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Park Ji-Sung (Hangul: 박지성) (born February 25, 1981 in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, is a professional South Korean footballer who plays for the English football club Manchester United in the Premier League, as well as the South Korean national football team.


  • I was sitting alone in an empty locker room, left leg injured. I need to prove my worth when the opportunity is given. I look at my leg, powerless, and wonder why I had to get hurt in this moment. Then, Coach Hiddink appears out of nowhere with an interpretor and speaks to me in English. Not understanding, I stare at the interpretor. He says you have great mentality.With that kind of mental strength, you will become a great player. I was shocked. Before I could murmur the easy 'thank you' in English, he was gone. My heart was pounding. The coach always seemed to be so far away, but he came to me and told me I have great mentality. Somewhere inside, energy was rousing up.... mentality. I have nothing else to boast, but one thing I could do is to never give up. I will endure all hardships, even if I would die from it. And I will keep this mentality.... in the entire World Cup, I played with those words ringing in my ears. With my mentality, I can become a great player. I kicked the ball and ran around the field clinging on to those words. For better or for worse, I am calm and quiet, so not many people take notice of me. But I was sure that Coach Hiddink would be looking at me and urging me to move on. This gave me courage. If it was not for Coach Hiddink, I would not be where I am now. With the words 'where I am now,' I am not referring to me becoming famous or being able to purchase a spacious condo for my parents. I am referring to the fact that I learned to love myself more. Within a minute, what Coach Hiddink said to me changed my life forever. I feel a bit shy thinking about what he would think after reading this, but he is my 'master' and I owe him everything and I won't be able to repay it in my lifetime.
    • From Park's autobiography, praising the efforts of Guus Hiddink.
  • If his feet were covered with paint, he would paint the entire pitch. {Hyoung-OK Seo, a Korean Sportscaster}

  • When I enter into the pitch to play, I consider myself to be the best player on the pitch. I play in every game with the confidence.

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  • If his feet were covered with paint, he would paint the entire pitch. {Hyoung-OK Seo}

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