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Nicktoons Unite is a Nickelodeon game. It is about four heroes consisting of Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, Danny Phantom, and SpongeBob Squarepants must team up to stop the Syndicate consists of four villains from other worlds. It also has sequels : Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island, Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots and SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom.

PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube

Jimmy Neutron

  • Let's get tiny !
  • Hey, everyone, I need help !

Danny Fenton/Phantom

  • I'm going ghost!
  • A little help here !

Timmy Turner

  • This is job for Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder.
  • Can't do that without power.

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • One bubble bomb coming right up.
  • I need power !

Sandy Cheeks

  • Keep up.
  • Almost there.
  • Come on, fellas. It's not far now.
  • Follow me.

Patrick Star

  • I need some help over here. People ?
  • Will someone help me out ? I can't get passed.
  • Ahahahahahahahaha.

Vlad Masters/Plasmius

  • Ahahahahahaha !

Sheldon J. Plankton

  • Calm down. Beat me!
  • Take that!
  • I'll crush you!
  • Na, na, na, na, na, na !
  • You can't stop me!
  • The Syndicate cannot be defeated.

Denzel Q. Crocker

  • Hahahahahah !
  • Guards! Guards!
  • I wish for assistance.

Professor Finbarr Calamitous


  • Dialogue #1

French Narrator: Ah, Bikini Bottom. A paradise for an ocean flora. Home for many undersea creatures living their lives in peace and tranquility.
SpongeBob: Good morning, Gary. What are we gonna do today ?
Gary: Meow.
SpongeBob: Great idea. Let's visit Patrick.
Plankton: Citizens of Bikini Bottom. May I have your attention, please ?
SpongeBob: I wonder what's going on ?
Gary: Meow.
Plankton: From now on, I, Plankton and the Syndicate, will rule Bikini Bottom. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. But I'm fair. Listen to me people, those who don't want me to rule, raise your hand. Get them!
SpongeBob: Plankton can't do that to people. (gasp!) Oh, no. If Plankton's in charge, he'll steal the Krabby Patty formula and shut down the Krusty Krab !
(SpongeBob screams as he sees Goddard coming out of the portal, then his screen opens up)
SpongeBob: Ahh ! Don't eat me !
Jimmy: Hello, SpongeBob, we haven't met but believe me, I'm your friend. Plankton has joined forces with villains from other worlds. And with their help, he's taken over Bikini Bottom.
SpongeBob: Come on, SpongeBob. Wake up. Oh, I must had too much ice cream last night.
Jimmy: I've been gathering the information about your world and I know you've doubt with him before. Please, SpongeBob, we need your help.
Plankton: Anyone else care to defy me?
SpongeBob: Okay. I'll do what I can to help.
Jimmy: Follow my dog and he will lead you to me. I'll be able to tell you more, when you'll get to my lab.
(the transmssion ends)
SpongeBob: Gary ! Stand guard and don't let them in. I'll be back soon.
Gary: Meow.
Jimmy: I'm Jimmy Neutron. Welcome to my lab.
Timmy: This is amazing. He's a giant block of cheese.
Jimmy: Timmy, SpongeBob is a spone from a place called Bikini Bottom. Oh, that reminds me. My Neutron Moisturizer would keep you moisturized outside of water.
SpongeBob: This is the strangest morning I had since... well, last Tuesday.
Danny: Wow, he can talk ?
Jimmy: Of course he can talk, Danny. Where SpongeBob comes from, all sea creatures can talk. SpongeBob, we need you bring at the speed of what's happening. This all started with my latest invention, Universe Portal Machine. It's a device that let's us travel to other worlds. Professor Calamitous has somehow did access to my project plans and created the copy of my machine. I've been tracking Calamitous' portal and he's been visiting your worlds. He's found an ally in each world and they've teamed up to form the Syndicate. He must have some sort of master plan that take all the villains take from. They've combined their powers to create an army of Syndicate troops and they're stealing energy from each of your worlds. We don't know why they're stealing energy but whatever it's for, it won't be good.
Timmy: Don't be such a science nerd. If you think about it, it's actually pretty cool. It's just like one of my games.
(Cosmo & Wanda poof in)
Wanda: Now, Timmy. This is a lot more serious than one of your video games. We've lost our powers because of that Syndicate and we won't be able to do anything until they're stopped.
Cosmo: Yeah, Timmy. Right now, this wand is now glare to back scratcher.
Jimmy: Your holograms are right, Timmy. We must work together to stop the Syndicate. I know you've each defeated those guys individually. That's why I brought you all here. If we combine our knowledge, we can beat them.
Timmy: All I'm saying is, that is exciting to work as a team and save the day.
Danny: Well, done with the entire team as assembled. I think it's time to get started.
Jimmy: Okay. Since we don't know where Calamitous and his secret laboratory is. Our only way is applying each of your worlds. To begin with, let's stop them with draining the energy.
SpongeBob: Where should we start ?
Danny: How about Amity Park ?
SpongeBob: Let's go !

