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  • Of course, Quebec-bashing is nothing new for the anglophone press, but it is so widespread these days that one wonders if it hasn't become a natural and acceptable expression of Canadian patriotism.[1]
  • They (the English Canadian media) cover Quebec as exploiters, stirring up the prejudice of the population. It is not to shed light upon the question that Mordecai Richler makes his comments in Saturday Night, it is to fan the flames of hatred and prejudice. After the referendum, spirits hardened up in Canada, even in the newspaper in which I write. More space was reserved to complaints of Anglo-Quebecers concerning their so-called persecution. Anglo-Canadians believe more and more that they have the right to interfere in Quebec life. It is very embarassing.[2]
  • Our English media really hurt us. It's very seldom that we hear about the good things rather than bashing us about the same 35-year history of 'when are we going to separate?' and 'when is the sky going to fall?' [...] We have a lot to offer if we only believed in ourselves and promoted ourselves better. [...] If our English media would take a more positive outlook on what happens in Quebec and Montreal, we'd do a lot better. The outside world does not view us the way we do ourselves.[1]
    • Howard Silverman, president of Corporate Affairs International Inc., speaking at a lunch organized by the Jewish Business Network


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