Night Watch

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Night Watch is a 1989 book by Alastair MacNeill.

For the Terry Pratchett book, see Discworld novels
  • Mike: "Jusice? Ah, yes, that's when drug pushers like Lemmer get ten years in jail for destroying countless innocent lives with their filthy trade but are back on the streets five years later to carry on where they left off. And justice is jailing a terrorist for life for murdering innocent people in the name of some cause the anarchistic bastard doesn't even understand, then letting him go when more anarchistic bastards hold more innocent people to ransom. Why don't you ask the victims' families what they think of this so-called justice?"
    Sabrina: "I know what you're saying, Mike, but if you're prepared to kill the likes of Lemmer in cold blood then you've become an anarchist as well."
    Mike: "I don't agree. They're opposing the law, I'm upholding it. There is a difference."
    Sabrina: "It's a fine line, a very fine line."
    Mike: "And I'll continue to walk it until judicial systems around the world start to show more compassion towards the victims instead of trying to find irrelevant excuses for the defendants behaviour."
    • Page 79
  • Van Dehn: "Well, I've told you everything I know. Aren't you going to call the police now?"
    Whitlock: "They won't be involved at this stage. You'll be kept under house arrest until the painting's been recovered. Only then will charges be brought against you."
    Van Dehn: "That's against the law!"
    Whitlock: "In theory."
    • Page 110