Quintin Hogg, Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone

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The Right Honourable Quintin McGarel Hogg, Baron Hailsham of St Marylebone, KG, CH, PC (1907-10-092001-10-12), formerly 2nd Viscount Hailsham (1950–1963), was a British Conservative politician.


  • Conservatives do not believe that political struggle is the most important thing in life...The simplest among them prefer fox-hunting—the wisest religion.
  • Quintin Hogg, The Case for Conservatism (Penguin, 1947), p. 10.
  • Being Conservative is only another way of being British.
  • Quintin Hogg, The Case for Conservatism (Penguin, 1947).
  • A great party is not to be brought down because of a scandal by a woman of easy virtue and a proved liar.
  • "Lord Hailsham speaks out", The Times, 14 June 1963, p. 9.
  • On the Profumo affair. Interview with Robert McKenzie on "Gallery" for BBC television.
  • Lord Hailsham: But to try to turn it into a party issue, is really beyond belief contemptible.
    Robert McKenzie: Do you feel that the others that have spoken out, the Bishops, The Times and so on, have tried to turn it into a party issue?
    Hailsham: I think you have!
  • Conclusion of the same interview.
  • If the British public falls for this, I think it would be stark, staring bonkers.
  • "Tories to fight like fury, Party chairman says", The Times, 13 October 1964 (p. 12)
  • At a press conference on 12 October 1964 during the general election campaign, referring to the policies of the Labour Party.
  • If you can tell me there are no adulterers on the front bench of the Labour Party you can talk to me about Profumo.
  • Stephen Dorril and Robin Ramsay, "Smear" (Fourth Estate, 1991) p. 48
  • Reply to heckler's cry of "Profumo!" at a public meeting on 13 October 1964. Hogg probably had in mind the Labour Party leader Harold Wilson specifically.
  • There is a sense in which all law is nothing more nor less than a gigantic confidence trick.
  • Speech to Devon Magistrates, The Times 12 April 1972.


  • The best way I know of to win an argument is to start by being in the right.


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