know!
Simon: Dropping the...You don't speak like this! You get nervous and start going all a-bibbidy-bobbidy...!

Phill: Number two hasn't blinked in the last twenty minutes...
Phil Nichol: He's not real, he's papier maché.

Simon: [To Ricky Ross] Paul Young, he's on the show next week. I've heard of him.


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Vanessa Feltz, Matt Willis, Paul Young, Will Smith

[Watching a Westlife video]
Simon: Still going after seven years due to the unfortunate lack of murder, it's Westlife!

[After watching the Westlife video]
Simon: Erg, awful people.

Vanessa: I'm too old or too young for it. One or the other...
Simon: ...Old...

[Simon has been making fun of Vanessa]
Simon: After the show, we're gonna make love.

Simon: Nowadays in show business, you haven't really made it unless you've been slagged off by Lily Allen- [A man delivers a letter] "Dear Simon...."....oh...apparently I'm a twat!...Nothing about you, Vanessa.

Will Smith: I think it is by that early boy band that all looked like car thieves that shagged on bins...E17.

[About E17]
Will Smith: They just had two guys in the background who did nothing.
Simon: Matt used to be one of those.
Will Smith: No, he played the bass.
Simon: He did play bass...[In a high pitched voice] or at least pretended to.

Phill: Tonight on Phill - when team members bicker!
Simon: Phill, Phill, can I say something?
Phill: Yeah?
[Simon stands up]
Simon: Right...I think, I think you don't know what you're talking, you shouldn't even go there...and, talk to the face, 'cause my arse ain't listening...

[About Tina Cousins]
Simon: Still very much in the business...oh no, that's not right...err...
[Tina gives Simon the finger]
Simon: What's that?...Vanessa nodding, "Yeah, you give him the finger"...what's this? People who used to be on telly ganging up on me?!

Vanessa: What's the difference between a dildo and a strap on?
Simon: A strap on is like a hands free it's legal if you're driving...


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Stewart Lee, Tony Mortimer, Bill Oddie, Jason Pebworth

Bill Oddie: She's been cleaned up very quickly, as they do with the guillemots, and the cormorants and all that sort of thing-
Simon: Bill, Bill, I had a feeling you would rather talk about birds this evening, so I prepared your own game. Here you go, are you ready? What's this?
[He plays the sound of a bird]
Bill Oddie: It's a robin eating a Crunchie bar.
Simon: That's not what I've got on the card.

Simon: You're right, we pixelated some onions...not a kitten...being chopped to death by Shakira...

[Bill Oddie is talking nonsense]
Stewart Lee: You're in charge of this....
Simon: I am in charge of this! Stewart's right! Shoosh, Oddie!!

[Bill Oddie is still talking nonsense]
Phill: Who...gave him...Ribena?!

[Bill Oddie is trying unsuccessfully to guess the name of a song]
Simon: Bill, I don't like to see you struggle. What's this? [Holds up a picture of a bird]
Bill Oddie: That's an eyebrowed thrush.
Simon: Correct. Do you know the latin name for it?
Bill Oddie: No! Turdus something or other. Ooh, that's funny, turdus. I know where you're going, I know where you're going.
Simon: He's caught us out. They're all slightly rude. It was the turdus obscurus.
Bill Oddie: Yeah, I know, it's funny. Means the invisible shit!

Simon: I thought you knew about birds!
Bill Oddie: Well, it's a foreign one.
Simon: Do you just pretend for the telly?
Bill Oddie: It's, it's a foreign one!
Simon: Oh...racist.

[Simon holds up another picture of a bird]
Bill Oddie: Oh for God's's a...a dangly bollocked penis bird!

Bill Oddie: We don't mention Lily Allen.
Simon: We don't mention her? What did she do to you?
Bill: She put super-glue on your bird table.

Simon: What's your final answer?
Tony: Medication.

Phill: Stand up a minute...
Simon: Why, what's wrong with me?
Phill: Nah, just stand up...You look like you've been drawn by children!
Phill: "Here is a man in a suit. I've got lots of brown so here's his hair!"
Simon: That's what I was going for...

Stewart Lee: Well, three has a dance music face...if there can be such a thing. Four has a guest dance vocal musicalist hair. If you put that hair and that face together, it would definitely be that one...but unfortunately they exist in separate bodies. Perhaps something could be done about that...
Simon: There he is, blaspheming again. Against God's work.
[Thunder is heard]
Simon: God is not happy with you, Stewart Lee.

Bill Oddie: Stay friends with the editor, that's my advice.
Simon: Stay friends with the doctor, that's my advice.


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Amy Winehouse, Penny Smith, Alex Pennie, Andrew Maxwell

Simon: Hello there and welcome to Never Mind the Buzzcocks. [Reading from a paper] "Officially the funniest show on TV right now. Simon Amstell is a competent and witty host, taking the viewer on a whirlwind journey of hilarious pop based comedy. Five stars"....No one's written that...

Simon: Amy's likes include Kelly Osbourne and the smell of petrol. I quite like matches, let's do lunch.

[Watching a Paris Hilton video]
Simon: Overpriced, arrogant, covered in dog poo, and since that tunnel opened, any old tosser with fifty quid can get in. It's Paris!

Penny: Do we know what Cliff Richard's biography is called?
Simon: Cliff Richard's biography is called - Cliff Richard: The Biography.
Alex: Oh, Christ.

Penny: Amy, is that hair yours, and is anything living in it?
Simon: That's not the GMTV way!
Penny: It would be if I had my way, I'd say that hair is fantastic!
Amy: Oh, yeah it's all mine...'cause I bought it.

Simon: Did you see Pennie smash up the instruments on GMTV?
Penny: I did, and I was in the studio when he did it...
Simon: You must have wanted to smash up the GMTV set though, a couple of times... or at least Fiona Phillips' patronizing witch-face.

[After being badgered by Simon to talk about her love life]
Penny: Okay, I might do silent humming like I do when something really awful is happening.
Simon: Okay... You also went out with, um-
[Penny lets out a high pitched hum]
Maxwell: This is a weird show, man...I've only ever seen it on T.V, and it's just not like this. It's not usually hectoring of day-time T.V presenters. She's humming to herself! Look, she's been around the block, she's knocked off a few dudes in her time!!
Simon: But we want to know, we want to know about Penny's love life, don't we?
Penny: No, I don't think we want to know...
Simon: Tell us about going out Paul McKenna, that's exciting.
Maxwell: Whoa! Did you go out with Paul McKenna!?!

Simon: [About Amy meeting with Pete Doherty] Don't go near him! Do something with Katie Melua. There you are.
Amy: I'd rather have cat-AIDS, thank you.

Simon: [To Amy] It's lovely to have you here. Part of the BBC's new remit: More Jews, less carbon emissions.

Simon: What about John Stapleton, what about him? He's a bit creepy though, isn't he?
Penny: Oh, will you stop it with your nonsense.
Simon: Has he ever tried anything on? "The time is seven o'clock. The place is: my lap."

