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Omkara is a 2006 Hindi film adaptation of Shakespeare's Othello. The story is set in rural India depicting political power struggles as the backdrop.

Directed by w:Vishal Bharadwaj. Written by w:Vishal Bharadwaj, William Shakespeare.
Once upon a time in the east . . . (taglines)

Ishwar 'Langda' Tyagi

  • Bewakoof aur chutiya mein dhaage barabar ka farak hota hai. Dhage ke henge bewakoof aur hunge, chutiya. Dhaga khench lo to kaun hai bewakoof kaun hai chutiya, carore rupiye ka prashan hai bhaiya.

A thin line (or thread) separates the fool from the dumbass. On one end of the line lies the fool and on the other, the dumbass. Upon snapping the line it's a million dollar question as to who's the fool and who's the dumbass, brother.

  • Zara dhenkhe to sahie dulhe raja ko. Ainkhen!

Let's see the face of the pretty bridegroom now. Well, I'll be damned.

  • Tu to bewakoof hain na? Chutiya to insaan shaadi ke baad hove hai.

Surely you are the fool, right? 'Coz a man becomes an idiot only after his wedding.

  • Mein juttha to kutte ka jaana. Mein saccha to teri maa ka khasam

If I am a liar, then I am a son of a dog . If I am honest then I am your mother's illegitimate lover

Omkara 'Omi' Shukla

  • Jo agwai ka kaam kare woh hijra bhaisaab. Agar inki betti (beti) humein juttha bol dey to jindagi bhar us sen ki jutiyaan chamkayega Omkara
  • Hamari jaat to khoob pehchani aapne vakeelsaab, par apni beti ke dil ki baat nahi pechaan sake, kathor.
  • Sarat ghoron pe lagaate hain, kathor! Seron pe nahi

Bets should be placed on horses, you cruel idiot! Not on tigers.

  • Khaal udher ke pinjar dhoop mein sukha doongaa

Rip the hide off your body and dry the skeleton in sunlight

  • Baadi lakdi mat ttha (uttha) Kaptan

Don't try and lift a large load of wood, Kaptan (Captain)


  • Bhaisaab: Jab ghoree ke khoor mein naal tthuke, to mhenduki bhi paun tthaa (utthaa) leti hai bhaiyya

While the mare is getting shoed (horseshoed), even the frog (rather the female version of ‘’frog’’) lifts her foot

  • Indu: Hansi badi mehangi ho rakhi hai duniya mein

A smile (or smiles) is getting more and more expensive in the world

  • Vakeel saab: Jo ladki apne baap ko thug sakti hai, woh kisi aur ki sagi kya hogi

The girl who can steal from (betray) her own father, how can she be trusted by anyone else


Rajju: Charan kahan hai aapke, Langda bhaiya
Langda: Jutiyaan banvaane bhejen hain, #£@% (some incoherent swearing)
Rajju: Arey naye baahubali to bade jaalim hai bhaiya

Kesu: Ye sasoore shaadi ke card kaun baatega?
Langda: Arey ye baatega. kyon Rajju?
Kesu: ye?
Langda: Vaise bhi Dolly ki shaadi ka caarad (card) baantne kaa badaa anubhav bhi hai ise


  • (Extended Tagline) Once upon a time in the East . . .

Once upon a time in the east . . .In a world ruled by outlaws, a world that lived by the trigger
There was a single clan that was held together by loyalty
Friendship tied their hearts, adversities strengthened their bonds
But beneath all the merry lay eyes, lurking eyes that shone of envy
Beneath the greed lay a gut, a gut infected with deceit
Beneath the deceit lay a heart, a heart that only knew how to love ....And to kill for the same


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