Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island

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Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island is a Nicktoons Unite! sequel. The Wise Old Crab summons The Nicktoons to Volcano Island to fight the Mawgu. The game features Danny Phantom, SpongeBob SquarePants, Sam Manson, Sandy Cheeks, Patrick Star and Timmy Turner (with Cosmo & Wanda). It also features Tucker Foley, Squidward Tentacles and Jimmy Neutron but they're unplayable characters.

PlayStation 2 and GameCube


  • Dialogue #1

Crabs: Hoo! Ha! Hoo! Ha! Hoo! Ha!
The Wise Old Crab: We can wait no longer. It is time. Only the Nine can save us from the evil of... the Mawgu.
Mawgu: Fools ! You cannot stop me! This world... is mine!
The Wise Old Crab: Not... yet! It isn't...
(lightning strikes)
Crab #1: He has broken the circle. The heroes will be lost.
The Wise Old Crab: Not lost, just scattered... and not all of them. Look!
(Danny and SpongeBob fall from the sky)
SpongeBob: Hey, this doesn't look like Bikini Bottom.
Danny: SpongeBob? Where are we?
The Wise Old Crab: Far from home, Ghost Boy.
Danny & SpongeBob: Aaaah.
The Wise Old Crab: I have summoned you here for a purpose.
Crabs: Hoo!
The Wise Old Crab: Our ancient enemy, The Mawgu, has escaped from his prison and seeks vengeance. He has created the terrible ooze that corrupts everything it touches. But the legends of our people sais that only you, the chosen ones, can save us.
Crabs: Ha!
SpongeBob: But how do we save you?
The Wise Old Crab: You will know, absorbent yellow one, you will know. But first, you must find all of your friends, united, you will try'em.
Crabs: Hoo-Ha!
The Wise Old Crab: Please, stop that. Now, follow me and I will take you to a safe place where you can camp.

  • Dialogue #2

Danny: How does he do that?
SpongeBob: Ohh, it's a crab thing.

  • Dialogue #3

Danny: Hey, look at all this stuff.
SpongeBob: How can that be? Right, Danny?

  • Dialogue #4

Danny: Look out! One of bad birds!

  • Dialogue #5

Danny: Peak to trees, break the shells. Go figure.

  • Dialogue #6

SpongeBob: Look at that!
Danny: It came out from that storm above the volcano.

  • Dialogue #7

Danny: Whoa! Hey, it's the Fenton Ghost Assault Vehicle. Darn! It's locked.

  • Dialogue #8

SpongeBob: Look! That's Plankton's big robot thingy. Oh, I'm sure he'd need a new one.
Danny: He sure did.

  • Dialogue #9

SpongeBob: Did you see all that stuff faced there. Do you think I saw the crab that want us to take it back?

  • Dialogue #10

Danny: Hey, what's that up ahead?
SpongeBob: It looks like... Patrick! What are you doing here?
Patrick: Jumping, SpongeBob. Jumping!
SpongeBob: Patrick, we're the chosen ones and we're on the mission to save the world.
Patrick: Hooray!
SpongeBob: Umm, Patrick, are you coming with us?
Patrick: Oh, okay.

  • Dialogue #11

Danny: We have to time this carefully.

  • Dialogue #12

Danny: This place is a total shipwreck.

  • Dialogue #13

Danny: This floor is whole cracked. Maybe if we break it.

  • Dialogue #14

Patrick: Maybe we can knock it over.
Danny: Yeah!

  • Dialogue #15

Danny: This ship looks like it's picked off the bottom of the sea.
SpongeBob: And twisted like a candy wrapper.

  • Dialogue #16

Danny: If we can make that pipe fall into the water, I bet we can get across. Oh, sweet!

  • Dialogue #17

SpongeBob: Yikes! The little sand monster has a big brother!

  • Dialogue #18

SpongeBob: How do we get across?
Danny: If we can knock that sheer down, we can use it as a bridge.

  • Dialogue #19

Tucker: Hey, dude! I have got in trouble.
Danny: Tucker! What are you doing here?
Tucker: I'm being attacked by oversized TV dinner!
Danny: Don't worry about it. We'll get you out of here.

  • Dialogue #20

SpongeBob: We're the chosen ones.
Tucker: Right.

  • Dialogue #21

The Wise Old Crab: Let's hit cracking. No time to lose.

