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The Preston and Steve morning show, originating at Y100 Philadelphia, features DJ's Preston Elliot and Steve Morrison. After radio station Y100 was shut down, the show moved to 93.3 FM WMMR, a Philadelphia mainstream rock station. The show broadcasts live on the radio as well as streaming audio via the station website from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. EST, Monday through Friday.



  • Gadzooks!

History Preston had began to discuss a story that had arisen about John F Kennedy haven been given a watch by Marylin Monroe. Upon taking the story in, Steve reverted to his token Kennedy bit, and began to worry endlessly about the gift becoming known to his wife, and thus exposing his affair. The phrase "Gadzooks, where's the watch!" prompted this Preston-and-Steve-ism. The previous day, Steve had also used the term during a story about Robert Kennedy Jr. to less effect.


  • Monkey Pick Ass! Monkey Masturbate!
  • [in James Mason voice] Monkey throw feces! That's what monkey's do you know.
  • [James Mason voice]: I pick my ass for pleasure, not for defense. That's where the feces come in.
  • [in Anna Nicole voice]: Wanna benefit from the death of my son?
  • [in Anna Nicole voice]: What are ya gonna do with my body?

  • [in Anna Nicole voice]': How gay are you?
  • (As airplane pilot): Thank you for chosing Hooters Air today, if you take a look around you'll notice that the stewardesses are not actually hooters girls, we have replaced them with the usual pigs... This is Ester's 75th years with us, and you can see that she is so senile, she can't even use the seatbelt. And that thing you see dragging behind her is her uterus, so please be careful as to avoid stepping on it and enjoy your flight.
  • What was that?!?! All I wanted was some chili!


  • Office (mistakenly spoken for "Awesome" while speaking with an in-studio guest)
  • Feeling the fruits of life!
  • I have the need- the need to eat pizza!
  • I am feeling good, and I hope you are too


  • You have to suck those to the core.
  • I'm really jamming it down there.
  • I remember the first time I saw an uncircumsized penis.
  • I like to suck on them until there are just nuts left and its just nuts left on my tongue.
  • I know a whole bunch of families that got AIDS... I mean lice!!!!
  • Man, if the animals can find the strength, why can't we?


  • That idiot can't even get me off!
  • I like semen.
  • Stop It!!
  • If I put that on, I get eaten worse.
  • No, I'm hydrating my boobs!


  • WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Guess what I get to do?!?!


  • Hey bitches? Hey What?

Intern Joe

  • AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! (in a Mariah Carey octave)


  • Steve: Some people make [Ian Ziering] the odds-on favorite to win Dancing with the Stars, because he's paired up with this girl, here.
  • Kathy: Cheryl Burke.
  • Preston: Oh, the one who won it before.
  • Kathy: Twice. She's won it twice, with Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith.
  • Preston: Yes.
  • Nick: Very hot.
  • Steve: And Stephen Hawking.
  • Preston: Oh my God.
  • Steve: (in Stephen Hawking voice) I-want-to be-loved-by-you, by-you,and-nobody-else-but-you.
  • (All but Steve laugh)
  • Steve: (in Stephen Hawking voice) The-name-of-the-dance-is-the-peppermint-twist. Bum-de-bum.
  • (All but Steve continue to laugh)
  • Preston: Ugh. I think I coughed something up. All right.
  • Steve: Top that, Heather Mills!
  • Preston: Yeah, no kidding.
  • Steve: This dude's in a ziploc bag!

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