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Martin Parker (c. 1600 - c.1656), was an English ballad writer, and probably a London tavern-keeper.


  • Ye gentlemen of England
    That live at home at ease,
    Ah! little do you think upon
    The dangers of the seas.
    • Ye Gentlemen of England, (c. 1630).
  • When the stormy winds do blow.
    • Ye Gentlemen of England, (c. 1630). Compare: "When the battle rages loud and long, And the stormy winds do blow", Thomas Campbell, Ye Mariners of England.
  • In ancient times all things were cheape
    'Tis good to look before you leape
    When come is ripe 'tis time to reape.
    • The Roxburghe Ballads (c. 1630).

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