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Racing Stripes is a 2005 w:adventureadventure/comedy movie, directed by Frederik Du Chau. It is similar in the style to the 1995 movie Babe, in that the protagonist is a talking animal who lives on a farm and succeeds at an activity not expected of his species. The movie was filmed in Pietermaritzburg and Nottingham Road, South Africa.


  • If that's a racehorse, then I'm D-O double-G, baby.
  • Well, like my mama used to say, 'You can put your boots in the oven but that won't make 'em biscuits.'


  • Reggie: Well, subdivide me and Kentucky fry me!
  • Miss Dalrymple: What is that dreadful child up to now?
  • Miss Dalrymple: (to Channing) This is a racetrack, dear, not the Serengeti.
  • Sir Trenton: (referring to Stripes and Sandy) What have we got here? Beauty and the beast.
  • Roughshod: Hey, plow-boy! You missed a spot.


Franny: Question time. What exactly are you?
Stripes: I don't know.
Tucker: Okay. We can rule out genius.

Tucker: Kids these days. No control. Now back in my day-
Franny: Oh, here we go with the ancient history lesson. Enough!

Franny: Well would you look at that. He loves to run. It's in his heart!
Tucker: Yeah, but that's still not enough.
Franny: You could train him. Then it would be enough.
Tucker: Let me put it this way, Franny. The legs are too short, the head's too big, he's got about as much chance to race as me. Besides, [walking away] I have go better things to do.
Franny: Oh, go fix your hair.
Tucker: I heard that.

Sandy: Uh, did you ever think of going around that tree instead of running through it?
Stripes: Yeah, well.... usually it moves out of my way.
Sandy: [laughs] Um, I’ve never heard of a tree actually doing that.
Stripes: You don’t know the trees around here. Are you new?
Sandy: Yeah, I just got here. I’m Sandy.
Stripes: I’m Stripes.
Sandy: [sounding amused] You don’t say.

Tucker: Hey, pal. You ever try shutting up?
Goose: You ever try swimmin’ in cement horseshoes? I’ve taken down punks bigger than you.
Tucker: Yeah? What’d you do, talk ‘em to death?
Goose: Hey, be careful, pony-boy, or someday somebody's gonna wake up with your head in their bed.
Tucker: I shoulda guessed from the size of that pecker you'd be a big-mouth.
Goose: Watch it stumpy. I'd cut you off at the knees but it looks like somebody's beaten me to it.

Sir Trenton: They cannot be serious. This will not stand. I will not allow that beast to run in my competition.
Pride: Please, Father, don’t interfere. I can win it fair and square.
Sir Trenton: [scoffs] That’s not a risk I’m willing to take!

Franny: Where are you running off to? You’ve got a big day tomorrow. You can't go.
Stripes: I need to make things right with Sandy.
Franny: Okay. I understand. But listen, a little advice from an old goat. Relationships are like racing. When you do it for love, you’ve already won.

Franny: There's Sandy.
Tucker: Yeah, and there's Sir Trenton, all fifteen hundred pounds of him. We'll never get her out of there.

Scuzz: Yeah, you know, I saw you and I was about to say to my brother Buzz: "I never seen a black horse with white stripes."
Buzz: You dimwit! He is obviously a white horse with black stripes. Now, anybody could see that.

Buzz: It's that filly, Sandy. It's always a filly.
Scuzz: Filly? I didn't know she was from Philly. You know, I really like those Philly Cheesesteaks. Actually, I like any kind of cheese. Actually, I like any kind of food from anywhere. Especially candy and poop. What were we talking about again?
Buzz: I hate my life.


  • His stripes made him an outcast. His heart made him a hero.
  • Cheer til you're horse!

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