Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist is a 2008 film based upon the book of the same name by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan.


  • I'm taking a mental health day
  • I charged a little extra for the clean up
  • You ever heard of the blow doesn't work on me


  • You know how some people like to eat in the same places... well Caroline like to puke in the same places...


  • You asshole!! (directed at Nick) I had to walk back all by myself...(Gary tries to say something)Shut up Gary!!!


  • I found Jesus... He's taller in real life
  • Hey Alter Boy where are your pants... the alter boy isn't wearing any pants Norah
  • ... It's no big deal... (after dropping and retrieving her gum and phone from a toilet she has just puked in)
  • Just take the gum Norah
  • Look Norah I'm being carried
  • Norah always makes me a turkey sandwich.... (gasp) Is that a turkey sandwich?


  • Did she just.... Norah can you take care of this (after recieving a bill to pay off his bar tab)


Drunk Guy: I love you so much it's retarded


Tris: do you guys know each other?
Norah: We uh go to the same dentist
Nick: Yeah he's good...

Norah: What do you see in her? I could floss with that girl
Nick: You don't have to yell this isn't a train's a tiny car

Homeless Guy: Have you ever been with a dog?
Nick: What like a pet?
Homeless Guy: Don't do's not worth it..
Nick: I'm gonna run away now..

Drunk Guy: Are you off duty?
Nick: This is not a cab
Drunk Guy: ARE YOU OFF DUTY?!?!
Nick: This is not a cab my friend I promise you

Store Owner: (Stabbing puked on ice with and icepick) No no more! Oh...your friend she just take me an hour to pick this out last time...

Norah: Your hair is really soft
Nick: Yeah I asked for the Ellen Degeneres hair cut

Norah: I mean how am I supposed to know right (talking about having and orgasm)
Random Guy: Oh believe me (nodding)'d know
Thom: It's not about sex, and drugs... see, the beatles had it all figured out.
Nick: What are you talking about?
Thom: I want to hold your hand... (Grabs Nick's hand)

(Lesbian couple passes by and holds up ther holding hands) (Nick takes back his hand)

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