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Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 February 1950) is an English musician who first came to fame as the lead vocalist of the progressive rock group Genesis. He left the group and went on to a successful solo career, and is also well known for his involvement in various humanitarian efforts.


  • I grieve for you
    You leave me
    So hard to move on
    Still loving what's gone
    They say life carries on
    Carries on and on and on and on...
  • Life carries on
    In the people I meet
    In everyone that’s out on the street
    In all the dogs and cats
    In the flies and rats
    In the rot and the rust
    In the ashes and the dust
    Life carries on and on and on and on.
    • "I Grieve" from City of Angels (1998)
  • Did I dream this belief
    or did I believe this dream
    how I will find relief
    I grieve...
    • "I Grieve" from City of Angels (1998)

Peter Gabriel (III) (1980)


  • You can blow out a candle
    But you can't blow out a fire
    Once the flames begin to catch
    The wind will blow it higher
  • Oh Biko, Biko, because Biko
    Yihla Moja, Yihla Moja
    — The man is dead.
    • Yihla Moja are Xhosa words which can be translated "Come Spirit."
  • And the eyes of the world are
    watching now.

Games Without Frontiers

  • If looks could kill, they probably will
    In games without frontiers — war without tears.
  • Dressing up in costumes, playing silly games
    Hiding out in tree-tops shouting out rude names
    — whistling tunes we hide in the dunes by the seaside
    — whistling tunes we piss on the goons in the jungle.
    It’s a knockout.

Peter Gabriel (IV) / Security (1982)

I Have The Touch

  • The time I like is the rush hour, cos I like the rush
    The pushing of the people — I like it all so much
    Such a mass of motion — do not know where it goes
    I move with the movement and... I have the touch .
  • I'm waiting for ignition, I'm looking for a spark
    Any chance collision and I light up in the dark
    There you stand before me, all that fur and all that hair
    Oh, do I dare... I have the touch.
  • Wanting contact
    I'm wanting contact
    I'm wanting contact with you.
  • I need contact
    Nothing seems to please
    I need contact.

Shock The Monkey

  • Shock the monkey to live.
  • Cover me when I run
    Cover me through the fire
    Something knocked me out' the trees
    Now I'm on my knees
    Cover me, darling please.
  • Fox the fox
    Rat on the the rat
    You can ape the ape
    I know about that
    There is one thing you must be sure of
    I can't take any more
    Darling, don't you monkey with the monkey.
  • Cover me, when I sleep
    Cover me, when I breathe
    You throw your pearls before the swine
    Make the monkey blind
    Cover me, darling please.
  • Shock the monkey to life.

So (1986)

Red Rain

  • red rain is coming down
    red rain
    red rain is pouring down
    pouring down all over me
  • I am standing up at the water's edge in my dream
    I cannot make a single sound as you scream
  • I come to you defences down
    with the trust of a child.

Don't Give Up

Duet written by Gabriel, sung with Kate Bush; female role in italics
  • I was taught to fight, taught to win
    I never thought I could fail

    no fight left or so it seems
    I am a man whose dreams have all deserted
    I've changed my face, I've changed my name
    but no one wants you when you lose.
  • Don't give up
    'cos you have friends
    Don't give up
    You're not beaten yet.
    Don't give up
    I know you can make it good...
  • Don't give up
    'cause somewhere there's a place
    where we belong.
  • Rest your head
    you worry too much
    it's going to be alright
    When times get rough
    you can fall back on us
    don't give up
    please don't give up
  • For every job, so many men
    so many men no-one needs.
  • Don't give up
    you know it's never been easy.
    Don't give up
    'cause I believe there's a place,
    there's a place where we belong.

In Your Eyes

  • Love I get so lost, sometimes
    days pass and this emptiness fills my heart

    when I want to run away
    I drive off in my car
    but whichever way I go
    I come back to the place you are.
  • All my instincts, they return
    and the grand façade, so soon will burn
    without a noise, without my pride
    I reach out from the inside.
  • In your eyes
    the light the heat
    in your eyes
    I am complete
    in your eyes
    I see the doorway to a thousand churches
    in your eyes
    the resolution of all the fruitless searches
    in your eyes
    I see the light and the heat
    in your eyes
    oh, I want to be that complete
    I want to touch the light
    the heat I see in your eyes.
  • I get so tired of working so hard for our survival
    I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive.