  • Dialogue #2

Jimmy: Huh? Where are we? I set the machine to take us to Danny's school. I must have made a miscalculation.
Vlad: Oh, you've not made a mistake. I've taken up residence at Casper High or this where Casper High once stood. I'm glad you could finally make it. I've been waiting for you all to arrive.
Danny: Sorry, we were late but now let's get the party started.
Vlad: Ha, ha, ha, ha. Oh, it's not that simple, Danny. I have the other hand. All you need to do is join me and I will let them go.
Danny: I told you before, I use my powers for good.
Vlad: You cannot resist, Danny. The Syndicate cannot be defeated. With every passing moment, this ghost portal will be the key to the Syndicate's ultimate plan and it provides me unlimited ghost energies.
Danny: I will never join you !
Vlad: Ah, you have plenty of time to consider my offer further as you're wrapped for eternity in a Ghost Zone Prison. Ha, ha, ha.

  • Dialogue #3

Timmy: Where are we ?
Walker: You're in my world now...
Danny: Walker? ... Ah, not again! You couldn't hold me last time... What makes you think you can this time?
Walker: I've made some changes since you were last here, boy! This prison is just as effective against you as it is against ghosts! So don't break the rules and you will be just fine!

  • Dialogue #4

Box Ghost: I am the Box Ghost! Deal with 7 GHOST RATS and I will help you escape this prison.

  • Dialogue #5

Box Ghost: Very well, you have helped me... Now the all-powerful Box Ghost will help you!

  • Dialogue #6

Walker: This is my prison. I make the rules. You, boys, are never getting out of here.

  • Dialogue #7

Timmy: So how are we gonna get out of this Ghost Zone ?
SpongeBob: Wait a minute. If this is a Ghost Zone, then those things before... t-they must have been... GHOSTS !
Danny: You know, Vlad's not the only one with the Ghost Portal.
Jimmy: You have another access to a Ghost Portal ?
Danny: It's nearby. Follow me.

  • Dialogue #8

Jimmy: Fascinating! This looks like ghost hunting technology. Did you make these devices yourself ?
Danny: Err, no, errr... the Fenton Family are the ghost technology wizards, not me.
Timmy: The Fentons ? Are they the freaky couple Vlad has trapped in his throne room ? If they're ghost experts, we should try to rescue them.
Danny: We can't! Vlad is to powerful with his ghost-portal open. We need to find some way to shut it down.
Jimmy: If I spend some time studying these devices, perhaps we can build a gadget to close the portal.
Cosmo: This is no time to be studying!
Timmy: Yeah! We're heroes!! Heroes don't just sit around and study!!
SpongeBob: You're right! Heroes go out and save the world!!
Danny: All right! Let's get going! We'll figure out a plan once get to Vlad's castle.

  • Dialogue #9

Timmy: What's wrong with this picture ... Everyone seems to have been turned into Zombies!
Sam: They're not Zombies! They've been Overshadowed by the Ghosts that Vlad has released. You'd better deal with all 6 GHOSTS before you head to Vlad's castle.
Danny: OK! Let's clean up the town, and then move on to deal with Vlad.
Tucker: We'll meet you outside the Amity Park Cementery.

  • Dialogue #10

Sam (or Tucker): Nice work guys! It's time to head for Vlad's Castle. Take a shortcut through Amity Park Cementery - It'll bring us straight into the castle!

  • Dialogue #11

SpongeBob: Hooray! Amity Park is ghost-free zone!
Jimmy: Not quite. There's still one big ghost we need to take care of.
Danny: Let's close his portal for good!