  • Dialogue #22

The Wise Old Crab: The prophecy says the 'Night Girl' and the 'Whiny Cephalopod' will be covered by sand, if you find them quickly.
Tucker: While you're there, look for some stuff we can use to build the camp.

  • Dialogue #23

(we see Sam gets attacked by sand monsters but she defeates them with Fenton Peeler)
Sam: Rats. Energy cells on reserve. I'll have to find another one to power up the suit again.
Danny: Sam!
Sam: Danny! Oh, I'm so glad that you're here.
Danny: Where did you find the Fenton Peeler?
Sam: I was helping your mom make some adjustments to it, when boom! I got here on this weird island being attacked by sand monsters.
Danny: We gotta find some whiny guy and save the world again. Come on!
Sam: I heard a weird noise on the far side of the lagoon. We should check it out.

  • Dialogue #24

Danny: This looks like a part of Timmy's Fairy World simulation.

  • Dialogue #25

Sam: We can fly here!

  • Dialogue #26

Danny: Hmm, it's cool and wild.
Sam: Is it got a nice thing to say?

  • Dialogue #27

Sam: Look! More shells!
Patrick: More jumping! Hooray!

  • Dialogue #28

Danny: Love ship? I think I saw it in the theater.

  • Dialogue #29

Sam: Sand monsters incoming!

  • Dialogue #30

SpongeBob: This is a big old tree.

  • Dialogue #31

Sam: Another sand monster! And it is huge!

  • Dialogue #32

Tucker: Hey, guys! Check out the airs! There could be some cool.

  • Dialogue #33

SpongeBob: Do we take the high road, or the low road?
Patrick: We can take both!

  • Dialogue #34

(we hear clarinet)
SpongeBob: That sounds like...
Patrick: It wasn't me.
SpongeBob: Squidward !
(he picks Squidward of the sand)
Squidward: Oh, great. Rescued by SpongeBob.
(Patrick farts)

  • Dialogue #35

The Wise Old Crab: I know where to find one of your friends. There's no time to waste.

  • Dialogue #36

The Wise Old Crab: The prophecy says the 'Three-Headed Boy' will be found with the tribe of crabs. Go quickly! Your friend may be in great danger.
Squidward: And while you're there, look for something to eat. I'm starving!

  • Dialogue #37

Danny: We've gotta look for something that will fool somehow the crab soldiers.
SpongeBob: Those crab guys always are friendly. This'll be fun.

  • Dialogue #38

SpongeBob: That river is too wide. Maybe we can knock down that old tree.

  • Dialogue #39

Patrick: Look, froggies!
Sam: Don't come to them. These spit. It's gross.

  • Dialogue #40

Danny: Where all these suitcases are coming from?
Sam: It's the suitcase dimension, obviously.

  • Dialogue #41

Patrick: Turtle party!
SpongeBob: Keep going, Patrick.

  • Dialogue #42

SpongeBob: Look, friendly crabs!
Crab Soldier: Look, the desperators are chanting up there and I'm here freaking like a (...). That makes me cool down.

  • Dialogue #43

Sam: Watch out! More crabs to go!

  • Dialogue #44

Danny: Let's smash shells with these soldiers.

  • Dialogue #45

Crab Soldier: Aw, beetle. Guarding is really boring.

  • Dialogue #46

Danny: Keep your fish here and stow.

  • Dialogue #47

Danny: Goin' up!

  • Dialogue #48

SpongeBob: Hmm, looks like more climbing.

  • Dialogue #49

Crab Soldier: Why am I off to guard here?

  • Dialogue #50

Danny: I'm going ghost!

  • Dialogue #51

Patrick: Looks like more jumping.
SpongeBob: I think (...).

  • Dialogue #52

Crab Soldier: One, two, three, four! One, two, three, four! One, two, three, four!
Cosmo: One, two, three, four! One, two, three, four! One, two, three, four! One, two, three, four! Do it with me. Do it with boy.
Crab Soldiers: We are crabby, we are big. We are crabby, we are big.
Cosmo: Marching is fun!
Timmy: They are sure enjoying it.
Wanda: And band music.
Timmy: But we need plan. We've got to get outta here.
SpongeBob: Look, it's Timmy Turner!
Danny: We better give him a plan. Those crabs locked him and guard.

  • Dialogue #53

Tucker: You can't jump there.

  • Dialogue #54

Timmy: Guys, get through that lane. It's the way out!

