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Norman Lowell is the founder and leader of Imperium Europa, a Maltese movement promoting an amalgamation of sociopolitical ideas, mainly, Pan-europeanism, Libertarianism, and Environmentalism.


  • "Our Prime Minister's vision is to build two golf courses. Of all things, he wants golf courses! Can you be more pathetic than that?"
  • "This is not a warning to the Prime Minister, this is a statement of fact. If Dr. Gonzi dares to alter the Opera House [referring to Edward Middleton Barry's Royal Opera House in Valletta] into a Parliament, it will be the last miserable act of his miserable government!"
  • "I can do 2 years standing on my head!" (when asked about the possibility of being sent to two years in prison for inciting racial hatred)
  • "In our vision of Imperium Europa, people will work less, till we come to ten hours a week. With today's technology we don't need to work more than ten hours a week"
  • "The enemy is not only at the gates. The enemy is manning the gates!"
  • "America, Britain, France! They are not land powers, they are sea powers! In fact, whenever the Americans attack on land, they get their ass kicked!"
  • "What we need is a unifying idea! An idea so strong, that it will draw like a magnet all the forces!"
  • "We are not the collectivist sheep of the left. We are: The Radical Racialist Right Revolutionary Reactionaries!"
  • "It is a cultural battle more than anything else."
  • "Today's worker is worse than a slave. He's chained. He's disposable. He's marketable."
  • "The media is one facet of the enemy we are facing."
  • "Politics is power. Politics is the imposition of your world view and the maintainence of that world view. That is politics. Everything else is humbug and lies.
  • "I believe in the democracy of aristocracy, not the aristocracy of democracy."
  • "Intelligent women may vote left but they sleep right!"
  • "Ave!"

Qed tifhem! Ja Gahan!

Issib harja ta' ziemel shuna daqshekk.

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