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Paul Weitz (born 1966 in New York) is an American filmmaker, who directed American Pie and About a Boy.


  • We are supposedly a country at war, but we’re all going about watching American Idol and having not all that different a time than if we weren’t at war. I observe the weird juxtaposition of reading the newspaper and then tuning into American Idol and getting really upset when Constantine gets voted off and then wondering where my head was at. But in a way, that’s also the salvation of the country, our level of optimism.
    • on making American Dreamz [1]
      • Also phrased as: "I think it was just the weird feeling of, being like a lot of Americans and sort of reading the paper in the morning and worrying about terrorism and whether the administration was handling things in the right way, and then in the evening worrying even more about whether Constantine was going to get kicked off American Idol. It was really just kind of observing myself and, finding this weird disconnect, between the supposedly deadly serious situation of being at war with us going about our daily lives as if nothing is happening."

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