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Popples is a Saturday morning cartoon from DiC that aired from 1986 to 1987.

Popples Panic at the Library

Cookin' Up a Storm

Molars and Bicuspids, and Popples

The Treasure of Popple Beach

Popping at the Car Wash

Billy: Mom says I can ride through the carwash and yoooou caaaan't.
Bonnie: Can so.
Billy: Can NOT.
Bonnie: Mom, can I ride through the carwash, too?
Mom: Of course, dear.
Bonnie: See, told you so.
Billy: Cabbagehead!
Bonnie: Rutabegabrain!
Mom: Just make sure to keep the windows rolled up. Promise?
Billy and Bonnie: We promise.
Mom: Okay, have fun, and I'll see you on the other side. Bye.
Billy and Bonnie: Bye!

P.C.: What about Puffball?
Party: He's popping out of control.
P.C.: I'll handle this.
Putter: Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba.
P.C.: Putter, get ahold of yourself.
Putter: Ba-ba-ba.....ahhh......That suction thing got Puffball! She's trapped in the dustbin!
Party: Well, I guess this looks like a job for....
Party: Hahahahahahahaha! Pop!
Bonnie: Here we go!
Party: Get a move on, P.C.
P.C.: Could somebody open a window please?
Billy: OH NO! We promised Mom that we'd keep all the windows closed.
Party: P.C., Hurry!
P.C.: Hmmm.....This could be a definite problem.
Billy: But we didn't say anything about the roof.
P.C.: Notice I said COULD!!

Bonnie: I can't get this thing up!
Billy: Not like that...like this...
Bonnie: Now look what you've done...it's stuck.
Putter: Uh...you guys....
Billy: No it isn't.
Bonnie: Yes it is!
Putter: You guys....
Putter: Hey you guys! Oh, forget it.
Billy: [To Bonnie] Cabbagenose!
Bonnie: [To Billy] Broccolibreath!

Springtime's a Poppin

Popples Play Pee Wee Golf

Popples Flood the Fluff n' Fold

PC: Party, get your hand out of my pouch. Putter: HeHeHe, I'm not Party and its not my hand.

Clean Sweep of Things

Poppin' Wheelies

Bonnie's Popple Party

Aisles of Trouble

  • Characters: Billy,Bonnie, Party, Pancake, Puffball, [later] P.C.
  • Bonnie: [looks through the kitchen drawers] DARN! There's nothing to eat!
  • Billy: [opens up the refrigerator and looks inside] You can say that again. [closes the refrigerator]
  • Billy and Bonnie: Wha-? Huh?
  • Pancake: Let's p-p-p-play!
  • Bonnie: We're too hungry to play, and there's nothing to eat.
  • Party: Nothing to eat?
  • Bonnie: Without food, we don't have any energy to play.
  • Billy: And without playing, we could turn into owls!
  • Pancake: We've got to do something.
  • Party: No food? No playing? This is an emergency!
  • Pancake: They don't need the police. They need food.
  • Party: And we know where to get it.
  • Puffball: We do?

  • Mom: [sees that the refrigerator is full of food] Why do you mean there's no food? The refrigerator is filled.
  • Billy: But there's no candy.
  • Mom: Too much candy isn't good for you. [closes the refrigerator]
  • Bonnie: But it tastes good!
  • Mom: So do sandwiches, and I'll make you some when I get back from the cleaners. [puts a red apple in Billy's hand and leaves the kitchen]
  • P.C.: You found food! THAT'S AMAZING!!
  • Billy: Not really, my Mom gave it to me.
  • P.C.: What are you waiting for? Eat it before you starve!
  • Bonnie: We're going to wait for my Mom to make us sandwiches.
  • P.C.: But I thought you were com-p-p-pletely out of food.
  • Bonnie: Yeah, we're out of candy and other good stuff. But Mom's going to make us some healthy food. Yuck!
  • P.C.: OH NO!! Puffball, Party, and Pancake went to the food store. We've got to stop them before they buy everything. Come on!

  • Puffball: I demand you to stop, you p-p-positivly need some candy!
  • Puffball: WOW! We ought to come here for Halloween! [Laughing]
  • Pancake: Gee, I don't know if candy is good for kids to eat, [Laughing]
  • Puffball: Its so much fun! It can't be bad, [Laughing]
  • Puffball: We've got candy and carrots,[laughing] What else do they need?
  • Party: How 'bout some pa-pa-pa-pork![Giggle]
  • Pancake: Or maybe some pa-pa-pa-prime rib [Laughs]
  • Party: ...Or maybe some pa-pa-pa-srami!AhHa, or some more pa-pa-pa-pa-pastrami[Giggling]
  • Puffball: [Laughing] That sounds great, but where are we going to find meat? There must be a cattle ranch in here somewhere!

  • P.C.: This whole food thing is making me loose my appetite!