  • Dialogue #55

SpongeBob: Whee! This is the best fun ever. Except Mawgu's monsters.

  • Dialogue #56

Danny: Come on! Let's go!

  • Dialogue #57

Timmy: Hey, this is just like that TV show about those guys who were lost! What was that called?

  • Dialogue #58

SpongeBob: Uh-oh! More nasty crabs!

  • Dialogue #59

Timmy: I wish... I wish those crabs were freeze.
Cosmo: Done and gone, Timmy.
Timmy: Guys! I found this in the crabs' fort. The Jimmy Neutron Communicator.
Danny: That's great. Maybe Jimmy can help us out.
Timmy: Sorry, batteries not included.
Cosmo: That's how they get ya, Timmy. That's how they get ya.
SpongeBob: Don't worry. With all this junk falling from this land maybe we can still find one.
Danny: You're right SpongeBob. Come on, let's get outta here.

  • Dialogue #60

Little Crab: My village is in danger!

  • Dialogue #61

Little Crab: Hey, everyone! Please, help us!
SpongeBob: What's wrong little crab?
Little Crab: A monster is attacking our village! The Wise Old Crab said that only you can help us.
Danny: We'll do what we can. Show us the way!

  • Dialogue #62

Crab #1: Hurry! It's the Great Carapace!
Crab #2: The curse comes alive!
Crab #3: It's destroying our home!
Crab #4: Run for us!
SpongeBob: It's like a huge sand monster... wearing a big wooden shell. Oh, no! The Wise Old Crab is in danger. To the rescue!

  • Dialogue #63

The Wise Old Crab: As was for told in legends. You did it! You have saved us! We will make you the honor members of our clan for all eternity.
Danny: Guys, look! That jewel can be battery for a communicator!
(cut to next scene)
Jimmy (in communicator): You're where?
Timmy: On the island in the other dimension fighting the monster that's going to destroy the universe!
Jimmy (in communicator): That would explain the strange readings I've been getting.
Timmy: Word!
Jimmy (in communicator): Absolutely! Your monster is cheesing a rip in time and space to steal energy from all of our worlds and keep it for himself! If this rip gets much longer, all of our homes will be destroyed!
Danny: If he's getting so powerful, how can we stop him?
Jimmy (in communicator): I'm sending Tucker the plans for a device that I just invented. The Neutron Rip-Zipper.
Tucker: Got'em!
Jimmy (in communicator): It will recover the energy the monster is stealing and send it back to rip in time and space. My quadro-reality vorcasting autoridem will indicate the partue meaning a scan of the (...) that's falling on the island. So all you have to do is find them and highly call watch engaging the rest of equipment. Any question?
(everyone looks at each other and raises his hand)
Jimmy (in communicator): Good. Now find those (...)!

  • Dialogue #64

The Wise Old Crab: Chosen ones! Only one more hero to find.

  • Dialogue #65

The Wise Old Crab: One of the heroes remains to be found, the 'Deep Sea Suirrel'. The legends say that you'll find her above the jewel trees. Go quickly before the enemy gets to her first!

  • Dialogue #66

Danny: Darn! It's a precipice. We can cross this way... if we knock down those pillars.

  • Dialogue #67

SpongeBob: Whee! Patrick would love this.

  • Dialogue #68

Timmy: The ooze from that little volcano is making troubles. It brings the green bugs from a volcano.
Tucker: Actually, they're fewer old.
Timmy: Ugh, whatever. Just bug those.

  • Dialogue #69

Danny: Watch out! Bugs!
SpongeBob: Who's coming here.

  • Dialogue #70

Sam: What is that walking wild hazard?
Danny: Something we can ride on. Come on!

  • Dialogue #71

Danny: (...) tree. We can jump it!

  • Dialogue #72

Timmy: Yoiks! How many of these monsters was it?

  • Dialogue #73

Danny: This air part is strong enough to carry us.

  • Dialogue #74

Timmy: Whoa! This place is really old.
Wanda: Not as old as Cosmo.
Cosmo: Huh?

  • Dialogue #75

Danny: Watch out. The Mawgu made a crystal.

  • Dialogue #76

Sam: Rock monsters! Look out!

  • Dialogue #77

Danny: This is like a puzzles.
SpongeBob: I love puzzles! Uh, I don't know where are we going.

