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Thes are quotes from the Pat and Ron Show(A.K.A Cubs Radio broadcasts).

Pat Hughes

(at beginning of game)"Chicago Cubs baseball is on the air!"

(during Cubs home runs)"That ball's got a chance...gone!"


(at a game in Houston; Ron's reading a fans email)

Fan in the stands below"Let's go 'stros!"

Ron Santo"... and there's a fan down there screaming. They ought to shoot him."

(September 23, 2008 at Shea Stadium. Ron stayed home in Chicago for this series.)

Pat"Some fans are wondering where Ron is and he's home in Chicago taking a break."

Cory Provus(subbing in for Ron) "I heard he was at the Blackhawks preseason game."

Pat"Yeah, he got to drop the puck."

Cory"Maybe they let him drive the Zamboni."

Pat"I wouldn't feel safe with him driving on the ice. I remember one time when we were in Milwaukee and the parking lot was slanted so I put in the parking brake. Ron was heading back to Chicago earlier so he took my car. He didn't know the parking brake was on so he drove all the way back to Chicago with the parking brake on. He had a top speed of 17 mph. He was also picking up some friends on the way but when they saw him they were like 'We're kinda in a hurry so I think we'll walk.'"