[Entering store]

  • Bonnie: UOOO!
  • Billy: Great! How are going to find them?
  • P.C.: I bet they're at the Ice Cream section...Puffball's in love with Mr. Chip...Chocolate Chip that is!! [Laughs]

  • Party: Are you sure this is where they keep the meat?[Giggles]
  • Puffball: [In John Wayne voice] I'm not sure, Compadre, but it's worth checkin'out!
  • Pancake: [Doning cowboy hat and lasso from pouch] YEEE HAAA!
  • Party: Is there meat in there? [Laughs]
  • Pancake: I"m not sure. [Laughs] Do they make cows this small? [Laughs]
  • Party I don't know...Listen to it [Giggles]
  • Party [Whispering to Puffball] Puffball, [Giggles] You know what to do.[Giggles again]
  • Party & Puffball MOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • PancakeAWWWWW! HaHa, Papapapa Party!Thethethe prime rib "mooed" at me!
  • Party & Puffball [Hysterical Giggling] Well, then it's meat alright! [Hysterical Giggling Continues]

  • Bonnie: [laughing] Stop, Pancake! [laughs again]
  • Billy: P.C.'s right. My Mom says we we're just exaggerating.
  • Bonnie: We weren't really out of food.
  • Pancake: You're p-p-p-pulling my leg?
  • P.C.: It's true, Pancake.

[the manager walks through the aisle where Bonnie, Billy, and the Popples are, and Bonnie and Pancake are shocked]

  • Pancake: [scared] Now we're really in trouble!
  • Puffball: [low tone] Hey, grumpy! Yeah, you! I've been hanging in this store for a long time! When do I get a break?
  • Manager: Huh?

[Billy, Bonnie, and the Popples, except Puffball laugh a distance away]

  • P.C.: Before the manager realizes he's talking to a banana, we'd better split. Hey! Banana Split! Get it? [laughs]
  • Pancake: Last one home makes lunch! [laughs]

Popples Paint Party

Pop-Paring For Bed


Sports Shop Pop

Takin' Out the Trash

A Hair-Raising Experience

Pop Goes the Radio

Poppin' Pillow Talk

Where the Pop Flies

Hurray For Hollywood

Backyard Bigtop

Backyard Adventure

  • Billy: This is a perfect spot for the tent Bonnie
  • Bonnie: Great, I got the stakes right in....
  • Party: Its p p p party time! Heee heee
  • Bonnie: GRRRRRR!
  • Party: Let the good times roll!(giggling)
  • Bonnie: How about letting them roll somewhere else
  • Billy: What gives, Party?
  • Party: Me!...I give hats!...and I give streamers(giggles) and I give party lights (giggles) and I give confetti (giggles again)
  • Bonnie: And she gives headaches!
  • P.C.: (snaps fingers) Ha hea hea heah. Its not a party Party.
  • Party: Huh?!...well it could be.
  • P.C.: It could be an earthquake too, ha ha, but it isn't.
  • Bonnie: Mom's sure going to be angry when she sees this back yard.
  • Billy: P.C's here Bonnie, we've got nothing to worry about.
  • P.C.: Heee heee heee heeeee. Right you you are, Billy old pop-pal
  • P.C.: What's next....?
  • Party:The balloons and clowns and cake....
  • P.C.: Party!
  • Billy: We can use some help putting the tent up, P.C.
  • P.C.: Piece of cake
  • Bonnie: I've got a feeling we're going to regret this.


  • P.C.: Haha, what are supposed to be doing?
  • Party: Just providing a little entertainment!
  • P.C.: These stakes are for the tent!
  • Party: I didn,t know the tent was that hungry. (giggles)
  • P.C.: Wrong stakes Parteeee!

  • Party: I knew this was going to be fun, P.C, aren't you glad your here(giggles).
  • P.C.: Sure ,pu-pulling at a rope in the middle of the night is loads of fun.

  • Bonnie: Hmmmm, I thought I packed the hot dogs in here.
  • Putter : Ha hee heeeha hee, oh great mysteries of the middle east! Behold their magic sp-p-p-pells haha!
  • Party: Yeah!, What we need is some music to liven this up (giggles)
  • Putter : Chow time!!! (pop)

Poppin' At the Drive-In

Popplin' Around the Block

Moving Day

Tree House Capers

No Bizness Like Popple Bizness

Museum Peace

Lemonade Stand-Off

Popple Post Office

Funhouse Folly

Fixer-Upper Popples

Rock Around the Popples

The College of Popple Knowledge

Popple Cheer

Barn Hoopla

The Jellybean Jamboree

Private Eye Popples

The Repair Shop

Decatha-Pop-A-Lon Popples

Popples' Backyard Adevnture (remake of the Popples cartoon, Backyard Adventure) from Looney Tunes: Duck Amuck

FOOFA: Sleepovers, check! Tent, check! Picnic, check! Beach stuff, check! I'm ready for the backyard adventure. I think I'd never go, Brobee.
BROBEE: I told her to go camping. Come on, Foofa. I'm through outside. I need some stuff and more! How about the cover?
PARTY: Are Brobee and Foofa ready to have fun for the party; I want the party stuff: the party hats, the party tie wraps, the party lights... and the party stuffs?
FOOFA: (Toodee's voice thinking) And she gives headaches.
PC: I'm here. That was NOT the party, Party.

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