That Voice Again

  • I’m hearing right and wrong so clearly
    There must be more than this
    It’s only in uncertainty
    That we’re naked and alive.
  • What I carry in my heart
    Brings us so close or so far apart
    Only love can make love.

Mercy Street

  • Looking down on empty streets, all she can see
    are the dreams all made solid
    are the dreams all made real.
  • All of the buildings, all of those cars
    were once just a dream
    in somebody's head
  • Dreaming of mercy st.
    wear your inside out
    dreaming of mercy
    in your daddy's arms again
  • Dreaming of the tenderness — the tremble in the hips
    of kissing Mary's lips.
  • Mercy, mercy, looking for mercy...

We Do What We're Told

  • we do what we're told
    told to do

Shaking the Tree (1990)

Shaking The Tree

Written with Youssou N'Dour
  • Souma Yergon, Sou Nou Yergon, We are shakin' the tree
  • Waiting your time, dreaming of a better life
    Waiting your time, you're more than just a wife
  • It's your day — a woman's day
    It's your day — a woman's day
  • Turning the tide, you are on the incoming wave
    Turning the tide, you know you are nobody's slave
  • Make the decision that you can be who you can be
    You can be
    Tasting the fruit come to the Liberty Tree
  • Changing your ways, changing those surrounding you
    Changing your ways, more than any man can do
    Open your heart, show him the anger and pain, so you heal
    Maybe he's looking for his womanly side.
  • You had to be so strong
    And you do nothing wrong
    Nothing wrong at all
    We're gonna to break it down
    We have to shake it down
    Shake it all around

Us (1992)

Love To Be Loved

  • And in this moment, I need to be needed
    With this darkness all around me, I like to be liked
    In this emptiness and fear, I want to be wanted
    'Cause I love to be loved
    I love to be loved
    I love to be loved
    Yes, I love to be loved.
  • I cry the way that babies cry
    The way they can't deny
    The way they feel
    Words, they climb all over you
    'Til they uncover you
    From where you hide.
  • This old familiar craving
    I've been here before, this way of behaving
    Don't know who the hell I'm saving anymore
    Let it pass let it go let it leave
    From the deepest place I grieve
    This time I believe
    And I let go ...

Fourteen Black Paintings

Full text online
  • From the pain come the dream
  • From the people come the power
    From this power come the change

Kiss That Frog

  • So what's one little kiss, one tiny little touch?
    Aah, he's wanting it so much
    I swear that this is royal blood, running through my skin
    Oh, can you see the state I'm in
    Kiss it better, kiss it better
  • Don't you know that I'm not joking
    Aah, you think you won't, I think you will
    Don't you know that this tongue can kill
    C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
    Lady kiss that frog
  • Kiss that frog, lady kiss that frog
    Get wet, get wet

OVO (2000)

The Time of the Turning

  • In the big house
    Where the sun lives
    With the walls so white and blue
    In the red soil
    All the green grows
    And the winds blow across your face
    They blow across your heart
    It's the time of the turning and there's something stirring outside
    It's the time of turning and we'd better learn to say our goodbyes
  • It's the time of turning and there's something stirring outside
    It's the time of turning and the old world's falling
    Nothing you can do can stop the next emerging
    Time of the turning and we'd better learn to say our goodbyes
  • If we can stand up
    When all else falls down
    We'll last through the winter
    We'll last through the storms
    We'll last through the north winds
    That bring down the ice and snow
    We'll last through the long nights
    Till the green field's growing again
    Growing again

Up (2002)

More Than This

  • I walked until I couldn't walk anymore
    to a place I'd never been
    there was something stirring in the air
    in front of me, I could see
    more than this
  • more than this
    so much more than this
    there is something else there
    when all that you had has all gone
    and more than this
    I stand
    feeling so connected
    and I'm all there
    right next to you
  • now we're busy making all our busy plans
    on foundations built to last
    but nothing fades as fast as the future
    and nothing clings like the past, until we can see
    more than this


  • We have always looked to political ideology to bring about change in our society. It may well be that technology does this job much more effectively. Power to the people right on.
  • There has always been a strong relationship between music and religion. It is because they both plug directly into the heart and can have real power for good or evil,
  • Music is something that makes you feel, makes you think, and if you're really lucky, it makes you move.

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