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Ramban (Moshe ben Nahman Gerondi, 1194 – c. 1270) was a Catalan rabbi, philosopher, physician, Kabbalist and biblical commentator. He is often called "Nachmanides", a Greek translation of the Hebrew "Ben Nahman", meaning "Son of Nahman". Ramban (רמב"ן) is an acronym of his Hebrew name and title, Rabbi Moshe ben Nahman (רבי משה בן נחמן). His Catalan name is Bonastruc ça Porta.


  • Erring, I wandered in the wilderness,
    In passion's grave nigh sinking, powerless;
    Now deeply I repent, in sore distress,
    That I kept not the statutes of the King!
    • Poem My King trans. Alice Lucas

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