Once Were Warriors

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Once Were Warriors is a 1994 New Zealand film.

  • Beth: Our people once were warriors.But unlike you, Jake, they were people with mana, pride; people with spirit.If my spirit can survive living with you for 18 years, Then I can survive anything.
  • Jake: Well fuck off then! You'll get nothing from me!
  • Beth: You have nothing I want, Jake.
  • Jake: Cook the man some fuckin' eggs!
  • Jake Barman! 6 milkshakes, easy on the ice-cream.
  • Jake: You're a fuckin' mess! Don't you ever speak to me again, you hear?
  • Jake: I was right. Too much weights, not enough speedwork. Useless prick.
    • After thoroughly beating up a bar patron
  • Jake: Uncle fucking Bully...UNCLE FUCKING BULLY!