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Ralph McPherran Kiner (born October 27, 1922) is an American former Major League Baseball player and current announcer. Kiner has been an announcer for the entire 46-year history of the New York Mets despite (or perhaps because of) a penchant for malapropisms and colorful sayings, similar to another beloved New York baseball player, Yogi Berra.


  • ... he makes the catch, running over his shoulder!
    • heard in his first year as a broadcaster, for the White Sox
  • If Casey Stengel were alive today, he'd be spinning in his grave.
  • On Fathers Day, we again wish you all happy birthday.
  • Solo homers usually come with no one on base.
  • (Don) Sutton lost thirteen games in a row without winning a ballgame.
  • The Hall of Fame ceremonies are on the thirty-first and thirty-second of July.
  • The Mets have gotten their leadoff batter on only once this inning.
  • The reason the Mets have played so well at Shea this year is they have the best home record in baseball.
  • Two-thirds of the earth is covered by water and the other third is covered by Garry Maddox.

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