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Punks and Nerds is a webcomic by Josh Mirman about two cousins, Brad and Mike; a punk and a nerd respectively. Punks and Nerds started on September 6th, 2004, and updates three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The comics are mostly gag-a-day, with loose continuity between multiple-strip storylines. The first 117 strips have been released in book form available from the comic's website.


  • "I am a million feet tall of AWESOOOOOMEE!!!!"
  • "Yes... Winter... One day I shall defeat it... This I swear..."
  • "Stop Trying To Change Me WOOOMAAAAAAAN!!!"
  • "Well played, Uterus... Well played..."
  • "Behind every Bruceman, there is a Brucewoman."


  • "Oh God Fries!!"
  • "Shut up! I'm going to kill you and eat your brains to steal your magical powers of artness!GRRR!
  • "i have never been so hard in my life and I don't know why..."


  • "Emo just means 'I'm sad so I'm going to whine about it!'"
  • "To my livejournal fans: Today I made a nerd bigger than myself cry so that I can feel better about myself. It was AWESOME. XD"
  • "Yeah... Princess Peach is hot. But the bad part is you have to go rescue her everytime she craves Koopa cock and then feels bad about it the next morning."
  • "I'm cooler than ever because INSOMNIA BUILDS CHARACTER!!"

Mr. Dildo

  • "The G-Spot Is Real! I Have Touched It! It Is Glorious!"
  • "But Mike! We have so much in common! We were both inside your Mom!"


  • "Ew! Don't look at me, i'll lick you!"
  • "I like balls slapping on my chin!"