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Peter Corey: British Children's Comedy Author/Scriptwriter and Actor. Author of 'Coping With' Series of books among others.

Quotes from specific Coping With Books

Coping with Cash

  • There are two distinct types of bike: The one your save up for and buy yourself, otherwise known as the 'Dream Machine' , and the one your parents buy for you, otherwise known as the 'Complete waste of space'.
  • It's easy to forget you are in debt to the tune of £10, and to a woman who never forgets anything. Crikey, she can even tell you which Coronation Street character was the first one to have their brain removed (Footnote: And not have it replaced by acting talent unfortunately.)

Coping With Christmas

  • For a start, let's look at the Grotto itself. By and large these are extremely aptly named, 'Grot' meaning rubbish and 'Oh' being exclamation of disappointed surprise.

Coping With Parents

  • Life with a Jolly Parent is a bit like life in a holiday camp. The beds are too small and there's an outbreak of Salmonella every five minutes.

Coping With Teachers

  • Flash Teacher: How to spot: He'll be the only member of staff who drives a customized Lada.

Quotes from other books

The A-Z of Absolutely Everything

  • Fishing is a jerk at one end of a line waiting for a jerk at the other end of a line.

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