  • Dialogue #78

Sandy: Hi-ya! Got you, rock pile!
SpongeBob: That smells like... (sniff, sniff) ...karate!

  • Dialogue #79

Sam: Monster avalanche!

  • Dialogue #80

SpongeBob: Hang on, Sandy! It's Kah-Rah-Tay!

  • Dialogue #81

Sandy: SpongeBob! Boy, am I glad to see you !
Tucker (in communicator): Guys! I think there's a Rip-Zipper thing hidden nearby.
Sandy: Look! It's behind that crystal wall.
SpongeBob: Not for long, it isn't.
SpongeBob & Sandy: Hiya!
(SpongeBob and Sandy break the crystal wall)

  • Dialogue #82

Sandy: So, what's going on ?
(Patrick falls on SpongeBob)
Patrick: Let me tell her! Well, it all started when I was jumping and jumping and jumping...
(many hours later)
Patrick: ...and jumping !
Sam: Actually, we were summoned here to defeat the evil monster and save the universe.
Sandy: My, you folks have been busy.

  • Dialogue #83

The Wise Old Crab: I need your help, chosen ones!

  • Dialogue #84

The Wise Old Crab: Chosen ones! The Queen of the Myrmec tribe has been kidnapped by the Florians and their mad king. They have taken their ooze mind. Please! Rescue her!

  • Dialogue #85

Patrick: This place is creepy-looking.
Sandy: Aww, don't worry, Patrick. You can (...).

  • Dialogue #86

SpongeBob: Hey! Look at this. It looks like candy filled hats.
Sandy: That is no candy filled hats!
Patrick: But my hat has candy!
Sandy: There's more over there. Looks like a trail.
Patrick: And it got candy!
SpongeBob: It's just like a holiday. But with monsters.

  • Dialogue #87

Sandy: It's nothin' I like more than a good round of Kah-Rah-Tay!

  • Dialogue #88

Danny: Careful! Guards up ahead!

  • Dialogue #89

Danny: It looks like some kind of (...).

  • Dialogue #90

Timmy (in communicator): Are those things (...)? What are the Florians doing?

  • Dialogue #91

Danny: This is some kind of mine up there.

  • Dialogue #92

Danny: This is the weirdest day I've passed since last week.

  • Dialogue #93

Jimmy (in communicator): Guys! That machine looks like a pressure chamber.
Sandy: Well, let's open it.

  • Dialogue #94

Sandy: It's nothin' I like more than something.

  • Dialogue #95

Danny: Mine in the goo's all right.
Sam (in communicator): They're destroying this environment. We have to stop them!

  • Dialogue #96

Patrick: Come on! Let's go!

  • Dialogue #97

Danny: The flying blades? (...)

  • Dialogue #98

Sandy: Hey, another pressure cooker. Let's make it open jaw.

  • Dialogue #99

Sandy: It's nothin' I like more than feeling smell.

  • Dialogue #100

Sandy: It's nothin' I like more than thinking what I like.

  • Dialogue #101

Danny: Guards!

  • Dialogue #102

Sandy: Hey, that dome is about to break. Let's give it some help.

  • Dialogue #103

SpongeBob: Shoes all shiny. Ready to go!

  • Dialogue #104

Florians: One of us. One of us. One of us. One of us.
Sergeant: New boss have give up. King Gorge trusted you so.
Queen of the Myrmecs: Don't you see, Sergeant? You have been affected by the Mawgu's ooze. Your mind posses only are doomed.
Sergeant: Aw, shut up. Soon we will loss. A loyal chieftain of the Mawgu.
Florians: One of us. One of us. One of us.
Danny: There she is. And it looks like we's running out of time. Let's move!
Patrick: One of us. One of... Huh? Oh, okay.

  • Dialogue #105

SpongeBob: Giant bug.
Patrick: She's pretty.

  • Dialogue #106

Queen of the Myrmecs: The chosen ones. All the legends are true. I should have believe Shelie all along.
Danny, Sam, SpongeBob and Sandy: Shelie?
(cut to next scene)
Jimmy (in communicator): Guys, there is an (...) not far away. We need that for the Rip-Zipper.
SpongeBob: Ah, it's over there ! Wow, it's beautiful.
(we see an espresso machine)
Danny: Dude, it's an espresso machine.
Jimmy (in communicator): That's what he said.
(cut to the next scene)
Queen of the Myrmecs: The King has build the dam to stop the river flowing through the Florious village. Now, they can only drink the ooze, which makes them slaves to the Mawgu.
Sam: This environment has a problem. How can we stop him?
Queen of the Myrmecs: You can distract the king long enough, my commandoes can destroy the dam. The river will flow again and the Florians will be free.
Sandy: Ya'll wanna help, quenie ? You've got it.
Queen of the Myrmecs: Thank you. When you are ready, come and talk to me.