Simon: You and Stapleton! "The time is nine pm...The place: my Travelodge. Come with me, Penny. Ride me! For I am Stapleton."
Phill: I bet Stapleton, after shagging all night, not a hair out of place.
Maxwell: I bet he does it with a shower cap on.

Simon: What's the "push push"?
Amy: I don't know, it's my new thing.
Simon: Is it? I thought it was crack.
Amy: Do I look like Russell Brand?
Simon: Uh, yes.

Maxwell: This feels like a really dysfunctional Christmas day.

[About Ben Elton]
Amy: I don't think there's such thing as integrity or being a sell out, I just think he's a wanker.

Simon: Didn't you used to do a fashion column for the Daily Mail?
Penny: Funnily enough, I did. I've done many strange things in my time.
Simon: What does one wear to a lynching?

[Amy complains to Simon about what he said about the participants in the identity line-up]
Simon: Oh, they get paid and they know what's going to happen.
Maxwell: Oh god, you sound like a pimp! (In East End Voice) They gets paid their money

they know whats gonna happen. As you close the container lorry and set sail for western Europe.

Simon: This is not a football match. You come here, full of...crack...spitting all over things.
Amy: Let it die, please. Let it die.
Simon: The addiction I'd like to die...this isn't even a pop quiz anymore, it's an intervention, Amy.

Penny: Spitting...that would never happen on GMTV.
Simon: Nothing happens on GMTV.

Simon: [Reading an intro] "They tried to make me go to rehab..."?
Amy: "I said no, no, no".
Simon: Is correct. In hindsight...I think maybe "yes", maybe...

Simon: [Reading an intro] "They told him don't you ever come around here..."?
Bill: Uh...because you're a registered sex offender.

Simon: [Reading an intro] "I've got something to put in you..."?
Amy: Thanks darling!


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests John Barrowman, Robin Ince, Daniel Bedingfield, Kelli Young

[About Sugababes]
Bill: Ungodly? Is there anything specific about that?
Simon: I think it was just a lot of wiggling of vaginas...that sort of thing.
Barrowman: Hold on, hold on...does a vagina wiggle?! Not that I've never seen one but; so please inform me.
Simon: Well, I'm not an expert...
Phill: There's nothing like the T.V comedy stylings of two homosexuals discussing fannies, is there?

Simon: [About Liberty X 'X'] People won't remember this, as people barely remember Liberty X...

Simon: You look like you haven't aged in 15 years.
Barrowman: That's what the TARDIS does to you.
Simon: ...You sure it isn't the botox?

[Discussing strategies to stay young]
Bill: The marrowbone from goats, that's good as well, isn't it.
Simon: Have you...
Barrowman: Have I sucked marrowbone from a goat? No.
Phill: But I bet you could.

Simon: Poverty should have been history by now, lazy Cotton!

[Kelli feels Barrowman's arse]
Phill: You realize the Daily Mail's going to be in uproar about that bit of the show. "Black lady touches homosexual on television!"
Barrowman: "With white man in the middle!"

Simon: You cheated there, Bill Bailey!
Barrowman: I didn't cheat!
Simon: Not you, Barrowman!
Barrowman: Right.
Simon: Always about you, isn't it? "I'll be on Maria! I'll be in Torchwood, I'll be on any bloody show that'll have me! Even Buzzcocks". I saw you on Loose Women.
Barrowman: Yeah.
Simon: They're awful, aren't they?

Simon: You cheated!
Bill: Yeah, I cheated. And what of it? You ain't the boss of me. I ain't never gonna be your bitch!
Barrowman: Talk to the hand 'cause the wrist is pissed.
Simon: You've out-gayed me, Barrowman!
Barrowman: [Exaggerated accent] Let's have a gay-off! Ready? Lips pursed, hands on the table, and go!
Simon: ...I haven't even told my mum yet.

Simon: Kurt Cobain is now the top earning dead celebrity. So not Bruce Forsyth. If you're watching that on a repeat...and he is dead...that is inaccurate.

[Trying to guess an answer with John Barrowman raising his hand]
Robin: I don't even think you are gay, Barrowman! I think. I've seen all this pretending that "Oh, don't worry girls, I'm just gay, now I'm going to kiss you and fondle my stuff," it's disgusting! The oldest trick in the book! What would Barrowman know? Oh, Lulu! It's Lulu then!

Simon: Robin, John will not be able to help you with this one because tonight he's playing the part of a stereotype.

Simon: We've had a gay man guessing Kylie, a black lady guessing Bob Marley. We are doing nothing to subvert expectations!

Simon: [About a gorilla coat] I should say that that coat is not made out of gorilla.
Bill: Is it not?
Simon: It's made out of Desert Orchid.

Simon: Were you ever in the Sugababes?
Kelli: I wasn't in the Sugababes, no.
Simon: My sister's going to be in the Sugababes for her gap year.

Simon: Gays...come here...take our men...

Barrowman: [Singing] Oh, high on a hill with a great big dildo! [Yodelling]


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Lily Allen, Jamelia, Steve Strange, Mark Watson
[Introducing Lily Allen]
Simon: Lily was expelled from five schools. At 14, she ran away to go to Glastonbury and she pushed pills in Ibiza. Well, I stole my brother's Care Bear, but I don't go on about it. And he's still looking for it. You square!

[After Steve Strange has been rambling on]
Simon: I should explain... Steve is a recovering heroin addict.

[About Catherine Zeta-Jones]
Lily: The future's bright; her husband's orange.

[About Catherine Zeta-Jones]
Simon: So, what have we pixelated?
Lily: I think it's her morals.

[About Catherine Zeta-Jones]
Steve: I think it's a mirror image of a disco ball.
Simon: You know...we pixelated it?

Simon: So we're starting a war with the So-Solid crew.
Phill: Simon, we can't take on da Crew!
Simon: Yeah we can, Bill. What about it? Why don't Bill and I come around and sleep with your wives? And Phill, he's loaded and ready to go! Lets go! I'm coming over with my sex men!
Bill: I have the ears of death!
Simon: And I have a penis! What have you got Phill?
Phill: I've got 300 pounds that you probably won't be able to get from underneath. So it's not a shag, it's more a fight for survival!

Simon: Javine was one of the most boring people I've ever interviewed. And I've interviewed Ronan Keating.

Simon: Do it again, Jamelia, do the sexy moves.
Bill: And I'll provide the eye candy.

Jamelia: I love Lily, I think she's wicked, but I did ask for an edited version of Lily's album for my daughter, and Lily said she hopes she's not paying for it.
Lily: No, I just said... [laughter] Not being funny, Jamelia, but I didn't make my album for your child.
[All go 'Ooohhhh...']
Mark: Call her a slag, call her a slag!
[All go 'Yeahhh...']

[Talking about the line up]
Bill: Number five is the proprietor of a remote guest house. "Yeeaass? There's room in the east wing. Eehaha! Would you like me to run you a bath? Breakfast is served between 7:00 and 7:03...ON MY BACK Eeeeahahahahaha!!"

