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In the early days all I hoped was to make a living out of what I did best. But, since there's no real market for masturbation I had to fall back on my bass playing abilities.
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Bob Paisley (1919 – 1996) was the most successful football manager in the history of Liverpool F.C. and English football in general.


  • "Mind you, I've been here during the bad times too - one year we came second."
    • Notes: On his time as a manager with Liverpool F.C.
  • "Bill was so strong it was unbelievable. You couldn't shake him off the ball. It didn't matter where he was playing, though I suppose his best position was outside-left. He could go round you, or past you, or even straight through you sometimes!"
    • Notes: On Billy Liddell
  • "Hey boss, do you think I look like a caveman?" - "I don't know about that, but you bloody play like one."
    • To Alan Kennedy, dressed like a caveman for a photoshoot. (His nickname was "Barney", after the Flintstone-character.)
  • "You may have found me mean and thirsty in my search for trophies, but the bad news is the man who is taking my place is hungrier than me. Fagan's the name and I don't think he'll need any help from the Artful Dodger!"
    • Notes: On his assistant, and successor as manager, Joe Fagan
  • "I just hoped that after the trials and tribulations of my early years in management, someone up high would smile on me and guide my hand. My plea was answered when we got Kenny Dalglish. What a player, what a great professional!"
  • "I'll tell you something, they shot the wrong bloody Kennedy!"
    • To Alan Kennedy after a bad first half on his debut as a Liverpool player.


  • "I owe Bob more than I owe anybody else in the game. There will never be another like him." ** Notes: Kenny Dalglish on Bob Paisley
  • "I go by records and Bob Paisley is the No 1 manager ever!"
    • Notes: Alan Hansen on Bob Paisley
  • "Liverpool wouldn't be the club it is today without Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley and the players who played there. When I first went there it was a typical Second Division ground and look at it now!"
    • Notes: Ian Callaghan on Bob Paisley
  • "If Shankly was the Anfield foreman, Paisley was the brickie, ready to build an empire with his own hands."
    • Notes: Tommy Smith on Bob Paisley
  • "I was Bob's first signing. He changed my life, as he did so many others. He gave us great memories and you can't put a price on that. He made me an adopted scouser."
    • Notes: Phil Neal on Bob Paisley
  • "Bob's knowledge of players and the game in general is unsurpassed. Football has known no equal in management or prize-winning, but his modesty and dignity were overwhelming as he led this club from one triumph to another. His name will always be synonymous with Liverpool."
    • Notes: Liverpool chairman David Moores on Bob Paisley

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