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Rape, in legal terms, is a form of assault where one person forces another into sexual intercourse.


  • Along with other forms of sexual assault, it belongs to that class of indignities against the person that cannot ever be fully righted, and that diminishes all humanity.
  • Rape is loss. Like death, it is best treated with a period of mourning and grief. We should develop social ceremonies for rape, rituals, that, like funerals and wakes, would allow the mourners to recover the spirits that the rapist, like death, steals. The social community is the appropriate center for the restoration of spirit, but the rape victim is usually shamed into silence or self-imposed isolation.
    • Researcher Metzger, American Journal of Psychiatry, 133 (4), 405-408 (Metzger, D. (1976).
  • We do not discount the seriousness of rape as a crime. It is highly reprehensible, both in a moral sense and in its almost total contempt for the personal integrity and autonomy of the female victim and for the latter's privilege of choosing those with whom intimate relationships are to be established. Short of homicide, it is the "ultimate violation of self." It is also a violent crime because it normally involves force, or the threat of force or intimidation, to overcome the will and the capacity of the victim to resist. Rape is very often accompanied by physical injury to the female and can also inflict mental and psychological damage. Because it undermines the community's sense of security, there is public injury as well.
  • Rape is not a sexual crime. It is not sexual. Rape is a violent crime...it's a violent crime, where you cum at the end. It's no different then if you robbed a liquor store... and then came.
  • Women are raped, they are subjected to degredation, and such actions are abhorent and need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, but one thing people should never forget aswell, is that this society is rife with double standards, and in a situation where it is 'he said, she said', neither side should hold the high ground.
  • People will say "you can't joke about rape. Rape's not funny." I say "fuck you, I think it's hilarious! How do you like that? I can prove to you that rape is funny. Picture Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd."

  • Its a great thing... most people do not understand the potential it has to lead our society into a golden age. - Robert Downey Jr.

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