Simon: [Reading in intro] "Love is like a butterfly..."?
Bill: You...put a pin through it's back.

[During the timed round "Next Lines']
Lily: Can we just move on to the ones I know, come on, please!
Simon: [Pauses] You know what you need?
Lily: No, Simon! Just move on, no!
Simon: Come with me...[He pulls her up] You need a hug. Yeah, yeah. I know - I know that - [She starts to pull away but he pulls her back] stay in it - I know you feel you have issues with intimacy. You feel that you're not loved. You have a hundred thousand friends on MySpace but are they really friends that you can touch, no, I'm touching you now. Okay? Everyone loves you here, you don't need points, you can just be you.
Lily: Okay.
[They sit. The time runs out]
Simon: Time up, I'm afraid.
Lily: No!!

Simon: Do you want another hug?
Lily: I would rather eat shit.


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Danny Jones, David Gest, Dan Gillespie Sells, Jenni Falconer

[About surnames]
Phill: Danny, did they say "We're looking for celebrity Joneses"?
Danny: No.
Simon: Danny's surname is "from McFly".

[About David Gest's friend Michael Jackson]
David: Be nice to him.
Bill: Awwww, be nice to the baby-dangling freak....Sorry, sorry, it just slipped out.
Simon: He didn't mean it, did he? He loves that child. He just wanted the people to see! And if he drops The fans need something!

Simon:David, you must have met Grace Jones. Or married her?
David: So far, Michael Jackson...should we keep going? I'm keeping count.
Simon: That's your type though, slightly unhinged gay icon, right? Have you met Grace Jones?
David: No.
Simon: Call yourself a starfucker?

Simon: I'm a big fan of Michael Jackson.
David: Not any more.
Simon: Why not?
David: 'Cause you put him down.
Simon: No I didn't, it was that man over there.
[Bill waves]
Simon: I love Michael Jackson...and I hate babies, so...

[Talking about David's love life]
David: I'm seeing someone but I'm still ready to go.
Simon: What do you mean?
David: She's a business woman.
Simon: Oh, I see, a prostitute! [Laughter]...Sometimes I'm so ashamed of what I say.

[About a naked picture of Danny]
Simon: I'm not happy about it, Danny. When did the music of McFly become about cupping your testicles in front of whooping homosexuals?
Danny: Haven't you got another picture of me?

[After playing medieval instruments]
Danny: I've never played things like that before.
Simon: Instruments.

Simon: So I was in the cinema two weeks ago. Chris Martin from Coldplay walks past me and says, "Hey, you're a cool guy". I said, [In a high pitched voice] "You're cool!"... I felt like he was going to turn around and say, "I've misjudged you...".

Simon: I forgot to say, as it's a Christmas special, for every song you don't get right, an orphan gets beaten. Merry Christmas!

Simon: [lighting a Menorah] I'm just lighting candles for the baby Jesus.
Phill: [mocking] Your people killed him.
Phill: I don't mean your mum and dad, I mean, because that would be terrible and I would think they would have told you by now.
Simon: I have no regrets, he deserved it.
Bill Bailey: Merry Christmas everybody!

David: I have no clue what you've been playing.
Phill: Drum.

Simon Amstell: I forgot to tell you we've had a letter in the Daily Express! I'm very proud of this: "Why are so many BBC comedies unwatchable? Catherine Tate is full of swearing, and Never Mind The Buzzcocks contains gay filth!"
[Audience cheers]
[Bill and Phill shake Simon's hand]
Phill: Well, done. Congratulations.
Bill: Congratulations on the gay filth!

Simon: Come on people, it's fucking Christmas!

[About Jamelia]
Simon: There seemed to be slight disbelief when I said she went to hospital for laughing to much. People were thinking, "On this show?!" Yes, on this show! I'll give you all hernias!

Simon: You've heard what the other've heard what the other Jew...You've heard what the Jew said! Ah, dear. You've heard what the other two judges said...

Simon: From all of us here, whichever religion you are, remember, only one can be right, so...let's have a war! Happy Christmas!

[On Surnames]
Bill: Are you an actually an actual Falconer?
Jenni: Yes.
Bill: Falconer, Falconer, Falconer, Falconer, Falconer, Falconer, Falconer, Falconer, Falconer, Falconer, Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuulll! FalcoFalcoFalcoFalcoFalcoFalco! Faaaaaaaaauuuulll! Hawks an, Hawks an, Hawks an, Hawks an, Hawks an, Falcons, Hawks and Falcons, Eagles, Eagles, Hawks and Falcons...Owls!

Series 20


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Matt Baker, Alan Davies, Nerina Pallot, Chris Peck

[About Pink]
Alan: She's in a basque that's unconnected.
Phill: She's wearing underwear as outerwear.
Chris: I still think she looks like Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys.

Simon: What are you saying Davies, the questions are too easy!?
Alan: Yes.
Simon: This show isn't so highbrow, but we like to say "Ohh, Robbie Williams is a tit!" That's what people like!
Alan: He's not a tit, he's quite nice.
Simon: Robbie Williams?
Alan: Yeah.
Simon: Oh, oh, you lose a point!

Simon: Was there ever any lewd behavior on Blue Peter?
Bill: Yeah, did it ever get blue?
Matt: Uh...well actually I tell you what, I ended up in a sauna once being whipped by the bus driver with some birch twigs...

Simon: I watched Blue Peter once when I was a kid, I think it was about morris dancing and making some...nonsense...
Matt: Oh yeah?
Simon: Turned me onto glue.

Bill: [To Nerina] You can slag off anyone you like, with impunity. I'll start us off. Right: D'you hear this, right, the other day, Chris de Burgh on Loose Ends, he slagged me off. Ned goes "Blah blah blah, heard about that Bill Bailey?" in his way, and he goes "Yes. I've heard he's very ugly. And he hasn't got much hair."
Phill: Is that all that the troll had to work with?
Bill: That is all the-
Phill: Mono-brow freak monster.
Bill: Yeah. Mono-browed, nanny-shagging, toss-monger!!...Who has inflicted...his sentimental mewlings on a reluctant nation!!...[To Nerina] There you go, on you go.

Simon: I should explain to home viewers...this show was recorded in November and we've been assured that Nerina, by now, is famous.

[During the Intros round]
Nerina: It was groovy but it was a bit fast.
Bill: It was a bit fast, oh okay. Let's take it down. Let's lay it down. Let's take some juice out of the old mango.

[About the line up]
Alan: I don't think it's number one. I don't think it's number two or number three...I also don't think it's number four or number five.

[After choosing number 4]
Phill: Can I just say, I saw a flash in the eye of number let's watch what happens.
Simon: Do you just want to pick number two?
Phill: No. We picked number four...but I'm watching number two.

Nerina: You'd appreciate this, number two's quite cute, isn't he?
Simon: Yes, I would because a homosexual.
Nerina: No but, you'd...they won't know but he's quite nice, isn't he?
Bill: What d'you mean we won't know? We don't have to, you know, go over into the paddock to ride the horses.