  • Dialogue #12

SpongeBob: This place isn't so creepy... right guys... right?
Timmy: This place is awesome! It's just like something out of a scary movie.
Danny: We need a way to shut down that Ghost-Portal. We can't beat Vlad while that thing is open.
Jimmy: Vlad would need a lot of energy to keep that portal open. He must have generators in this castle.
SpongeBob: That's why you're the Boy Genius!
Danny: Let's find that generators and shut them down.

  • Dialogue #13

Danny: OK, that should do it! Now that the Ghost-Portal is out of the picture, let's go find Vlad!

  • Dialogue #14

Vlad: So, Danny, you've escaped from the Ghost Zone and shut down my portal.
Danny: Give it up, Vlad! You've lost your power and Amity Park has been saved. It's all over, just give up!
Vlad: You underestimate me, Danny. With the help of the Syndicate, I will have it up and running again. And we already harnessed enough ghost energy for our device.
Danny: 'Our device' ? The Syndicate is building something ?
Vlad: Yes, and very soon you will all bow down to the might of the Syndicate.
Danny: It doesn't matter what you're planning, we're going to stop you!
Vlad: Oh, but what of Jack and Maddie Fenton, surely you wouldn't risk their innocent lives, would you?
Danny: I'm not going to stand here and let you treat them like puppets. Get ready to pay for this!

  • Dialogue #15

Vlad: I don't believe it.
Danny: Ha, ha, ha. You better believe it, Vlad. You've lost.
Vlad: For now, maybe. But you'll soon regret standing to the Syndicate. It's far from over. It's far, far from over.
(Vlad opens the portal and escapes.)
SpongeBob: That mean old Vlad escaped.
Timmy: At least the Fentons are saved.
Danny: Well, that's a relief. Okay, let's get out of here before they notice us.
Jimmy: But I was hoping to learn more about their ghost hunting technology.
Danny: Trust me, ghost boys and ghost hunters don't mix. Besides, Amity Park is back to normal and we've got other worlds to save.
Jimmy: You're right. Here we go.

  • Dialogue #16

Timmy: Wow, this is Bikini Bottom ? I can't believe we're under the sea.
Jimmy: Everyone, keep chewing your Neutronic Air Gum, it'll let you breathe in this enviorement.
SpongeBob: I can't wait to introduce you my friends. There's Patrick and Squidward and Mr. ...
Danny: Uhh, SpongeBob ? Where is everybody ?
SpongeBob: Now, that you mention, it's a bit quiet, too quiet.
Jimmy: If everyone's missing, the Syndicate may be responsible.
SpongeBob: No Jimmy. I think it's much more devious than that. I think that someone has propered... a surprise birthday party for me ! Surprise ! Hmm, not here. Surprise ! Nope, not here either. Surprise ! Wow, they're hiding so well, it's gonna take me forever to find everyone.
Jimmy: I don't think that's it, SpongeBob. I think that...
Robot: Surprise !
SpongeBob: Is it a costume party ?
Danny: I don't think they're costumes.
Sandy: Hi-ya ! Come on, SpongeBob. Let's get them.
SpongeBob: Sandy ! I knew you wouldn't miss my surprise party.
Sandy: SpongeBob, your birthday's not for another month. Now you and your friends follow me.

  • Dialogue #17

Sandy: Oh, heck! That darn bridge has collapsed! You boys'll have to find another way across... I'll meet you up ahead.

  • Dialogue #18

Sandy: Howdy partners! Not far now! Just down this path and then through the clam beds!

  • Dialogue #19

Sandy: OK. This time, you boys go first and I'll follow you.
(the bridges collapses)
Sandy: Ah, heck! Can you believe our rotten luck? OK, you boys keep going through the clam beds, and I'll meet you on the other side near the Krusty Krab. Careful with those critters... they have a nasty bite!

  • Dialogue #20

Sandy: We made it back safe to the HQ! Before we even begin to plan how to deal with Plankton, we need to find the 5 BIKINI BOTTOM RESIDENTS in the lookout posts. Can you go fetch them for me ?

  • Dialogue #21

Fish: OK! I'll gather my gear and meet you back at the Krusty Krab!

