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Exquisite-opera.pngThis page is an official policy on Wikiquote.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow.
Please do not make significant changes to this page without prior discussion.



  1. The bot should be distinguished from humans. The name should identify the user as a bot. A name of the form "[normal user]Bot" is highly recommended.
  2. The bot should have its user page. That page should identify the operator, the purpose of the bot and note whether it has a bot flag.
  3. Every bot should be listed on Category:Bots before it begins to be run. They are also listed on this page.


  1. The bot's operator must be reachable. The bot account must have an authentificated email address to the operator which enables anyone to mail the operator. In addition, it is strongly recommended the bot's operator has his own user, where he can be reached. An acceptable, but less recommended, alternative is pointing to the operator's page in some other wikimedia project.
  2. The bot's operator must be available in English. Since the only language the en.wikiquote admins are guaranteed to know is English, it is imperative that they will need be able to contact the operator in English.

Requests for bot flag

The bot flag is granted by a local bureaucrat subject to community consensus. To request a bot flag, make sure your bot complies with the policy above, then add a header with its name. Under the header, give a short overview of the bot's purpose. The discussion normally lasts for two weeks, but can be shortened or expanded at discretion of a sysop or bureaucrat.

Either granted or rejected, fulfilled votes are found at archives.

currently none

=== [[user:Yourbot]] ===
I request bot flag to my bot 
* Operator: ~~~~
* Purpose: 
* Script used : 
* Already has the bot flag on : 
* Note : (if any)
Thank you. --~~~~

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