Rafael Nadal

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Rafael Nadal (born June 3, 1986) is a Spanish professional tennis player, currently ranked No. 1 in the world.


  • If you are playing bad you are going to lose here, on clay, on ice, or on the beach.
  • To be honest, I haven't felt at my best since this tournament began. I didn't feel good with the court or the balls. But those are excuses. You have to accept when you don't play well and somebody else does.
  • I just wanted to see how the shorts felt again.
    • After changing his famous "piratas" trousers for a more traditional look at the Madrid Masters [3]
  • It's impossible to explain what I felt in that moment, just very, very happy to win this title. For me, it is a dream to play in this tournament. But to win, I never imagined something like this.

About Nadal

  • "He's a fantastic player and he's going to be around so much longer so I'm happy with every one I get before he takes them all" - Roger Federer[4]

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