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Philip Olivier, Donny Tourette, Alfie Jackson, Noel Fielding

Simon: Hello there and welcome to Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Well, the world is still at war with itself. There seems to be no end to poverty and hunger. No cure for cancer or AIDS. And that's not to mention the ecological apocalypse we're facing. I don't know about you...but I'm in the mood for a bloody good pop quiz!

Simon: I should explain...Donny is a punk. Just in case anyone didn't know!
Donny: Ah, it's 'cause I'm not wearing the mohican...that you might not understand.
Bill: Right, it's more inside. It's a philosophy.
Donny: It's like, it's like a spike inside your gut.
Bill: Yeah, it's like a mohican on your pancreas, man!
Donny: D'you know what, just 'cause you haven't got the hair to pull it off, it doesn't mean that you can't be it.
Bill: No, man. I'm wearing my mohican, like, on the back of my head. Fuck everything! See? Fuck things! Fuck everything! See, pencils! See? [He picks one up and snaps it] Fuck it!
Simon: Down with Thatcher!

Simon: [To Donny] I'm sensing you're going to be a peculiar nuisance this evening...

[About The Kooks]
Noel: They said that they were Boosh fans to us. And they wanted some T-shirts. They were going to wear them on Top Of The Pops. And we didn't have any T-shirts, so I hand painted some...and I was supposed to meet their tour manager at, like, three in the morning in Camden. So I'm standing there on my own with hand painted T-shirts...and he didn't turn up! He just fell asleep! So, they didn't get any T-shirts-
Alfie: How long were you there for?
Noel: Oh...four minutes.

[Talking about spooning]
Simon: There's a DJ Spoony on Radio One..
Alfie: There is...who's the last one on at night?
Phill: Westwood.
Alfie: Go to bed with Westwood, wake up with Moyles!
Bill Bailey: Waking up with Moyles? Ugh!
Noel: He's no spoon, is he?
Bill: No.
Noel: He's a shovel!

Simon: Hello...Donny's put sunglasses on. That'll tell Thatcher!
Donny: D'you want a go?
[Simon puts the glasses on]
Donny: And now what you need to do is give it a little bit of that. [Makes strange gesture]
Simon: : [Does the gesture] And now I'm cool...

Donny: You know you'd be quite happy at home on the streets
Bill: Yeah...
Donny: Though not that many people'd take pity on you...'cause you're pretty ugly.
Bill: Oooh!
Simon: I should explain: Bill is a professional won't win!

[Donny tells a bad joke and the audience groans]
Donny: Oh for fuck's sake...not very sharp are you?
Simon: Yeah, it was definitely their fault.

[After watching a video of Donny shouting]
Phillip: I like the way that you had all that aggression, and then at the end you just sat down and crossed your legs...

Simon: I don't understand. Did he suggest that you couldn't dick on the Sex Pistols? I think, I think you can dick on them.
Donny: Well, I've got a dick...I'm here...
Simon: He has got a dick and he's here...I think that's the best we can hope for tonight.

Simon: Have you got an answer?
Phill: You know what, I'm gonna take his answer. I don't know what it'll be, but none of us do!
Donny: I can't even remember the question.
Phill: Why did Prince end up in court over some purple paint? Your best guess, now!
Donny: ....Because his helmet turned blue?
Phill: Because, Simon. His helmet turned blue. Bring in the points, bitch! In the bag.

Donny: The only reason I'm on the show is 'cause you told everyone you fancied me, dude!
Simon: It's not, it's 'cause we have difficulty booking people.

Donny Tourette: [gripping his groin] This is what I think of you!
Simon: Really? You think me...a small penis? Well I never!

[Simon is showing Philip's calendar full of risqué shots]
Simon: Are you at all upset, you know, when you saw the was just pictures and none of your teachings?

Simon: Donny just called me 'Anstis'. You know I'm not Toby Anstis, don't you?
Donny: I thought your name was Anstis?
Simon: Amstell... but you know it doesn't matter, I'll go with-
Donny: Amstell's a beer!
Simon: Yes!
Donny: I like beer.
Simon: And I like you...

[Talking about a member of the identity parade]
Noel: Number five's not really been given a fair chance, has he? He's been given dungarees and a perm.
Bill: The international symbol of inbreeding.
Simon: How dare you!

Donny: My shades!
Simon: When he goes, you can have them back. Is that all right, do you want them back now? Are you gonna 'cause some sort of riot?!

Noel: I like the authentic punk dance. That is like a child dizzy on lemonade.

[Reading Next Lines]
Simon: "I am an Antichrist, I am an anarchist..."?
Donny: I am the walrus?

Simon: Hang on a minute... Donny is smoking now!?!?! What is he going to do next!?!?! A cigarette! That you can legally buy in shops! I'll try to carry on but I am shocked and appalled!!

Simon: Donny is unhappy...
Donny: No, that's bullshit, they didn't win. You gave them easier questions 'cause they're retards.
Simon: Punks love points...
Bill: Yeah, "Smash the system but...can he have another point?". You're about as punk as Enya!


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Preston, Fyfe, Ed Byrne, Anne Charleston,
Special guest Ed Seymour

Ed: I love that you called him "Snoop Doggy Dogg"... It's Snoop Dogg.
Simon: Getting advice from the middle aged man in a hoodie...
Ed: The only person who'd call him Snoop Doggy Dogg is his mother and then only when he's in trouble..."Snoop Doggy Dogg! Clean these hoes out of your bedroom!"

Simon: So what connects the two?
Phill: What connects the two? What doesn't? Prosperous, black, rappers, drugs, firearms...
Simon: You're quite right, there are a lot of things that connects them. Really, the game should be called "What is written on my piece of paper?"

Simon: I've been listening to your album, it's very impressive.
Preston: Good, thank you.
Simon: All tracks written by Preston...except 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8-
Preston: I wrote them with my guitarist!
Simon: Sure, sure you did...9, 10, 11, 13 and 15! Sorry, I like it though.

Simon: We're gonna have fun tonight, Preston!
Preston: Oh, really? Let me know when it starts.

Ed If I can't sleep at night, phone me up and tell me that story!
Simon: I will phone you...on my Mowbli.
[Ed is a spokesman for Carphone Warehouse, which uses Mowbli as a mascot]

Simon: I feel reluctant to say anything about Britney because this show doesn't go out for a couple of weeks and her story in the tabloids changes so often...maybe we should cover ourselves. I can't believe that picture of her with that cake up her bottom!
Bill: Blimey, maybe we should do something about Britney and that rare...bird...egg...
Simon: Unbelievably, she's the new voice of Carphone Warehouse! She's got her life back together and is now recording a new album?! Just in case...

Simon: So, Fyfe, your band is famous for using odd inst-...I say famous...are known...

