Rambo III

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Colonel Trautman

"There was a sculptor. He found this stone, a special stone. He dragged it home and he worked on it for months until he finally finished it. When he was ready he showed it to his friends. They said he had created a great statue, and the sculptor said he hadn't created anything. The statue was always there, he just cleared away the small peices."


Colonel Trautman: (when facing a huge Russian army by themselves) Any ideas?
Rambo: Well, surrounding them's out of the question.

"I'm no tourist". (This was Rambo's reply to the agghan freedom fighter who enquired if he had used guns in the past)

"God will have mercy on you. He won't." (Trautman's reply to his Russian interrogators)

"What do we do?," Trautman asked.

"Fuck em," Rambo replies. (Both are surrounded by Russian tanks during this dialogue)