Richard Anthony Proctor

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An air of mystery surrounds his researches

Richard Anthony Proctor (23 March, 1837 Chelsea, London - 12 September, 1888, New York) was an English astronomer.


Astronomical Essays (1872)

  • As an astronomer in the true sense of the term, Sir John Herschel stood before all his contemporaries. Nay, he stood almost alone.
    • "Sir John Herschel", p.1

Saturn and its System (2nd ed 1882)

  • An air of mystery surrounds his researches, lying, as they do, chiefly in depths to which the far-seeing eye of the telescope alone penetrates.
    • Chapter 1, p.2
  • The whole system has been long since swept away, and its records merely remain as illustrations of perverted ingenuity.
    • Of the Ptolemaic system
    • Chapter 2, p.32

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