  • Dialogue #22

Sandy: OK guys, here's the situation. Plankton has taken control of Bikini Bottom. He's locked up anyone who's resisted and one of the first to get captured was Mr. Krabs.
SpongeBob: Oh no.
Sandy: Now, he's catching all the Jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields and transporting them back to his Fortress Factory where he's extracting power from their sting.
SpongeBob: Those poor Jellyfish!
Sandy: I have a plan to save the Jellyfish and overthrow Plankton, and we need your help.
SpongeBob: We'd be happy to help, Sandy!
Sandy: First, we go to Jellyfish Fields and destroy his Jellyfish Harvesting Machines. That should disrupt Plankton's plans...
SpongeBob: And save those wild Jellyfish!
Sandy: Next, we'll sneak into Plankton's fortress and shut down his machines...
SpongeBob: And save the captured Jellyfish!
Sandy: In all this chaos, we should be able to sneak into Plankton's control center to stop his operation completely.
SpongeBob: And save Mr. Krabs!
Timmy: This is like a spy movie! Do we have any secret agents?
Sandy: You're smart, kid. We've already got an agent in Jellyfish Fields. Your mission is to make contact with our agent.
Jimmy: And how will we know this agent?
Sandy: Don't worry, he's one of our best men. His code name is 'Agent Star'.
SpongeBob: Wow, a secret agent, I wonder who it could be?

  • Dialogue #23

SpongeBob: The Jellyfish Fields are just at the end of this gully. We should be able to find the secret agent when we get there.
Danny: Well, let's get going. The sooner we stop them harvesting Jellyfish the sooner we can go to the factory and stop Plankton!
Jimmy: We should proceed carefully. It's likely they will be guarding the Jellyfish Fields.
Timmy: OK! Let's get going!

  • Dialogue #24

SpongeBob: Quietly. No one must know we're here, until we find Agent Star.
Patrick: Hey, SpongeBob! Don't tell anyone. Sandy made me a secret agent. Ahahaha-ha.
SpongeBob: Patrick! Watch out for that Jellyfish Harvester!
(the machine sucks Patrick inside)
SpongeBob: Patrick! No! (cries)
Patrick: Help! Eek! Ahahaha. Okay! Ow! Ahahaha. That tickles. Sponge, you have... Ahaha! SpongeBob. Aha! Help! Ouch! Sponge! Ouch! Sponge! Dow! Ouch! SpongeBob! Ouch! (the harvester drives Patrick away)
SpongeBob: (still crying)
Danny: Don't worry, SpongeBob. We'll get him back. Let's stick to Sandy's plan. We'll take out this Jellyfish Harvesters and then, enter Plankton's fortress. We'll find Patrick there.

  • Dialogue #25

Flying Dutchman: Arrrr-haaaa-haaaar! You have come aboard the Flying Dutchman's ship ... And now you're cursed and can never leave, you scurvy sea dogs!
SpongeBob: Hi, Mr. Dutchman!
Flying Dutchman: Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhrr SpongeBob, not again! OK, you can leave ... but your friends stay!
SpongeBob: Sorry Mr. Dutchman, I can't leave my friends ... I'm afraid you're stuck with me again! But don't worry, I've been practicing being a salty sea-dog ... Arrrrrrr--haaaaa-haaar... !
Flying Dutchman: Oh please no! If only I had my old crew back... then I wouldn't need such a worthless bunch of deck rats! Aaarrrrrrr...
Danny: You've lost your crew? How about we get your crew back for you?
Flying Dutchman: Haaar... Haaaaaaar! My old bunch of cut throat crew won't listen to worthless land-lubbers like you.
Danny: Oh, I think they'll listen to me. I've had a lot of experience convincing ghosts to do what I tell them!
Flying Dutchman: Arrrr, very well then! Get my 6 crewmen back to me. If you defeat them, they'll be sure to come scurrying back! Otherwise you'll be my new scurvy crew from now until eternity!
SpongeBob: Let's go!

  • Dialogue #26

Flying Dutchman: Arrrr... hhhaaaarr! Find and capture my crew of 6 GHOST PIRATES and I will remove my curse on you to take their place!

  • Dialogue #27

SpongeBob: So long, Mr. Dutchman!
(the Flying Dutchman's ship flies off and its anchor hits on the gate revealing the way to the Chum Bucket)
Danny: That looks like a way in.
SpongeBob: Patrick, Mr. Krabs, all the little Jellyfish, hang on! We're coming!

