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Paul Ryan is a Republican United States Representative from Wisconsin's 1st congressional district.

On Taxes

  • "We don't have a tax revenue problem in Washington, we have a spending problem in Washington." [1]

On Technology

  • “There’s no reason that patients can’t have electronic access to their complete medical history... Just as people can check their bank account information online or using their ATM card, patients who want to should have electronic access to their medical records..." [2]

On Iraq

  • "Working together, America's military, Iraqi security forces and the Iraqi people have won a major battle in the war on terrorism." [3]

  • "This whole thing is a big gamble, but it's probably the best gamble to take before throwing in the towel..." [4]

  • "This law, by and large, extends the same kind of crime-fighting tools we apply to gangs and mobsters to terrorists. That's not something that is an infringement of our civil liberties." [5]

On Child Support

  • “Child support should do just that – support children, not the federal government." [6]

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