Follow the Rabbit Proof Fence

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Follow The Rabbit Proof Fence is a novel by Doris Pilkington Garimara. It concerns the author's mother, and two other young mixed-race Aboriginal girls, who ran away from a Western Australian settlement at Moore River. It was made into a film in 2002, entitled Rabbit-Proof Fence.

Chapter 5- Jigalong, 1907-1931

  • As she grew older, Molly often wished that she didn’t have light skin.
    • Pg. 38
  • The common belief of the time was that half castes were smarter than full blood blacks.
    • Pg.40
  • Wherever they went, the trio stood out from the main community.
    • Pg. 41

Chapter 6- The Journey South

  • All they knew was that they were going to the settlement to go to school. Rain clouds were gathering and by the time they reached the bend where large grey boulders loomed along either side of the road, the sky was black with rain clouds.
    • Pg. 50
  • George told them about the many the races of people in the world.
    • Pg. 53
  • If you go to the school you don’t see your family for years and years.
    • Pg. 60

Chapter 7-The Moore River Native Settlement, 1931

  • They lay feeling cold and lonely, listening to the sound of rain bouncing off the tin roof.
    • Pg. 64
  • "I don’t feel like climbing the hill," said Martha. "But if you go I guess I’ll go too."
    • Pg. 69
  • It was more like a concentration camp, then a residential school for aboriginal children.
    • Pg. 72
  • "We all know it’s awful," said Martha. "But we all got over it."
    • Pg. 73
  • "We’d better hurry, it’s going to rain again." They stood briefly on the verandah to watch the thunder clouds rumbling in the west. There was a flash of lightning, followed by another. "Quick, run," urged Martha. "It’s going to rain."
    • Pg. 74

Chapter 8-The Escape

  • Gracie and Daisy joined her but they didn’t care for they gray, dismal day and said so in no uncertain terms.
    • Pg. 75
  • Bossing and bullying was everywhere around them and there were cries and squeals.
    • Pg. 76
  • We’ll find Rabbit Proof Fence, and follow it all the way home. We’re gonna walk all the way.
    • Pg. 78
  • A marbu, a sharp toothed, flesh-eating evil spirit that has been around since dream-time. The old people always had told children to be careful and to watch out for them and now the three girls had finally seen one.
    • Pg. 85
  • Molly lay, listening to the rain steadily falling on the sand outside.
    • Pg 87
  • The weather remained unchanged. The skies were grey and a cold wind was blowing across the bush-land. It looked like more rain was coming their way.
    • Pg. 89
  • Their big sister had proved herself to be a worthy leader. Her self control and courage, had never faltered throughout the trek.
    • Pg 96
  • It was only then when they realized that the sun and the blue sky had disappeared. There was nothing but dark rain clouds.
    • Pg. 97
  • Drizzling and darkness forced them to find a good place to set up camp for the night.
    • Pg. 101
  • There was no rain, only rain drops.
    • Pg. 101
  • Molly realized that they still had a long way to go through an unknown part of the country.
    • Pg. 104
  • They evaded capture by practicing survival tricks passed down from their nomadic ancestors.
    • Pg. 106
  • But their festering sores were still aching and they could find no relief.
    • Pg. 108
  • For the three runaways, the fence was a symbol of love, home, and security.
    • Pg. 109
  • Their need and desire for food overcame fear and caution.
    • Pg 111
  • Molly and Daisy lingered for as long as they dared before they accepted Gracie’s parting.
    • Pg. 116
  • They were in their own land now, they knew exactly where they were heading.
    • Pg. 118
  • These two girls had overcome their fears and proved that they could survive. It took a strong will and a purpose - they had both.
    • Pg 119-120
  • The trek had been no easy feat. It had taken months to complete and nothing or nobody could take this moment of happiness and satisfaction from them.
    • Pg 123

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