Radical Dreamers

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Radical Dreamers video game

  • "...But we will succeed. We pride ourselves in making the impossible possible." -Serge
  • "We can't lose... We've come too far to lose." - Serge
  • "...Do you still remember...? How we first met, and all of our adventures since... It all seems like such a dream nowadays... You were a piece of a star that fell from the sky. Whenever I want to return to those days long gone, I close my eyes and whisper your name into the evening sky... Kid... Kid..." - Opening Dialogue
  • "Heat cup... provolone... soccer mom...!!" "It's like he's wasted or something..." - Serge, hallucinating while Gil recites an incantation
  • "Kid, this is actually a 'Martian Forest League Concealed Lesser Armament Bunny', and it is far more than a toy." - Gil, as Mick Van Jovi