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Prince William of Wales (William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor; born June 21, 1982; commonly known as Prince William) is the oldest son of Charles, Prince of Wales and his first wife, the late Diana, Princess of Wales and a grandson of Queen Elizabeth II. He is second in the line of succession to the British Throne and the thrones of the other Commonwealth Realms, behind his father. He is the elder brother of Prince Henry of Wales.


  • [...]I think it's-- we're very lucky. You know, we have lots of things that we are very fortunate to have. You know, we have a house, you know? We have, you know, all these sort of nice things around us. And so, you know, we're grateful for that because so many people don't have that. We have, you know, relative stability and stuff like that. And, you know, lots of things that, you know, everyone would, you know, love to have.
    • Responding to the question: "What's the coolest thing about being a prince?"[1] (2007)

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