[Speaking about Fyfe's band mate]
Simon: I read in your bumph that she found the perfect bass note to give a lady an orgasm.
Fyfe: Well, she says...but she won't tell us what it is! Which is selfish, I think. I think it's an F sharp, though! [Laughs hysterically]

Simon: I never thought I'd be on T.V trying to give Madge an orgasm.

[Ed correctly guesses the song in the Intros round]
Preston: Correct!!...Am I allowed to say that?
Simon: I suppose you just did! Let's hear how it should have sounded. [Plays the song] In the future, I would like to break the news...

[Quoting from Chantelle Houghton's book]
Simon: "The photo shoot was for the Daily Mail, which made me feel really posh and upmarket..."
Preston: [Getting up] Oh, you've done it now. See you later, I'm off. Sorry.
Simon: Oh no, Preston come on
Preson: No, seriously.
Simon: Preston, we're having fun!
Preston: I ain't.
[He storms off stage]
Simon: Come on, Preston! Oh no, we can't lose Preston...
Bill: I guess he thought he's been voted out!

Simon: I mean, I only read his girlfriend's book.
[An audience member yells out "It's his wife!"]
Simon: I only read his wife's book...
Bill: What's wrong with that?
Simon: I can't believe that upset him...I mean...I don't know if he's read it. I've read the whole thing, it upset me.

[After getting an audience member to replace Preston]
Simon: What is your name?
Ed Seymore: Ed.
Simon: Hello, Preston.

Simon: What do you do in your real life?
Ed Seymore: Um, a well driller.
Simon: A well driller.
Ed Seymore: Drill bore holes.
Ed: Water wells or oil wells?
Ed Seymore: Neither.
Ed: Ah! What other kind of wells are there? Is it a lemonade well?

Simon: Fyfe, Fyfe, do you find it difficult to perform without office equipment?
Fyfe: Yes.
Simon: Do you want a hole punch?
Fyfe: Yes.
[He begins squeezing it]
Simon: Hang on, sorry I didn't think that through...sorry, a silent hole punch. How about a desk tidy?
Fyfe: Nah, nah.
Simon: PostIt notes?
Fyfe: Right... [He storms off the set]
Simon: Oh, no.
[Laughter. Fyfe comes back]
Simon: Lucky I didn't get to the lever arch file!

[After failing to guess a song]
Simon: Anne, what about this one?
[He plays the Neighbours theme song]
Anne: Right, that's it!
'[She moves to stand up]
Simon: No, no, no, no!

[After a particularly bad joke]
Simon: If you'd like to write jokes for the show, all you need is a crayon.

Ed Byrne: Can we get the Paris Hilton look-alike something to suck on so she looks more convincing?

Simon: I've never met anyone from the public before!

Simon: So yeah, so who, uh...not many...not, not that either...uh...
Phill: You've fallen to bits since you lost Preston.

Simon: [Reading an intro] "Call me, call me anytime..."?
Phill: Your call may be recorded for staff training purposes.

[Simon gives Fyfe the lever arch file]
Fyfe: It's not the best comedy prop, really, is it?
Simon: Oh, I dunno, it's got two good laughs.
Bill: It's still here...

[Simon hugs Preston's fill-in]
Simon: Thank God for you!!


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Nicholas Hoult, Midge Ure, Romeo Stodart, Russell Howard

Simon: Oooohhh, Vienna! And being Scottish it really does mean nothing to me! Phil's first guest is legendary Band Aid co-creator and former Ultravox frontman Midge Ure. Midge is also known for being the best mate of Sir Bob Geldof... and for his cheeky catchphrase "Where's my sodding knighthood?"

[Following from last show where Preston walked out]
Simon: I mean, I don't want to go on about it...but if people start turning their backs on comedy and walking off panel shows...then the terrorists have won.

[About a Billy Idol video]
Bill: There's a fantastic shot of a toaster that seems,'s actually, it's the very rare, the genie of the toaster. It's uh, rub it three times: "I am the genie of the toaster! You have three wishes...providing they are of a...toast...based...nature..."...

Bill: Can I just ask...They get a serious question about politics, we get "Who pissed themselves?". "Who weed?", "Who weed, Bill. You simpleton from the woods. With your simple friends that you collected in a glade out in the woods"...They get, "Oh, who lobbied the government blah blah", a serious question for the proper people who've done charity and are all proper, but the monkey boys over here get "Who weed!". You snotty nosed, public school boy...
Simon: All right, what do you think we should do about nuclear waste?
Bill: I dunno, I don't care.

Simon: When I was younger, we didn't have to have drugs..
Russell: You had Ferrero Rocher didn't you?

[About Simon]
Russell: [In a posh voice] Hey lads, take your snuff, let's stay up till nine. You should ride to the studio on a swan next week.
Simon: I bloody would if the asylum seekers hadn't eaten them all.

Simon: Didn't Bob take all the credit?
Midge: Bob is...Bob is like a death eater from Harry Potter.

Simon: That's what tonight is all about...having a wonderful time.
Bill: Yeah, let's not be negative.
Simon: I like everything...Do...D'you know everything? Well, I like it...You know all books? I like them all!

[About Bill and Romeo]
Russell: That was lovely. That was like two really jolly farmers singing at me ... Like you've just grown some excellent marrows and you're like, [He puts on a Cornish accent] "Let's turn up 'round Howard's house and sing him a little ditty...". [He pretends to open a door] You all right, lads?
Bill: Hello there!
Russell: [Holding pretend vegetables] Look at the size of them buggers!

[Following Preston storming off last episode]
[Talking about Sade]
Simon: In 1995, Sade performed at Live Aid, and said that afterward, she didn't get to meet any of the stars...she just sat in the green room with Midge Ure.
[Midge looks pissed off]
Simon: Stay where you are, Midge!
Midge: Wanker.
Simon: Yeah...good point.

[Trying to help Nick guess a band]
Midge: It's a youthful combo.
Nick: Youthful Combo..?
Simon: From Liverpool.
[Nick looks blank]
Midge: With a saxophone.
Phill: Called The Zutons.

Simon: How old are you, Nick?
Nick: Seventeen.
Simon: Seventeen, wow. You're really ruining my "I'm the young guy" thing here. Normally I get away with being the young person, being under thirty-five and able to name the Sugababes. Tonight I feel that Phill has seen what a real young person is and is going to stop loving me...I feel like Rudy from the Cosby show when she got old and grew a mustache.

[Following Preston storming off last episode]
Simon: I do not want you to worry about this, Nicholas Hoult. This does not affect anything in your life. We are just having fun.
Nick: I just want to go home...
Simon: Don't you move!

[Reminiscing about being a child]
Russell: Doing that and writing "boobless" on your calculator...great days
Bill: Yeah, saving your scabs in a little matchbox...ah, posting them to your pen pal...
Russell: Ha! Pasting them to your pen pal..."Dear, dear Gunther...I thought you'd enjoy these!"
Bill: "Ici, mon scabs!"
Russell: [Putting on a drawling accent] "Dear Bill, thank you for your time a pube or two...Yours, Renoir...mmmmmmmmmmmm."
Bill: "Chèr Renoir, I am terminating this's gone a bit weird."