  • Dialogue #28

Danny: We need to shut this factory down. We can't let the Syndicate collect any more energy from these Jellyfish!
Jimmy: Hmmmm, from the look of these plans, there are four Emergency Vents that we should be able to release the Jellyfish through.
Danny: That ought to do it!
Timmy: Wait, what's that noise?
SpongeBob: PATRICK! Hooray! Don't worry, buddy! We'll have you out of there in a jiffy.

  • Dialogue #29

Patrick: Nice work turning the machine off! We still need to free the trapped Jellyfish. Find and open the 4 EMERGENCY VENTS to free them!

  • Dialogue #30

Patrick: Yay! You've freed all the Jellyfish. Mr. Krabs will be with Plankton. They're through the door!

  • Dialogue #31

Timmy: Right! Now that we've saved the Jellyfish, it's time to find Plankton!
SpongeBob: We're coming to save you, Mr. Krabs!

  • Dialogue #32

Plankton: I'm trying to be reasonable with you, Krabs, and I'm trying to be unreasonable. Yet, you still refuse to surrender the Krabby Patty formula. Why do you resist? Why won't you give me that formula?!
SpongeBob: No, Mr. Krabs! Don't tell him!
Plankton: What?!? SpongeBob!
SpongeBob: Plankton, you've gone too far this time. What would your mother think?
Plankton: Why, I'm sure that she would be very proud of me. I was always her favorite. Prepare to be crushed!

  • Dialogue #32

SpongeBob: Well, Plankton. What would your mother think now ?
Plankton: (in sarcasm) You're right, SpongeBob. She would be very disappointed at me. Being villain is no way to live.
SpongeBob: That's right. Go on.
Plankton: (still in sarcasm) I can change. I can see the air of my ways. I'll help people from now on to pose my life to being good.
Danny: I don't know, if he learned his lesson, but he's certainly not ruling Bikini Bottom anymore.
Plankton: Oh, I wouldn't be too sure about that. I can't believe you fell for that. And you, SpongeBob, falling for the line about my mother ? Ha, ha. When will you people learn ? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
(Patrick falls on Plankton.)
SpongeBob: Patrick ! Where did you come from ?
Patrick: Uummm. Up there.
(They all look above.)
Plankton: Ugh. Bleh. I'll need a shower. You may have stopped my plans but the Syndicate is still getting energy from Dimmsdale. We will soon have enough energy to finish the Doomsday Machine and then, you will all bow down before me. Nothing can stop the Syndicate! Nothing ! Ahahahahahaha !
(Plankton flies away.)
SpongeBob: 'Doomsday Machine'? That doesn't sound good.
Timmy: Let's find out what's Crocker been up to in Dimmsdale ?
Danny: We have to stop them from powering that Doomsday Machine. Otherwise, all of our futures are risked.

  • Dialogue #33

Timmy: Wow! Is that real gold? It must be worth a fortune! If only it wasn't so ugly looking...
Wanda: Oh, Timmy! This doesn't look good. There's a rainbow of pure Fairy Magic flowing into Crocker's Fortress.
Jimmy: Why is that bad? Rainbows are simply the result of light refracting through moisture in the atmosphere.
Wanda: This is a completely different kind of rainbow... one made of 'Fairy Magic'.
Jimmy: Fairy Magic? Crocker must be extracting energy from this computer simulation!
Timmy: Um... yeah, well anyway, we've got to stop him!
Jimmy: You're right. There is definitely a power stream going into that fortress. Let's find a way in and investigate.

  • Dialogue #34

Timmy: Yeah! We made it... Fairy Town, here we come!
Wanda: It's not that straight forward Timmy. We need to redirect rainbow energy back to this central prism before we can use it to get to Fairy World.
Cosmo: Not a problem, we can just wish for... oh wait... I forgot, that's why we're here!
Wanda: Boys, you'll need to follow these paths to the 5 rainbow beams, and redirect the rainbow energy back towards the center.

  • Dialogue #35

Cosmo: Redirect the rainbow beams by activating 5 PRISMS.

