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Ralf Jones is a character in the Ikari warriors and King of Fighters series.


KOF '94

  • [vs. Italy]: "We're stronger in fighting!"
  • [vs. Mexico]: "We are soldiers!"
  • [vs. England]: "Don't spoil your pretty faces!"
  • [vs. Japan]: "We're for war!"
  • [vs. USA]: "You're no match for us!"
  • [vs. China]: "Fight with your own fists!"
  • [vs. Korea]: "We risk our necks to fight!"
  • [vs. Brazil]: "To claim to be, you've got the nerve!"

KOF '95

  • "No matter how hard you try, you've just hit the wall, loser!"
  • "Next time, I'll use only one hand... Not!"
  • "You're so bad, I could'a killed you five times, fool!"

KOF '96

  • "You fought like a star; the guy who plays the corpse, that is."
  • "You guys fought well...Not! Now get outta our way!"
  • "Me! Lose to you? Not now, not the next millennium!"

KOF '98

  • "That's enough for now. I can only be forgiving so much."

KOF '99

  • "I can survive anything - even nukes!"

KOF 2000

  • (Win) "Total firepower? Of course! I wage war to win, fool!"
  • (Lose) "No no! No no! No no no no no no no no no no no no!!!"

KOF 2001

  • "You think soldiers lose? Get lost!"
  • "An on-the-ropes punch! One can't win without it!"
  • "Now do you understand? My punch hurts!"
  • (vs. Heidern): "Getting old, Sir? You can't just retire, you know."
  • (vs. NESTS Team): "Another minion of evil! You'll pay for this!"
  • (vs. Hero Team): "...Nothing but nuisances! You'll pay for your insolence!"
  • (vs. Whip): "You! If you were alive, you should've come to see me!"

KOF 2002

  • "Me? Lose to a putz like you? You're a regular laugh riot!"
  • "Who needs a team when you're a fighting god like me?"
  • "I'm not gonna lose on a 'Punching' game!"
  • (vs. female characters): "Take it easy on chicks? No way! It's the 21st century baby!
  • (vs. Hero Team): "I'm a 'One-Man Battallion'!"

KOF 2003

  • "Hit the road, amateur. It's the pros turn now!"
  • "O-ow! That last punch was right on the money!"
  • "You lack spirit! I got a good drill sergeant in mind!"
  • "I'm the squad leader here! Why do I get the dirty work?"
  • (vs. King or Mary): "Turn those pea-shooter punches into bazooka blasts!"
  • (vs. Malin): "Sorry toots. But I'm a pro at combat like this."
  • (vs. Whip): "Yeee-ikes, Whippy! You're good! Heh, heh."
  • (vs. Terry): "You may be good at street fighting, but this is war!"

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