[Talking about the line-ups costume]
Phill: Why's it like sunglasses, skiing, sunglasses, sunglasses, the MOON!

Phill: You see, this is the seat that Preston left, this is the seat that Lemmy left the show, admittedly at the re-takes... we should just call it the 'Ejector seat'
Simon: [Thoughtfully] We should maybe get some sort of seatbelt...

[Talking about Midge's daughter's band, after getting at Midge because Bob Geldof got all the credit]
Simon: The Faders were a female Busted. Very good, I interviewed them, I enjoyed them very much. Didn't do too well, shame.
Midge: There's something about you and interviewing.
Simon: Meanwhile, Peaches Geldof...pretty big news...

Simon: Thank you all for staying to the end...and as a reward, everyone gets a lolly!


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey, Phill Jupitus
With guests Jonas Armstrong, Nick Hodgson, Sinitta, Dom Joly

[Discussing Five]
Simon: I think E17 were a bit like car thieves...I think Five could have killed.

Jonas: They only way you could injure yourself with peanut butter is if you were wanking with it.
Phill: Yeah, but only if you use crunchy....
Jonas: I've tried both and believe me, it happens with both.
Simon: What are you talking about, Robin Hood?
Phill: I actually like it with jam...peanut butter, not wanking.
Jonas: Out in the forest we didn't have peanut butter so we used, like, rabbit skin...
Phill: Is this a more adult Robin Hood?
Bill: Robin of Hollyoaks...after dark.
Simon: "Where's Friar Tuck?", "He's screwing a tree."

[Guessing a song]
Jonas: Is it Northern?
Phill: ooh?
Jonas: It is...Stone Roses, "Sally Cinnamon"
Nick: Ahh...
Jonas: "Shes a Waterfall"!! Waterfall, Waterfall!
Simon: Jonas, I would have given you a point...but you were a bit smug about it.
Jonas: I wasn't smug!
Simon: "I know it. It's Northern, The Stone Roses, with blah blah WRONG!"

[Guessing another song]
Nick: [Singing] I wonder why...
Jonas: I wonder why!
Simon: I will not stand for cheating!
Jonas: That's it, isn't it?
Simon: I can not give you this point, Jonas.
Joans: Why not?!
Simon: Because you stole it!
Jonas: You said I could have another go, so I did!
Simon: You had another go and then he, [points to Nick] he spoke with his mouth!

Jonas: I swear to God, I didn't even look at him...
Simon: You are a liar and a thief.
Dom: Easy, Robin, leave it. Leave it...
Bill: Not so merry now, are you!?

Sinitta: I love Kate, but I'd love her job.
Simon: Hmmm.
Sinitta: Why don't you like her?
Simon: She doesn't appear to be human.

Phill: I sit here, Simon, week after week, being your quiz whore...
Simon: Yes.

[After Rik Waller from the line up swaps places with Phill]
Nick: There's no answer anymore...
Simon: To be honest-
Nick: What shall I do? What shall I do?
Simon: I'm very confused. There is no doubt about it that that [He looks at Rik sitting in Phill's place] is Rik Waller... Yet we have a line up of people...
Phill: When you say will he step forward, he can't 'cause he's not here. It's a conundrum, Simon.
Simon: Why didn't I spend more time at presenting school?! What are we going to do...quick, Sinitta, stand on a ball!!

Simon: How does you theme go?
Jonas: It hasn't got lyrics...
Phill: "He's the bitch of Sherwood forest! He's gonna bust an arrow in your arse!"

Simon: Correct. Bryan Adams from the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves film...
Jonas: Yeah, yeah...
Simon: ...with the irreplaceable Kevin Costner.

Simon: [Reading an intro] "Lights going out, a kick in the balls..."?
Dom: "That's entertainment".
Simon: Correct. That's Entertainment by The Jam. That's not entertainment...standing on a ball, that's entertainment.


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey and Phill Jupitus
With guests Bonnie Tyler, Mel C, Adam Buxton, Krishnan Guru-Murthy

[After watching a video]
Simon: That was Babyshambles with "Fuck Forever". I find that suggestion obscene and impractical.

[About Pete Doherty]
Mel C: Have you seen his fingernails? Would you ever let those fingernails anywhere near you? They're dirty.
Simon: But you could clean his fingernails and then use them...

[About his experience with drugs]
Adam: Mushrooms, jesus, yeah, I did some mushrooms, can I just tell you? 'Cause, uh, no one told me what kind of dose you're supposed to take. You know, because I fell into the bad crowd at university. Don't go to university, kids. It's a disaster. And uh, they said, like, "Let's do some mushies!". I said, "I don't want to do too many, because drugs frighten me. I don't want to get off my head completely, I just want to get a bit giggly". They said "All right, just want to get a bit giggly...take a hundred". So I had a hundred fucking mushrooms...and so, went to Mars, you know. And that was the night that my scrotum shriveled up to the size of a pea. I had to spend the rest of the week just, like, looking at photographs of myself, my friends and family to try and remember who I fucking was. Nightmare. Don't ever, ever do it!

Bonnie: How many Nellies does it take to change a nightbulb?
Bill: A nightbulb?
Bonnie: A lightbulb. I'd like you know, Simon! How many Nellies does it take to change a lightbulb?
Bill: I don't know! I don't know, Bonnie. How many Nellies-
Bonnie: How many Manchester United players does it change a lightbulb?
Bill: I don't know... How many Manchester United players does it take to change a lightbulb?
Bonnie: Two. One from the team, the one from the...uh...the guy who goes to fetch the other one in red...
[Bill looks bewildered]
Simon: Should we pump your stomach? I don't know what to do.

Bill: [To Krishnan] How do you stand with all the channel four, the whole business, you know, the terrible, you know-
Simon: Bill, it's six weeks ago.
Bill: What?
Simon: The racism.
Bill: Six weeks ago?!
Simon: This is going out in six weeks.
Bill: Don't, don't say that!
Simon: What?
Bill: Don't say it's six weeks ago when it's now, man. You're fucking up with my head! It's now in my head!
Simon: I just don't want you to waste-
Bill: Oh, so let's talk about things that might happen in the future!! Blimey, them new hover trousers are great, aren't they? Bonnie, how's the new perfume range?
Bonnie: Nobody's asked me to launch one...
Bill: They have, 'cause it's in the FUTURE!! He said it was the future!! The Time Lord! Yes, Bonnie's perfume is going very well, thank you, Simon. Now let's carry on as if nothing happened, nobody's any the wiser!!

Simon: Do you put condoms on a man when you have intercourse?
Mel C: Do you?
[audience laughs]
Simon: ...we just cuddle.

Simon: Khrishnan, what do you think we should do about hunger?
Khrishnan: Feed people.