  • Dialogue #36

Wanda: OK boys, on the count of three, we'll touch prism with our wands and transport us all to Fairy World.
Jimmy: This still isn't making much sense, but if you think it will work...
Timmy: Don't worry, guys! This will take us straight to Fairy World... err... simulation. We've got to figure out what Crocker has done.
Wanda: OK, here we go. 3... 2...
Cosmo: Was that 3, 2, 1, go ? Or just 3, 2...
Wanda: 1!

  • Dialogue #37

Wanda: This doesn't look very good, Timmy. Crocker has taken over the Fairy World and is draining power from the Big Wand to feed their Doomsday Machine.
(Jorgen Vov Strangle appears.)
Jimmy, Danny and SpongeBob: Ahhhh!
Jorgen: At last, some help! But why do you bring puny children instead of mighty heroes ?
Cosmo: Don't sweat it, Jorgen! Big things often come in small packages. Ask Wanda.
Jorgen: What are you saying ?
Wanda: What he means is that these children are heroes. They may be small, but we've seen them do great things.
Jorgen: All right. We must prepare for battle. The human named Crocker may have taken away our magic, but with your help, we can fight back. First, free all the captured fairies. We will need everybody's help to take back Fairy World.
Timmy: Well, let's get to it. We need to stop Crocker as soon as possible.

  • Dialogue #38

Jorgen: You need to save 10 FAIRIES from the Syndicate Troops.

  • Dialogue #39

Fairy: Free at last.

  • Dialogue #40

Fairy: Thank you, children.

  • Dialogue #41

Jorgen: Well done children! You've saved the FAIRIES. Now it's time to deal with that puny human, Crocker. He is with his machine on the Big Wand. Take this path up the mountain to get to him.

  • Dialogue #42

Jorgen: Well done boys... now you are ready to face the puny human who has stolen our power!
Timmy: OK, where can we find Crocker?
Jorgen: The man named Crocker is at the Big Wand, where his machine steals our fairy power away! There is a route through this gate that will take you there. You will have to use the clouds to get up high enough to make it to the Big Wand.
Timmy: OK, let's get going!

  • Dialogue #43

Timmy: This is it, guys! Crocker is draining the energy from here.
Danny: Let's get up there and stop him!

  • Dialogue #44

Crocker: So, Turner, you finally made it. And I see you've brought your fairies with you.
Timmy: Don't call my friends fairies!
SpongeBob: What's a fairy ?
Crocker: You're too late! Calamitous and the Syndicate have more than enough power for the doomsday device... and very soon this Syndicate will demonstrate the power it has over all worlds... By DESTROYING ONE! Hahahah! With fairy magic under my control, I am unstoppable! The Syndicate will rule the universe, and I will rule Dimmsdale and Fairy World!
Wanda: Oh! He's right, Timmy. As long as that machine is draining Fairy Magic, we can't do anything to him.
Cosmo: But we can make fun of his outfit. Nice pants.
Timmy: We've got to shut his machine down!

  • Dialogue #45

Crocker: No... no... you can't take my power away... I am the king of Fairy World. You can't stop me.
Timmy: The fairies have their magic back!
Cosmo: Yay, magic!
Wanda: And Fairy World has it back too.
Timmy: It's over!
Crocker: You may have beaten me this time, Turner! But Fairy World will be mine again! The Doomsday Machine is fully charged. You won't have a chance!
(Crocker runs away)
Danny: Hmm... You'd think we'd learn by now that they run away when we beat them.
SpongeBob: I just assumed that was part of the plan.
Jimmy: If what Crocker said is true, we need to head back to Retroville right away! We must find Professor Calamitous before he uses that Doomsday Machine!
Timmy: Don't sweat it. I think I can fix everything now. I wish none of these problems ever happened and that all the bad guys were in jail.
Wanda: I'm sorry Timmy. But 'Da Rules' say that you can only wish for changes to our world. Even Crocker is out of our reach for the moment.
Timmy: I guess we gotta do this the old fashioned way. OK, Jimmy, back to Retroville!

