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Even when I'm sick and depressed, I love life.
Arthur Rubenstein
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Full Name (Date of birth–Date of death) followed by a simple brief note on a person's occupations and social roles. In this and other commentary locations one can optionally provide pertinent links to other locations within Wikiquote, the Wikipedia, or other Wikimedia projects. Please use complete sentences and write dates as YYYY-MM-DD. (Dates written in this format will appear to logged-in users in their selected date format, with links to assist the Quote of the day team.)


  • English quotation.
    • Full citation for quote, including co-authors (if any), title, and the specific edition you are citing.
    • Optional clarifications, notes on context, etc.
  • Non-English quotation.
    • Translation: English translation
    • Full citation. Include references for both the original-language source and the translation you are using, unless you are the translator. If the original language text is not available, use the "English quotation" form instead.
    • Optional clarifications, notes on context, etc.

Specific novel/play/work (date published or created)

Additional bibliographic details may be included in an introductory sentence, so they need not be repeated for each quotation.


  • Quotation
    • Notes: context, clarification (where it is not clear), etc.


  • Quotation from a review or critique of the person's work.
    • Citation for the review.

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