  • Dialogue #107

Queen of the Myrmecs: When you are ready, come and talk to me.

  • Dialogue #108

Queen of the Myrmecs: Chosen ones! We are ready to leave. My commandoe bugs will carry you.

  • Dialogue #109

Sam: King Gorge, stop this madness, release the water and save your people.
King Gorge: Ha, these so called Chosen Ones. My master, the almighty Mawgu. The ooze from the volcano commands to all become one with the ooze. Submit!
Danny: No way! We're ending this now!
King Gorge: Not if I eat you first!

  • Dialogue #110

Queen of the Myrmecs: Great thanks, chosen ones! Thanks to you, our people will have peace once more.
King Gorge: Please, you must stop the Mawgu. He is the cause of all this evil. Perhaps this will help you.
(King Gorge gives the heroes a microwave)
Sandy: That's it! It's the last piece to finish the Rip-Zipper. Now we'll show that Mawgu who he's messing with.

  • Dialogue #111

Tucker: The Rip-Zipper is done, guys. We're all set.

  • Dialogue #112

Tucker: All we have to do now is turn up the Rip-Zipper. Jimmy said we should take it as close as we can hit it. And by "we", I mean "you, guys". And by "close", I mean "the top of the volcano".
Squidward: Oh, fabulant.

  • Dialogue #113

Tucker: We gotta find a way to the top. This seems to be a cave walking to the size of the volcano.

  • Dialogue #114

Sam: Yeah, check the color scheme, this is so goth.
Danny: Too bad about the occupant.

  • Dialogue #115

Tucker: Be careful, guys! This place is wall through wall booms.

  • Dialogue #116

Danny: Maybe we can knock down those stalactites.
SpongeBob: And those pointy rocks on the ceiling too.

  • Dialogue #117

Sam: It's like two ways we can go.

  • Dialogue #118

SpongeBob: Ooh, those crystals are pretty.

  • Dialogue #119

Sandy: Look at the size of this chamber. That bears a lot of fumes.

  • Dialogue #120

Tucker (in communicator): There's a beam under that rock.
Sandy: Then let's wump that out.

  • Dialogue #121

Tucker (in communicator): There's another boulder here. Glad you'd make it.

  • Dialogue #122

SpongeBob: Bahahaha. Oh, that's a prize from my uncle Sherm.
Danny: Like doing it all over again.

  • Dialogue #123

Sandy: We've got'em up and (...).

  • Dialogue #124

Danny: Maybe we can move on that riking gas.
Patrick (in communicator): I want to see!

  • Dialogue #125

Sam: Look out! There are the Mawgu's monsters!

  • Dialogue #126

SpongeBob: Looks like it's more time to climb!

  • Dialogue #127

Sam: How do you think the Mawgu build this? It's more like those ruins we found in the forest.

  • Dialogue #128

Tucker (in communicator): You're almost there, guys! Just a little more to walk.

  • Dialogue #129

Danny: This is it, guys! We fly up this chimney and we've made it!
Sandy: Yee-haw! Mawgu (...)

  • Dialogue #130

Danny: Okay, Tuck. All cleared in top. You guys can goin' up.
Tucker: You got all the monsters, right?
Danny: Well, most of them, I guess.
(The Mawgu appears)
The Mawgu: Chosen ones! Behold your doom. I choosed you... for destruction!
Patrick: Can he do that? I thought we have already chosed, chosen, choosen.

  • Dialogue #131

Jimmy (in communicator): Danny! If you guys can lure that monster into the rip, we can seal rip in the same time!
SpongeBob: But how do we get up there?
Sandy: Look at all that flying rubble. If we can jump it, we can ride him all the way up.
Patrick: More jumping, SpongeBob. More jumping!
Danny: Okay, splitting in three teams. Sandy, Sam, Timmy and Patrick, you go that way and wait for the Mawgu to get diverse. Tucker, you stay here at the switch. Squidward, SpongeBob, you go with me.
Squidward: Me?
Danny: Yes, you, Squidward. I have a plan.
Squidward: Well, that's a complement.