  • Dialogue #46

Jimmy: Cindy, what are you doing in my lab?
Cindy: I'm here because you have once again manage to ruin the lives of everyone in Retroville.
Jimmy: What makes you think I'm involved?
Cindy: It doesn't take a genius IQ if something like that happens. Nerdtron is the first person to look. I wanna know what you're gonna do about this.
Timmy: Hi Cindy.
Cindy: Oh. Hi Timmy. I didn't know you were back in Retroville.
Jimmy: We haven't got time for this. We need to find Professor Calamitous before he starts his Doomsday Machine.
(Professor Calamitous appears on Jimmy's computer)
Calamitous: Hahahahahahahaha. You're too late, Jimmy Neutron. All of your friends have been for nothing. And now, the final straw of my master plan. All the worlds in the... umm... uhh...
Vlad: ...universe?
Calamitous: Yes. Universe will bow down to the Syndicate's power or be... umm... uhh...
Plankton: ...destroyed?
Calamitous: Umm...yes. Destroyed. Now that the Doomsday Machine is ready, your worlds have no choice but to accept our demands. You can't stop us.
(the transmission ends)
Jimmy: We can stop them, if we disable their Doomsday Machine. We've got to find Professor Calamitous' lab.
SpongeBob: Jimmy, I think Goddard might need a bath. He looks like he has fleas.
Cindy: Ew, fleas! Get them away from me!
Jimmy: Goddard doesn't get fleas. Wait a minute. That's it! That must be how Calamitous cloned my plans for the Universe Portal Machine. He's spying on us through some kind of fleabot. Goddard, run a self-diagnostic search for energy losses within your system. The flea is likely to be a parasitic nanobot.
Cindy: What are you doing, Neutron? There is a mad man about to destroy the world and you're worried about a little flea inside your pet?
Jimmy: We need to find Professor Calamitous' secret lab. If he has been watching us through a device inside Goddard, then it must be transmitting a signal to his base. If we can reach the device, we can track signal back to Calamitous. We need a plan. Think, think, think.
(Jimmy uses his Brain Blast)
Jimmy: Brain Blast! I've got it. We can shrink ourselves down with the Shrink Ray and fly into Goddard's mouth using my Hover Craft. Once we capture the fleabot, we can trace its signal back to Calamitous' lair.

  • Dialogue #47

Jimmy: Just one more thing to take care of. CINDY, GET OUT OF MY LAB!!!

  • Dialogue #48

Vlad: Oh no, Danny, I'm quite sure we are safe within these capsules.
Plankton: What kind of amateurs, do you think, we are?

  • Dialogue #49

Crocker: Even fairies won't save you now, Turner!

  • Dialogue #50

Professor Calamitous: Looks like you heroes won't quit. It's time to demonstrate our power.

  • Dialogue #51

Professor Calamitous: I don't believe it. You've beaten our defense systems.
Jimmy: That's right, you taught me a valuable lesson in teamwork, professor, but the lesson ends here.
Professor Calamitous: Not quite, Jimmy Neutron. You may have beaten us but the Doomsday Machine is still activated.

  • Dialogue #52

(SpongeBob unplugs the Doomsday Machine)
SpongeBob: It worked.
Professor Calamitous: I never finished the backup power supply.

GameBoy Advance


  • Dialogue #1

Narrator: Jimmy Neutron has invented the Neutronic Reality Projector, which allows him to open portals to other dimensions! Little does he know that Professor Calamitous has been spying on him and stealing his inventions! Using his own Reality Projector, Calamitous recruits the worst super-villains in the universe! Vlad Plasmius, Plankton and Denzil Crocker! This fearsome foursome create a Doomsday Device fueled by power from each dimension. Together the Syndicate of Evil will conquer the multiverse.
Jimmy: Not if I can help it! By tuning into the correct frequencies I can recruit my own super-team! Danny Phantom, Timmy Turner and SpongeBob SquarePants. The Syndicate of Evil is stealing: ghost energy, jellyfish energy and fairy energy.
Danny: We have to stop them!
SpongeBob: Let's do it! I'm ready!

  • Dialogue #2

Narrator: The heroes arrive at Casper High to find Vlad who has unleashed his ghost army! Can our heroes stop them?

  • Dialogue #3

Danny: Vlad's channeling ectoplasm to the Doomsday Device! We need to close the Ghost Zone!
SpongeBob: What about those ghost animal thingees?
Jimmy: I don't believe in ghosts!

  • Dialogue #4

Narrator: Little do the heroes know, Vlad has transported his castle to Amity!
Vlad: Who challenges the Syndicate of Evil?
Danny: Err, that guy doesn't look too happy......

