Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures

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Love works a different way in different minds, the fool it enlightens and the wise it blinds.
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Operation Y and Other Shurik's Adventures (Russian: Операция «Ы» и другие приключения Шурика) is a 1965 Soviet comedy film about adventures of Shurik, the naive and nerdy Soviet student.

Directed by Leonid Gaidai. Written by Leonid Gaidai and Yakov Kostyukovsky. Consists of 3 novels: Workmate (Naparnik, Напарник), Delusion (Navazhdeniye, Наваждение) and Operation Y (Операция «Ы»).

Segment "Workmate"


  • And how about compote?!
  • to Shurik: Why, you are sighted! You're gonna be blind now!
  • Okay, bay further how our space ships furrow... the Bolshoi Theatre. And I'll sleep.
  • If I stand up, you'll lie down.
  • Work is idle, [but] the term goes on.
  • You have a gain in roubles, and I have it in days [of the term].
  • Today people must be treated with more kindness. And the questions needs a wider consideration.
  • So, you think I got fifteen day term? No, that's both of us who got fifteen day term
  • He who does not work, shall eat! (Fedya's parody of a proverb "He who does not work, neither shall he eat!")
  • Shurik, are you a Komsomolets? This is not our way!


  • Works Manager: While our space ships furrow the vast of the Universe... <his voice blacked out by a strong noise of parquet-making device> ... you are sleeping!
  • Shurik (preparing to give Fedya whipping): It's necessary, Fedya! It is!


Works manager: If you put one on another all the storeys we have built in the last tree months, that would be a building 5 times taller than the famous Notre Dame de Paris, which is translated as "Cathedral of Paris Mother of God".
Fedya: Of whose mother? (hinting to a common Russian profane expression)
'Works manager: Of Paris... Gods mother.

The strict policeman: Well, citizens - alcoholics, hooligans and drones. Who wants to work? Works orders for today are: sand pit, two persons...
A prisoner: Voice the list in full, please...

(Fedya refuses to let a young pregnant woman sit on his place)

A passenger in a bus: Shame on you! She's prepairing to become a mother!
Fedya: And I'm prepairing to become a father!

Fedya: Listen, did you have any accidents on the construction site?
Shurik: No, not one so far
Fedya:There will be them! Come along!

Segment "Operation Y"

  • Everything is stolen before us.
  • Experienced: Gotcha! Uh.. Peculator of socialistic property!
  • Coward: Could you tell me how many degrees below zero it is now?


Experienced: So, what's the deal?
Warehouse manager: Three hundred roubles.
Experienced: This is not serious!
Warehouse manager: Your conditions?
Fool: Three hundred and thirty!
Warehouse manager: Agreed.
Experienced: To each of us!
Warehouse manager: Agreed...

Warehouse manager: You should have drawn her attention by asking a simple casual question. But what did you ask?
Coward: «How can I get to a library?»...
Warehouse manager: At three o'clock after midnight! Idiot...

(While rehearsing a burglary in the manager's own barn)

Fool: (referring to a bottle of vodka): [Should I] Break it?
Warehouse manager: Break it.
Fool: Half a liter?
Warehouse manager: Half a liter.
Fool: In pieces?
Warehouse manager: Sure, in pieces.
Fool (angrily): Just you wait!!

Fool: Who are you?
Shurik: A guard.
Fool: And where is the gran?
Shurik: I'm instead of her.
Fool: And where is an exit?
Shurik: Over there. Hands up!
Fool: See this! (shows him a fig)

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