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In medieval literature, the paladins or Twelve Peers were known in the Matter of France as the retainers of Charlemagne. Based on this usage, the term can also refer to an honorable knight, which has been used in contemporary fantasy literature.

Quotes about Paladins


   King of Baron: I see you have become a Paladin, but I do not like that. That is not good, Cecil.
   Cecil: King Baron?
   King of Baron: Baron? Oh yes, that was the fool who refused to surrender!
   Cecil: Your majesty?
   King of Baron: It was interesting that you have defeated Milon. I'm surprised he made it as one of the Four Fiends of Elements.
   Cecil: Then you are?
   [the King of Baron reveals himself as Caignazzo]
   King of Baron: Indeed! I am Caignazzo, the Fiend of Water! 
- Final Fantasy IV


   Miko: A paladin never compromises.
   Roy: Does a paladin ever remove the stick from their ass?
   Miko: No. It's a class feature.

- The Order of the Stick".

Quotes from Paladin characters


  • "Yes, in order to win this war, we've had to employ the very technologies we intend to destroy." Power Armoured Templar Paladin, in Deus Ex: Invisible War - When prompted
  • "I will die for the templar cause!" - Female Templar Paladin, Deus Ex: Invisible War.


  • I, Miko Miyazaki, Paladin of the Sapphire Guard, have come to vanquish you this morning. Rouse yourself from your half-asleep stupor and prepare yourself for battle. In the interest of a fair and proper fight, I demand you be fully awake before we attack. Don't forget to retrieve your weapons from their resting places. - Miko Miyazaki, The Order of the Stick".
  • You have not eaten your morning meal yet. It would be dishonorable to fight a foe who has not had the chance to load up on carbs. - Miko Miyazaki, The Order of the Stick.