  • Dialogue #5

Vlad: Curse you, Danny Phantom! I will return to defeat you!
Danny: What a loser.
Jimmy: Good job, team.

  • Dialogue #6

Jimmy: Before we progress take a piece of my Neutronic Air Gum! It doesn't taste very good, but you'll be able to breathe underwater.
SpongeBob: Ah, home sweet home!
Jimmy: Now to find Plankton and his Jellyfish Sting Extractor.
Danny: Wait! Something's wrong.
Timmy: Yeah, this gum tastes weird.
Plankton: Sorry, heroes. I can't let you near my Jellyfish Sting Extractor. My army of thugfish will see to that. Ha ha ha!

  • Dialogue #7

Danny: Well, that takes care of Plankton's thugs.
Jimmy: But where is Plankton?
SpongeBob: Plankton's usually down at the Chum Bucket.
Timmy: Let's go guys!

  • Dialogue #8

Danny: The Chum Bucket is crawling with guards. How are we going to shut down that Jellyfish Sting Extractor?
Jimmy: Using my Neutronic Sizeifier we can shrink ourselves and sneak inside!

  • Dialogue #9

SpongeBob: Hooray! We've defeated all of Plankton's henchmen! Let's use Jimmy's Sizeifier to revert to normal size.
Plankton: But guess who else got caught in the Sizeifier beam? The power! The absolute power!

  • Dialogue #10

SpongeBob: Barnacles! We defeated Plankton but he managed to escape!
Timmy: At least the Jellyfish are safe.
Jimmy: To Dimmsdale! We're not finshed yet!

  • Dialogue #11

Timmy: Hey, why are there robots in my house?
Jimmy: Those are Calamitous' Clambots!
Timmy: They must be looking for a portal to Fairy World.
Danny: There's no such things as fairies!
Cosmo: See ? That's what I keep saying!

  • Dialogue #12

Jimmy: The robots are coming from the school.
Timmy: There's a shortcut through the Dimmsdale Dump.
Danny: Let's go!

  • Dialogue #13

Timmy: I wish I knew who was responsible for all this.
Wanda: Your wish is our command!
Timmy: Mr. Crocker! I should have known he'd be behind this!
Danny: And now he's teamed up with Nega Timmy!
Crocker: You'll pay for this intrusion!

  • Dialogue #14

Timmy: Crocker's getting away!
Jimmy: At least he won't be getting any fairy power for the Syndicate's Doomsday Device.

  • Dialogue #15

Jimmy: Speaking of which, time to wrap things up!
Calamitous: Welcome back, Jimmy.
Jimmy: Calamitous!
Calamitous:I've made some adjustments to your lab while you were gone. I've turned all your inventions against you, even the nano controlled pants! You'll never escape this lab alive! Ha ha ha!
Nicktoons: Gulp!

  • Dialogue #16

Jimmy: If we trace the nano pants signal, it should lead us to Calamitous' lair.

  • Dialogue #17

Narrator: Our heroes track the Doomsday Device to Calamitous' secret lair. All that stands between them and victory is the Syndicate of Evil!

  • Dialogue #18

Calamitous: You may have defeated the Syndicate of Evil, but you'll never stop the Doomsday Device!
SpongeBob: We're doomed!
Danny: How can we stop it ?
Jimmy: If I were buiding a Doomsday Device, I'd put an 'off' switch..... right here!
Calamitous: I knew I should have left that off!
Jimmy: Now that we have deactivated the Doomsday Device everything can return to normal. Well, gentelmen, take those Neutronic Recallers with you. If anything like this happens again, we can work together to fix it!
Timmy, Danny and SpongeBob: Thanks Jimmy. Until we meet again.

Nintendo DS


  • Dialogue #1

Narrator: Jimmy Neutron has invented the Neutronic Reality Projector, a device that allows him to open doors to other dimensions! Little does he know that Professor Calamitous has been spying on him and stealing his inventions. Building his own Reality Projector. (...) can find: Vlad Plasmius, Plankton and Denzel Crocker! This fearsome foursome (...).

  • Dialogue #2

Danny: Vlad has taken control of the portal in Fenton Labs, and stealing Ghost Energy to power the Doomsday Device!
SpongeBob: Did you say g-g-ghosts?!
Timmy: Come on, team!