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Pete Yorn (27 July 1974 – ) Singer-songwriter born in Montville, New Jersey


  • Well there is a lot of great music out there but sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find it.

Song Lyrics

  • Saw my reflection, covered in glass. How It reminds me of you. ~ "Turn Of The Century"
  • Don't say nothing bout the old house. Cos I burned it to the ground. And when the darkness comes, I lie awake. Playing lost and found ~ "All At Once"
  • When he comes around. Do not tell him nothing. Do not make a sound. Cos if he knows we're there he might tear his heart out. And beat us to death with it. ~ "All At Once"
  • I was alone, only ‘til you took me away. ~ "Black"
  • Waiting for a bottle of truth. I’m just a lonely guy in my youth. ~ "Black"
  • We were passers on the street. I never thought we'd meet until I said "How do you do, my love? ~ "Simonize"
  • Hey don't lock and turn away lose your life today and follow me into the alleyway. ~ "Simonize"
  • You know you’re the best thing ever To come out of this place ~ "Strange Condition"
  • And it’s a strange condition, And life in prison, It’s got me outta my head And I don’t know what I came for. ~ "Strange Condition"
  • So she won’t sleep better alone, And he won’t sleep better alone, No they won’t feel better alone. ~ "Sleep Better"
  • Don’t try, don’t try, Don’t try you’ll never win, And you can never be him. ~ "Sleep Better"
  • On the street. I was talking to you and you found something better to do. ~ "Carlos (Don't Let It Go To Your Head)
  • And when you're with yourself, oh don't let it go to your head. ~ "Carlos (Don't Let It Go To Your Head)
  • I’m taking what I gave to you again. ~ "EZ"
  • It was easy when you were younger, you can put it back together, it was there if you ever wanted it but you closed the door and said goodbye for good. ~ "EZ"
  • Can we begin again? Save it for another friend, I was happy in my life I won’t pretend. ~ "EZ"
  • I made up that story to change your mind. I could have been somebody else but now I'm me this time. "Intro (Day I Forgot Album)"
  • In your life, you can talk about it. Oh in your life, you can live without. Can live without. ~ "Come Back Home"
  • Say my name before you disappear. I always thought that you could handle this. ~ "Come Back Home"
  • And you know you're hard enough. And you find you're strong enough. Oh yeah you'll find you're hard enough. Oh yeah you'll find you're strong enough. ~ "Come Back Home"
  • There was a time. She could never see him and her fault was to always need him. ~ "So Much Work"
  • And he says “I know about your man” ...and their hearts will broken if you can't decide between them. ~ "So Much Work"
  • And it's the same sad song coming back again. The same old song, flows back again. ~ "So Much Work"
  • It's a lie in the end, you only satisfy your friends. ~ "So Much Work"
  • You don't have to walk alone. ~ "So Much Work"
  • So I sold the town away, I couldn’t wait to forget you, I was killed in half a day, I hadn’t time to regret you, ~ "Life On A Chain"
  • And I was waiting over here for life to begin, I was looking for the new thing And you were the sunshine heading my front line. I was alone you, were just around the corner from me. ~ "Life On A Chain"
  • So why'd you say those words to him. If you could start over again. ~ "When You See The Light"
  • You will remember (you WILL remember!) Where you could go (you WILL remember!) When you would go Away. ~ "When You See The Light"
  • And when you said I could not stay with you. That's not the way you would have wanted to be. ~ "For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is)"
  • Convince yourself that everything is alright. 'Cos it already is. ~ "For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is)"
  • So take your lessons hard and stay with him. And when your car crash comes, don't be misled. ~ "For Nancy ('Cos It Already Is)"
  • You come back and you don't tell the truth to me, no more. ~ "Committed"
  • Once you make your plan you follow it just right. ~ "Committed"
  • When you come back from your escape. Then I could follow you to hell. ~ "Committed"
  • If you hadn’t gone tomorrow, You could have stayed on ‘til June. ~ "June"
  • I’m old enough to feel the way I do. And I know that you are true, it’s just a part of my genes. ~ "June"
  • And you have stayed, A mile away from me, And you will stay a mile away from me. If you know what’s good for you, You could have stayed until June. ~ "June"
  • When I can’t stand. Up in this cage I’m not regretting. ~ "Lose You"
  • I don’t need a better thing. I’d settle for less. It’s another thing for me. I just have to wander through this world. Alone. ~ "Lose You"
  • 'Cause I’m gonna lose you. Yes, I’m gonna lose you. If I’m gonna lose you. I’ll lose you now for good. ~ "Lose You"
  • Come on over tonight. Come on over this morning. Momma says, “You only fall in love once.” ~ "Burrito"
  • And you think you know that they'll always be there. You never had the time. I want you to be fine. ~ "Burrito"
  • Oh Billie I want you so, I'm trying to meet you. Too many things they don’t know, too many repeatings, of beatings. ~ "Closet"
  • And he won’t follow. These lines he’s drawn for him and he don’t want to try. Seeing is believing Lord knows what he sees here every night. ~ "Murray"
  • And we both know. That people change. When truth’s not part of their lives. I’ve seen the love in their eyes. Don’t say goodbye. Goodbye. ~ "Murray"
  • Stay around for me. Out do everyone. Sometimes I catch them. Stay around for me. ~ "Farmer Vs. River"
  • I want you. I know you tried to find. ~ "Farmer Vs. River"
  • The words you never cared to say, “I want to start a family” ~ "Pass Me By"
  • I'm tired of all the people I'm seeing through ~ "Pass Me By"
  • Watch me now. Try. Couldn't walk down that line. Just pass me by. Just passing by. ~ Pass Me By"
  • She called today, Pretending not to care at all, For days and weeks, Now he’s hanging from the ceiling, What a life, Oh what a life, Was it a life? ~ "Sense"
  • I’m wide awake, I’ll drop you off for saying that, For days and two weeks, It was you who was defending such a lie, Oh what a lie, Was it a lie? ~ "Sense"
  • Something won’t forgive it all ~ "Sense"
  • I am on your side. I just want to tell you off. ~ "On Your Side"
  • So many lies. Are taking hold. It’s not your fault. There’s many scars. ~ "On Your Side"
  • You would never have the time. I would love to change your mind. You were there. And it was good in the beginning. ~ "Crystal Village"
  • You were there. We were good in the beginning. ~ "Crystal Village"
  • Take my hand, come with me. I see the lights so brightly. And we fall as if we never really mattered. ~ "Crystal Village"
  • You and I, we’re two of a kind, I hate to say it but you’ll never relate, what makes you tick? It makes me smile. ~ "Just Another"
  • And I could never see you depart us and you’re my baby, you’re just another girl. ~ "Just Another"
  • Too many. Things I do not care for But one thing that I adore. Is a girl like you. ~ "A Girl Like You"
  • And even if. I don't know what the day will bring. Still I can tell most anything. To a girl like you. ~ "A Girl Like You"
  • I don't miss you, still I will take a car to be with you. I don't know you, of course you think you know me. ~ "Long Way Down"
  • If it's we who choose. I'll reach another level. To be that one who never lost a day. ~ "Man In Uniform"
  • I know you never wanted it this way. I can see, I can see. ~ "Man In Uniform"



Saw my reflection, covered in glass. How It reminds me of you. ~ "Turn Of The Century"

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