  • Dialogue #132

Timmy: Hey, you wiener! You don't look so scary from up here. You look like a toy monster.
The Mawgu: Not me! I'm the Mawgu! I'm not toy.
Danny: It appears that calling him a wiener is okay.
(the Mawgu flies up to Timmy, Sam, Patrick and Sandy)

  • Dialogue #133

SpongeBob: Watch out, Danny!
Danny: We gotta lure the Mawgu into the rip. Squidward! You gotta get yourself tied up to these poles as fast as you can!
Squidward: Other than going along with you? No problem!
(Squidward as a slingshot launches SpongeBob and Danny)
Danny: Hey, Mawgu! We as the chosen ones are here to stop all the kind of your evil into rip and nothing you could expect more from us.
The Mawgu: Fools! You have seen more doom!

  • Dialogue #134

(The Mawgu is trapped in the rip)
Danny: Now!
The Mawgu: This isn't over, chosen ones! Mwahahahaha!
(The rip along with the Mawgu disappears, cut to next scene)
Jimmy (in communicator): Okay, guys. I'm activating the portal now. Time to go home!
The Wise Old Crab: You see, absorbent yellow one. You've saved us all. Exactly as for told in legends.
SpongeBob: Wow! It's like do the (...) and have'em all along. Do you know what am I thinking right now?
The Wise Old Crab: Uhh, no.
Queen of the Myrmecs: Very well, chosen ones. And thank you. You are truly heroes.
Sandy: Aww, it's nothing.
SpongeBob: Goodbye, Shelie. I'm glad we could help.
Shelie: I can't believe they're all children.
Danny: Yeah! Put the adds of that.
(We see the sculpture heads of SpongeBob, Jimmy, Danny, Tucker, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Sam, Patrick, Sandy and Squidward)

GameBoy Advance


  • Dialogue #1

Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda, what's going on? I wish you would get me out of this!
Cosmo: I don't get it Timmy! My magic isn't working correctly. You remembered to renew our fairy godparent licenses, right Wanda?
Wanda: Something is interfering with our magic. What should we do?
Timmy: See if you can find the others. Maybe they can help me.
Cosmo: Don't go anywhere! We'll be back in no time... okay, maybe a little time!
Wanda: Where is he going to go? He's trapped, remember?
Cosmo: Right. I knew that... Let's go!
(cut to next scene)
Cosmo: SpongeBob, are we ever glad to see you! Timmy needs help and our magic... I mean our effort, isn't working!
Wanda: And we're usually so good at helping Timmy!
SpongeBob: Right, let's go!
Wanda: What a brave guy.
Cosmo: Absorbent too.

  • Dialogue #3

Danny: Heeeeeeeeeeeey! Is anyone there? I need help.
SpongeBob: That sounds like Danny. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS, TO THE RESCUE!!

  • Dialogue #4

Danny: Something's wrong, my ghost powers are really weak.
Cosmo: Hey, I know just how you feel... There's something fishy going on around here.
SpongeBob: Wait right there Danny. We'll search for a way to reach you.
Cosmo: Hey, we're supposed to be rescuing Timmy, remember?
Wanda: Oh relax. Timmy can wait a little longer.

  • Dialogue #5

Danny: Thanks guys! What now?
SpongeBob: Well, before we found you we were on our way to rescue Timmy.
Cosmo: Now that's more like it!
Danny: Okay, let's go.

  • Dialogue #6

Cosmo: You're stuck! We'll never get there at this rate!
Wanda: I know... we can help out!
Cosmo: Well, if it will help us rescue Timmy...

  • Dialogue #7

Cosmo: Whoa, who is that guy?
Wanda: Be careful, he looks... CRABBY!
Cosmo: Ha! I married a comedian...
The Wise Old Crab: It is I who have summoned you to Volcano Island. A terrible fate has befallen us, and, as prophesized, only you can save us.
Danny: You need to work on those magic powers of yours. You scattered us all over the Island!
The Wise Old Crab: Yes errrrrrr, sorry about that. I summoned you chosen few here to fulfill the ancient prophecy. You must rescue this once peaceful island from evil clutches of The Mawgu!
SpongeBob: What's a Mawgu?
Wanda: Hey, I know this one... it's a rock band.
Cosmo: You're so smart Wanda!
The Wise Old Crab: The Mawgu is an ancient and evil creature. Despite being sealed in the island's volcano by my ancestors, he has broken free, and is corrupting the island with his tainted purple ooze.
Danny: So how are we meant to defeat this Mawgu character?
The Wise Old Crab: The prophecy says that the chosen few will find a way...
Danny: Oh great...
SpongeBob: Maybe we should contact Jimmy. He'll be able to help us.
Danny: Good idea. Jimmy's communicator isn't strong enough; something is interfering with the signal. We'll have to boost the signal with a bigger antena. Let's see what we can find!

