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Nico (16 October 1938 or 15 March 1943 - 18 July 1988) Fashion model, actress, singer, and composer; born Christa Päffgen.



  • Cease to know or to tell
    Or to see or to be your own
    Have someone else's will as your own
    Have someone else's will as your own.
  • You are beautiful and you are alone.
  • Often the adolescent plague
    Reward your grace
    Confuse your hunger capture the fake...
  • Banish the faceless reward your grace
    Banish the faceless reward your grace.

Roses in the Snow

  • He came your way
    And when he had to go
    There were roses growing in the snow
    Silently you'll go to the shadow of your soul
    And you know that it was like this before we had to go
    You will never see these lights
    Glowing in your nights
    Until you feel this way.
  • With every moon it is as though you're getting closer to your soul
    And then you go alone and with no fear
    Then you will know
    That it was like this before we had to go
    And you will find that you were blind
    Until you saw these lights glowing in your nights.
  • You will never see these lights
    Glowing in your nights
    If you don't know
    And there are roses growing in the snow.


  • I have a habit of leaving places at the wrong time, just when something big may have happened for me.

Quotes by others about Nico

  • "John Cale did a really interesting version of Heartbreak Hotel, in a minor key. It's incredibly suicidal. I mean you could never believe that that song could turn out to be such a downer as that... Nico did Deutschland Über Alles, which was very good... and she did The End by The Doors, which is the one they put on the album... Nico doing The End was so chilling, it really was. It was incredible. She invests it with so many levels of meaning I didn't hear in the Doors' one. She underplays it... there's just the harmonium, me playing synthesizer— almost doubling the harmonium part— and her singing... which is just like a rich, kind of non-specific miasma of sound..." ~ Brian Eno, Creem (1974)
  • "Of course, it's her own sexuality that she's denying", he continued. Did I know that she'd been raped as a teenager in Berlin?
    I didn't.
    Nico was working as a temp for the U.S. Air Force. A black American Sergeant had raped not only her, but other girls under his employ. She'd kept quiet about it, but he was found out and court-marshalled. She had to testify for the prosecution at his trial. He was sentenced to death and shot. Nico was 15.
    "Not only does she have to carry the horror of the rape but the secret guilt of somehow being complicit, by her testimony, in his execution. Sex for irrevocably associated with punishment."
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