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Stub notices

A more comprehensive introduction to stub notices exists in Quotes:Stub. However, it does not cover, intentionally, {{section-stub}}. This template should be used when the article, as a whole, is non-stub but a specific section is covered very little, or perhaps not at all.

Cleanup notices

The basic cleanup template is {{cleanup}}. It fails to identify the type of page (and so, puts all the pages in the same category).

By type of page

Please note that since these cleanup templates do not identify specific problems, it is considered highly desirable to list the issues on the article's talk page.

By type of issue

  • {{disputed}} for articles where inaccuracy is suspected.
  • {{merge|target}} for articles which should be merged into a bigger article.
  • {{no-intro}} for no useful identification of the subject: no wp link and an an introduction which is either too short or does not exist.
  • {{npov}} for articles which fail to follow NPOV.