  • Dialogue #8

Danny: Awesome! It's one of my Dad's devices... the Fenton Radar. I can use this to find invisible ghost blocks!

  • Dialogue #9

Danny: Hmm... This should do the trick...
(Jimmy's hologram appears)
Jimmy: I'm glad to hear from you guys. Are you all right?
Danny: Let's see... We're trying to find and rescue Timmy. We haven't seen or heard from Patrick. My ghost powers are really weak-
Cosmo: My powers are weak too! Oh... Sorry, you finish.
Danny: Uh... Oh yeah! And this strange crab guy wants us to defeat The Mawgu.
Jimmy: That crab guy is right; if The Mawgu cannot be stopped, the multiverse will multicollapse!!
SpongeBob: I know! We could build something... some kind of machine... something we could assemble from things here on the island... ... Oh tartar sauce!
Jimmy: I've got just the thing; I call it the Rip-Zipper! With it, you'll be able to trap The Mawgu forever! I'm sending you the plans via the Communicator now. You'll have to search the island for the parts to build it.
Danny: Thanks Jimmy! We'll contact you when we have enough pieces.

  • Dialogue #10

Timmy: Thanks guys, I was starting to worry.
Cosmo: Hurray! We finally rescued Timmy!
Wanda: We missed you Timmy.

  • Dialogue #11

SpongeBob: Now I can dig through the dirt! I wish Patrick couls see this.
Cosmo: It's SpongeBob Diggypants!

  • Dialogue #12

SpongeBob: Hey! Patrick buddy! We finally found you!
Patrick: Hey guys! Hey SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Wait... Patrick, where are your pants?
Patrick: I was falling from the sky, so I started floating with my pants. Then I got stuck here, and my pants blew away. Now I don't know where my pants are...
Wanda: Don't tell me we need to rescue his pants too...
Cosmo: Are you kidding? Getting Patrick into his pants is our first priority!

  • Dialogue #13

Patrick: Oh boy, oh boy, these are my favorite pants!
SpongeBob: They're your only pants Patrick.

  • Dialogue #14

Jimmy: Well done everyone! Now that the Rip-Zipper is built, there is only one thing to do...
Danny: That's right, defeat The Mawgu! I'll handle this...
Jimmy: No, WAIT! As I was about to explain, the Rip-Zipper draws upon the energies of the volcano. You're going to have to climb to the top of the volcano in order to defeat The Mawgu.
Danny: Oh, that's pretty inconvenient.

  • Dialogue #15

Timmy: Hey Cosmo, Wanda! I've got an idea! I wish you could change me into a big blue comet that can smash through stuff!
Wanda: Hmm... I think I can manage that.
Timmy: Great! Let's give it a try!

  • Dialogue #16

Mawgu: For centuries, I was bound in my prison, and now that I am free, nothing will stop me from destroying the multiverse! You will NEVER defeat me!!
Danny: The Rip-Zipper won't work yet; we're still not close enough to the volcano! We'll have to move quickly!

  • Dialogue #17

SpongeBob: We did it! Quick, Danny, fire the Rip-Zipper!
Danny: We've got you now!
Mawgu: NOOOOOO!!!! How can this be?!
SpongeBob: We did it, the island is returning to normal.
Patrick: It's so pretty.
Cosmo: Hey, I can feel my magic... I mean energy, returning to normal.
Wanda: That means you're only a wish away from home Timmy!
Timmy: Well in that case, I wish we could all return home.
(the Nicktoons disappear)
The Wise Old Crab: Well done brave heroes. It was exactly as prophesized.

Nintendo DS


  • Dialogue #1

The Wise Old Crab: The yellow one is right: chosen one! I summoned you, all of you here to save our island.

  • Dialogue #2

Danny: Hey, there's that weird crab! Let's hear what he has to say.