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Patrice Evra (born May 15, 1981) is a French-Senegalese international footballer, who plays for English Premiership side Manchester United.


  • I joined a club that has such a strong identity so I had to learn it.
  • I watched many cassettes, DVDs of Eric Cantona and have translated a lot of books
  • Now when an ex-player shakes hands with me, I know who he is.
  • Any agent asking for a transfer request for Cristiano Ronaldo would have to come with a bazooka.
  • Sir Alex Ferguson would know exactly how to welcome him. Protective equipment would be needed before going into the manager's office.
  • I'll be the king of all c***s if I fail here.
  • Cristiano makes me laugh because he is the only one to have his personal mirror in the dressing room. He spends hours doing his hair and putting on his gel. He loves his body.
  • Gary Neville talks very quickly and gets facial twitches. He often makes little grimaces as if he were receiving an electric shock. That makes us laugh a lot and Cristiano Ronaldo takes him off perfectly.
  • Edwin, who is The Albatross, is performing a lot better with us than when he was with Fulham.
  • Wayne Rooney is The Hummer because ‘he’s a four-wheel drive who destroys everything in his path,’ while the United line-up is completed by Paul ‘The Pitbull’ Scholes, Ryan ‘The Rocket’ Giggs, Ole ‘The Legend’ Solskjaer and Louis ‘The Panther’ Saha.
  • 'Nobody can stop him. Probably the only way to do it is to kill him. When he runs at you, you try to grab his shirt or do whatever you can. But he just goes past you, makes fun out of you and leaves you kicking the air.' - Evra on Christiano Ronaldo
  • Evra is less impressed with the food and weather in England, "The food is catastrophic," said Evra "And it's always raining. It's difficult for my wife and my son. When there's no training and no match, then we watch a DVD under a warm blanket."
  • My childhood nickname was Burnt French Fry

About Evra

" The best left-back Player in the history of football" Former Al Hilal Al Saudi club captain and legend Luqman Alhashem.

"I don’t think there is a better left-back in the Premier League than Evra. He’s a class apart.” Former Manchester United fullback Paul Parker

"He has developed into one of the best full-backs in world football and his infectious personality has helped to build the incredible team spirit that exists at Old Trafford." Sir Alex Ferguson

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