Simon: [Reading off the auto-cue]...She's not the only one promoting...I'll start again. There was a cough there, a cough!! How can I do this when there's coughing!?! [To Krishnan] Do you ever have coughing in the Channel 4 studio?
Krishnan: We don't have an audience.
Simon: Don't have an audience? That's a bloody good idea.

Simon: I don't want to upset Bonnie...
Mel C: But you don't mind upsetting me?
Simon: Ah, no, because you're not a drunk...anything could happen.
Bonnie: My big sister will come here and tell you off.
Simon: What does she drink?

Simon: Now with the weather, here's Bonnie.
Bonnie: What?
Bonnie: Over here, [She points at Bill's chest] it's going to be very warm...and down here, [She points to Bill's groin] it's going to be ice cold. Up here, [She points to Bill's head] there's been a lot of wind...

Simon: [Reading an intro] "Turn around..."?
Bonnie: Bright eyes.
Simon: Not what I've got here.
Bonnie: Oh. Every now and then I get a little bit lonely when I dream of something wild.
Simon: No.
Bonnie: Every now and then I fall apart.
Simon: No.
Bonnie: Every now and then I get a little bit terrified and then I see the look in your eyes.
Simon: ...Correct. Okay, next one..."Turn around..."?

Series 21


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey and Phill Jupitus
With guests Joel Pott, Kimberly Stewart, Jessica Hynes, Lethal Bizzle

Simon: Are we supposed to like Kate Nash? I haven't done this show for so long, I've forgotten who we're supposed to hate... I like her... is she on Facebook?
Joel: She must be.
Phill: Let's poke her and find out.
Bill: She's on, err, all of those... mybibble and, and bobble and swizzle and bizzle, what they called? She's on one of them.
Phill: She's been on Bizzle?
Lethal: Who's that?
Bill: Are you on Myspace? Are you Myspaced up?
Lethal: Yeah I'm on Myface.
Bill: My... Myface?
Lethal: Myspace
Phill: Is Kate Nash on your face or not? I need to know?

Simon: Nash said that one of her one hundred and nine thousand friends on Myspace said he wanted to put a bomb up my cunt.
Simon: You may laugh, but the metropolitan police had to evacuate the area... and it was six hours before normal service was resumed.

Simon: Is your marriage in trouble?
Jessica: Oh, Simon.
Simon: Is it alright? Is it okay?
Jessica: Would you be interested if I said it was?
Simon: Yeah, let's talk about it.
Jessica: I've got a lot of feelings for you... basically. I kinda wanna wrestle you and kiss you at the same time.
Simon: We could do that.
Jessica: Do many people say that to you? I bet they do.
Simon: There's a nice area in front of the desk...
Jessica: Do you want to wrestle?
Simon: Have a bit of a wrestle.
Jessica: Okay, come on.
[They begin to hesitantly wrestle. Simon grabs Jessica's waist and tries to lift her over his shoulder, Jessica pushes him on the floor and grabs his foot before pinning him down. They return to their seats]
Simon: What that was good for was like a 'best of' package.

[Jessica guesses an intro correctly]
Simon: She's so smug isn't she Kimberly? Very smug. What a bitch. What a bitch that Jessica Hynes is... comes here, with her career.

Simon: George Bush claims that he has 'My Sharona' on his iPod, but mainly to drown out the screams of thousands of dead Iraqi children.
[Simon put up a picture of a field of flowers with kittens as a way of claiming that the show is only a quiz and shouldn't be taken seriously]
Phill: You're gonna need a bigger kitten.

Simon: All there silly jokes that we doing about, oh, you should get a job, I mean... why should you have a job! It's ridiculous!
Kimberly: Oh, stupid me, getting a job!
Simon: I mean, what do they want you to do?
Kimberly: I don't know!
Simon: Achieve something?!? Bastards!
Kimberly: It's just so stupid!
Simon: Not everyone can do what you do. You have a, eh, individual talent... when did you first realize that you had what it took to be Rod Stewart's daughter?

[About the line up]
Jessica: [not taking her eyes off him] Number four... uh, I'm concerned for... because he has a haunted look that... is chilling me to the bone...

Simon: And after all that... oh, it's a tie, rendering this whole thing completely pointless!


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey and Phill Jupitus
With guests Vic Reeves, Mark Ronson, Matt Bowman, Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass: [reading from cue card] Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine has been linked to Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan.
Simon: [looking though a window in the style of Hear'Say It's Saturday ] So's Hepatitis C, but it doesn't go on about it!
[Simon closes the window, only to reopen it]
Simon: Erm, for legal reasons I should point out that neither Britney nor Lindsay have Hepatitis C.

Simon: [reading from cue card] He's not sure what he should... he's not what... what is it? He's not sure what he should do...
Matt Bowman: It's English, Simon, just read it!


With regulars Simon Amstell, Bill Bailey and Phill Jupitus
With guests Chris O'Dowd, Joe Goddard, Dev Hynes, James Nesbitt

[After watching 50cent's video clip]

Phill: Why do they always have to sit on their cars?
Chris: I just wish there's more of a uh kind of a modest rapper who'd be leaning up against a Smart Car.

[After teasing Chris O'Dowd about proposing his girlfriend live on tv show]

Chris: Have you met my girlfriend?
Simon: Is she nice?
Chris: You would remember her.
Simon: Oh really? Is she quite a looker?
Bill: She's..18-foot..high..
Chris: She's got these crazy eyes.
Phill: 9 of 'em.
Chris: Oh this is the right time to ask.

[About Billy Bragg]

Bill: Doesn't he, Billy Bragg, doing some jail charity at the moment or something?
Simon: Guitars for people in jail.
Bill: Musical instruments..-
Phill: Banjos for paedos.
Bill: Yeah that's it. Bongos for psychos! We do a homeless one as well; AMPS for tramps!

[About James Nesbitt Murphy's Law scene where he cuts a child's hair badly & had to look for a hairdresser in the Yellow Pages]

Simon: Y'know with the environment and everything.. maybe it seems like a waste of paper and people should just use the internet. Seems like the only person who's benefitting out the Yellow Pages is you, James Nesbitt. And possibly Geoff Capes at his dinner parties. [acts as if he's ripping the Yellow Pages]


Simon: Anyway, we're not just gonna go on about the Yellow Pages. I apologize.
James: They're still very very good to me.
Simon: I still use one, I've got one.
James: You still use the Yellow Pages?
Chris: Yeah I sit on it 'cos I'm abit short.[pulls out the Yellow Pages] I find it very useful.

[About Billy Bragg & The Manic Street Preachers]

Simon: They had a fight in Glastonbury, what happened?
James: Well issit they' that they're both renowned...ah...sort of socialistic...ah....they the-..ah...did Billy Bragg....
Simon: James. I don't mean to be rude..if there's anyway that you could talk abit quicker. I mean it's good in gritty dramas.
James: Sorry. Well issit that Billy Bragg is well-known..ah....aaah....aah.... [on purpose]
Simon: [pretends to be on the phone] I...need...a..hairdresser...I've cut..a child's...[looks at James and drops the Yellow Pages] We're not just gonna go on. Sorry, we're not just go on about the Yellow Pages.

