Once Upon a Time in Mexico

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Once Upon a Time in Mexico is a 2003 action film written, edited and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It is the final film in the "Mariachi Trilogy."

Agent Sands:[on the phone]Listen, I have got a swell buncha guys intercepting on Marquez's army but they've got no guns! Now listen, I want you to understand me. This is no time to screw the pooch because this is supposed to be the big dance number alright? Hello? Hello you there? OK Ok I'm gonna freak right out!

Agent Sands: You know that with-holding vital information from a federal officer is a serious offense….especially, when that officer has paid handsomely for it, and wouldn’t think twice about ripping that patch off your eye hole and skull fucking you to death.

[El Mariachi confronts Marquez]
El Mariachi:[in Spanish] She died.
Marquez:[in Spanish] Your daughter?
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] She died.
Marquez:[in Spanish] You?
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] Dead.
Marquez:[in Spanish] And me?
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] Alive and well.
[Marquez draws a gun,Mariachi pulls and fires, as Marquez goes down. Mariachi walks up and places his gun to Marquez's head]
El Mariachi: [in Spanish] In hell.

[shoots him]

[caught on the top floor of the hotel by Marquez's men]

El Mariachi: Any suggestions, Ms. "Why don't we get a room on the 5th floor so we can see the beautiful sunset"?