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Robert Anthony Salvatore (born 1959-01-20), who writes under the name R. A. Salvatore, is a fantasy author best known for his Forgotten Realms novels and The DemonWars Saga.

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  • One had been dismissed — and subsequently executed — for a foiled assassination attempt on a higher ranking student, a second had been killed in the practice arena, and the third died in his bunk of natural causes — for a dagger in the heart quite naturally ends one's life.
    • Homeland (1990) [Wizards of the Coast, 2005, ISBN 0-786-93953-2], p. 157
    • Drizzt Do'Urden about his "friends" from Melee-Magthere
  • I shudder at the concept of a world tamed.
    • The Demon Apostle (1999) [Random House Publishing Group, 1999, ISBN 0-345-39154-3], p. 210
    • Elbryan Wyndon

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