Series 22


With regulars Simon Amstell and Phill Jupitus
With guests Mark Ronson (Guest captain), Adele, Tim Minchin, Jamie Reynolds, Ralf Little.

[Simon talking to Jamie Reynolds]

Simon: I'm a big fan of The Klaxons,of course.
Jamie: Thank you very much.
Simon: There's you, you're Jamie from The Klaxons.
Jamie: I'm Jamie, yes.
Simon: There's also James from The Klaxons.
Jamie: Yes. He's better-looking than me isn't he?
Simon: Quite hot, hot.
Jamie: I know. [whispers] That's why I got him in. [laughs]


Simon: Do you um.. do people ever get confused & booked you, for a tv show, thinking it's him?

[Louder laughter & applause from the audience]

Jamie: Now.. [waits for audience to stop] I don't mean to be funny but I think it happens for us whether or not I'm sitting quite close to this man here [points at Phil]
Phil: No, I wanted the big,lumpy one. [points at Jamie]

[About Kylie Minogue's dramatic delay at her Brighton gig in 2007 question]

Mark: And then what was this.. what was C?
Simon: C is uh.. organizers couldn't find a good spoon for her soup.
Mark: ..spoon for her soup.. and then what was the question?

[About Kylie Minogue]

Tim: Does anyone know her? Has anyone met her? [looks at Mark Ronson] You're a rockstar.. Or whatever.


With regulars Simon Amstell and Phill Jupitus
With guests Stephen Fry (Guest captain), Dominic Cooper, Frankie Sandford, Josie Long and Matt Shultz.

[Simon talks about Dominic Cooper during the Singing Intros round]

Simon: He's got sex in his eyes but has he got song titles in his mouth?

Frankie: I feel like I'm at school today, I've learned alot of knowledge.
Simon: Well then, it's about time.

(During the Next Lines round)

Simon: (After Frankie incorrectly answered her own lyrics) "You think I'm crazy, I'm not I'm your baby", dance dance dance, money money money! [Puts down the card] Mamma Mia.
Dominic: Here I go again.
Simon: No, I was looking for "Does it show again?". Mamma Mia.
Phill: Does it show again?
Simon: No, it was "Now I really know." Mamma Mia.
Phill: Here I go again?
Simon: No, it was "Even if I say". Mamma Mia.
Phill: Here I go again?
Simon: No, it was "Does it show again?" again.


With regulars Simon Amstell and Phill Jupitus
With guests Bob Mortimer (Guest captain, Kelly Rowland, Jack Osbourne, Nick Grimshaw and David O'Doherty.

[After watching Mariah Carey's 'Touch My Body' Video with pixilation around Mariah's body]

Phill: [to Kelly] What do you think it is then?
Nick: I'm hoping it's horrific burns.

[Simon talks to Kelly]

Simon: My favourite member of the Destiny's Child, of course.
Kelly: Well thank you very much.
Simon: No problem. I thought you'd maybe defend the others but you're just sort of..
Kelly: No, I like to be the favourite! Why not?
Simon: Yeah, I don't want to put down the other two.
Kelly: No, I love them to death.
Simon: I love Michelle and the other one.. I love 'em.

[After Nick Grimshaw telling who he gets confused with as a another man]

David: Do you know who I get confused with? Someone said this to me recently; "You look like Alf." He was a Jewish alien from the 1980's who used to eat cats.

[Phill & Kelly stands up for the Singing Intros round]

Simon: My goodness, you're looking very.. very nipply, Kelly.


Simon: Nothing wrong with nipples! Stop judging the nipples!

[Phill & Kelly sings the next song]

Simon: [exhales] Oh god, this is boring.
Kelly: IT IS A SONG, NO ONE KNOWS. [about Nick] He doesn't know it! [To Phill] Did you know it?
Phill: [prentends to be a black woman] Naw I din't! I'm with herr! You come on here with yo jive-ass ssongs.. Woo!

[Kelly & audience laughs]

[During the What Person Goes With What Thing? round]

Simon: Your stars are; Meatloaf. Who's uh.. wig didn't come today.

[When Kelly finds it odd that one of the 'stars' collect bears]

Kelly: Get outta here! Bears??
Simon: People collect bears. Why are you saying Bears? rather than Legs??


With regulars Simon Amstell and Phill Jupitus
With guests Johnny Vegas (Guest captain), Harry Judd, Kate Jackson, Danny Dyer and Rhys Darby.

Simon: There is bad news. The ratings are not as high as we would like them to be, it's pretty serious, the team and I have had a long chat about it, and you know what? We're not going to pull any contrived, attention-grabbing stunts to boost the ratings tonight. No! We are sticking to the same award-winning quiz format that we all know and love. Right people? [Audience replies, "Yeah!"] OK. By the way, Phill, did you move that leaking gas canister away from the naked flame under your desk?
Phill: No, but I'm sure it'll be alright Simon.
Simon: Good, OK, I'm sure it won't go off, not when the cameras are rolling.

[During the intros round]

Simon: By the way, Phill, want happened to the Eastern Europian Loansharks you were having trouble with? Are they still on your back?
Phill: Oh no, they're all sorted out Simon, they shouldn't be any trouble at all.
Simon: Oh good good. I'm sure they won't bother you any time soon, certainly not during a televised show record.
Phill: I imagine not.

[During "Hello, is it me you're looking for?"]

Simon: I just thought Phill. Did anyone ... um ... sort out that massive anvil hanging above your head?
Phill: Actually they didn't, no, which seems a bit foolish because it is now hanging by one thread...
Simon: Oh. But it's been up there for all these years, it's not going to fall down now, not in the middle of this show.
Phill: It wouldn't fall down, no.

Simon: This has been Never Mind the Buzzcocks and do join us -

[Simon is interupted with an "Oi! Phill! Where's our money!" Two men carrying bats walk across the studio. The anvil falls down and the gas explodes.]

Simon: Oh no! [Runs across to Phill, who is lying on the floor unconcious] Phill! Phill! Don't leave Phill! [Looks up to the ceiling] WHY?

[End credits roll]

Simon: [voiceover] Well, after the triple drama of the Eastern Europian Loansharks, gas explosion and falling anvil, will Phill survive? Tune in to Never Mind the Buzzcocks next week at 9pm on BBC2 to find out. Oh, go on. Please!


With regulars Simon Amstell and Phill Jupitus
With guests Davina McCall (Guest captain), Kelly Jones, Mitch Hewer and Alesha Dixon.

[During Next Lines round]

Simon: Does he wash up?
Alesha: Never wash up.
Simon: Correct. Alesha Dixon, "The Boy Does Nothing". Does he clean up?
Alesha: No, he never cleans up.
Simon: Correct. Alesha Dixon, "The Boy Does Nothing". Does he brush up?
Alesha: Never brushed up.
Simon: Correct. Alesha Dixon, "The Boy Does Nothing".

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