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Latest news

Past events

  • April 27: Wikimedia Board Election process begins.
  • April 23: Yehudi is now a sysop. Congrats!
  • April 23: Stuart West (w:User:Stu) join Wikimedia Board of Trustees and now the Treasurer. The Board now consists in eight people.
  • April: Single user sign-in test begins. Sysops are invited to join the test and fill the bugs they find.
  • March 21: English Wikiquote has 15,000 articles. The milestone article is Nicholas Roerich posted by Kalki.
  • March 13: Cato is now a checkuser. Congrats!
  • March 8: Cato requests for checkuser access.
  • February 18: Poetlister is now a bureaucrat. Congrats!
  • February 4: Poetlister requests for bureaucrat access.