Patrice de Mac-Mahon, duc de Magenta

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Marie Edme Patrice Maurice de Mac-Mahon, 1st Duc de Magenta, Marshal of France (1808-06-13 - 1893-10-17) was a French general and politician.


  • Que d'eau! Que d'eau! et encore on ne voit que le dessus
    • So much water! So much water! And yet we see only the top
      • Concerning the floods of the Garonne river of 1875, in Montauban.
  • J'y suis. J'y reste!
    • I'm here. I'm staying here!
      • Reply, after the Republicans' victory in the elections of 1877, when Gambetta told him to "submit or resign" (se soumettre ou se démettre)
  • Ah c'est vous le nègre? Très bien, continuez!
    • Ah, so you're the negro? Very well, carry on!
      • After being told, as he was reviewing some troops, that one of the soldiers was of African ancestry
  • La fièvre typhoïde est une maladie terrible. Ou on en meurt, ou on en reste idiot. Et je sais de quoi je parle, je l'ai eue.
    • Typhoid fever is a terrible sickness. Either you die from it or you become an idiot. And I know what I'm talking about, I had it.

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